Bon voyage!

So sorry for the lack of recent posts – it has been bedlam getting ready for our trip!  I’d have thought by now I would have packing for a trans-Atlantic trip down to a fine art, but oh no, this time I have some how managed to fill 2 enormous bags for 3 of us whereas previous years I’ve managed with one bag alone.  The unpredictable British weather does not help – plus I need black and taupe ankle boots, and black and neutral ballet flats, casual sneakers, running sneakers and flip flops just in case:)  I reckon if I could carry it all I’d make full use of our allowance of 3 bags but I’m not entirely sure they would all get in mum and dad’s car back in Manchester – in fact I’m not even sure 2 will…I’ll just have to sit on the roof…I’m sure as hell not sacrificing my closet.  MM did ask when I thought the leopard print capris would get worn in Bury…well you just never know do you?!

I also have 3 iPads, 1 iPod touch, 1 shuffle, 1 MacBook and 1 iPhone to carry – Steve Jobs really was a genius.

So here are 2 outfits from over the weekend that I shared by FB and Twitter in lieu of posting the blog – lazy I know.  The first is from Friday.  I went to get a haircut in the morning and knew I’d be running errands for most of the day so comfort was key.  It’s the first time I wore my Sam Edelman leopard print Petty boots and I adore them – they are on sale on right now – you must have these in your closet!  They looked fabulous (note overwhelming modesty here) with my orange J.Crew shorts, black Express tee and Zara black jersey jacket.  I’m embarrassed to say I now have this jacket in black, off white, fuchsia and jade.  I just love them.

Saturday night my fabulous man took me out to our favorite place for dinner, Abattoir, for a farewell dinner.  One too many prosecco cocktails were imbibed and too little food which resulted in a stonking hangover on Sunday – hence no photo from yesterday as it was spent horizontal on the sofa in sweatpants, watching recoded Euro 2012 matches:)  After a good sweat this morning and a mani pedi with my girl I am now throwing the remaining items into my bags ready to leave for Atlanta’s new international terminal.  I believe there is a new El Taco there where the kids can have some nachos and I might have a cheeky margarita!  See you in England on Tuesday!

Saturday evening’s attire: Zara jade jersey jacket, Zara harem pants, DSW Levity peep toe boots, white Express tank, YSL clutch (cardboard courtesy of contractors!) – photo a bit fuzzy given MMs haste to get out of the house!


My girl and her mani pedi:)

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5 thoughts on “Bon voyage!

  1. Louise

    Safe trip! It’s set to be sunny & warm down south this week (I’m in Hampshire) so hopefully some of that will find its way to Manchester!

  2. Diane

    Weather ok today in Manchester , hopefully (and I say that very tentatively) the sun will hang around for a few days, although I came back from gorgeous Portugal on Saturday and immediately turned the heating on as it was raining and cold!!! Love the jade jacket I have it in navy and am wondering whether I can justify buying it in more colours.

    Safe trip (I pads are a genius invention to keep kids entertained on flights mine loved them)


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