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Bon voyage!

So sorry for the lack of recent posts – it has been bedlam getting ready for our trip!  I’d have thought by now I would have packing for a trans-Atlantic trip down to a fine art, but oh no, this time I have some how managed to fill 2 enormous bags for 3 of us whereas previous years I’ve managed with one bag alone.  The unpredictable British weather does not help – plus I need black and taupe ankle boots, and black and neutral ballet flats, casual sneakers, running sneakers and flip flops just in case:)  I reckon if I could carry it all I’d make full use of our allowance of 3 bags but I’m not entirely sure they would all get in mum and dad’s car back in Manchester – in fact I’m not even sure 2 will…I’ll just have to sit on the roof…I’m sure as hell not sacrificing my closet.  MM did ask when I thought the leopard print capris would get worn in Bury…well you just never know do you?!

I also have 3 iPads, 1 iPod touch, 1 shuffle, 1 MacBook and 1 iPhone to carry – Steve Jobs really was a genius.

So here are 2 outfits from over the weekend that I shared by FB and Twitter in lieu of posting the blog – lazy I know.  The first is from Friday.  I went to get a haircut in the morning and knew I’d be running errands for most of the day so comfort was key.  It’s the first time I wore my Sam Edelman leopard print Petty boots and I adore them – they are on sale on Zappos.com right now – you must have these in your closet!  They looked fabulous (note overwhelming modesty here) with my orange J.Crew shorts, black Express tee and Zara black jersey jacket.  I’m embarrassed to say I now have this jacket in black, off white, fuchsia and jade.  I just love them.

Saturday night my fabulous man took me out to our favorite place for dinner, Abattoir, for a farewell dinner.  One too many prosecco cocktails were imbibed and too little food which resulted in a stonking hangover on Sunday – hence no photo from yesterday as it was spent horizontal on the sofa in sweatpants, watching recoded Euro 2012 matches:)  After a good sweat this morning and a mani pedi with my girl I am now throwing the remaining items into my bags ready to leave for Atlanta’s new international terminal.  I believe there is a new El Taco there where the kids can have some nachos and I might have a cheeky margarita!  See you in England on Tuesday!

Saturday evening’s attire: Zara jade jersey jacket, Zara harem pants, DSW Levity peep toe boots, white Express tank, YSL clutch (cardboard courtesy of contractors!) – photo a bit fuzzy given MMs haste to get out of the house!


My girl and her mani pedi:)

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A good sweat.

One of the reasons I love working out is that I love to have a good sweat.  Sounds gross I know, and yes ladies are supposed to glow, but for me there is nothing more cleansing, purifying and invigorating than sweating buckets.  Yesterday afternoon I indulged in a couple of hours of sweating at the gym – treadmill, bike, and sauna – it was fabulous.  I don’t normally allow time to indulge in a sauna but it was SO relaxing – I need to do it more often if I can get over the awkwardness of sharing a small wooden box with other people for 20 minutes!

I was beginning to regret that I hadn’t planned my trip back to the UK to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  I was really upset that I couldn’t watch the whole concert that was shown live yesterday in the UK.  It looked a treat with some good old British family entertainment with the likes of Sir Tom Jones, Sir Elton and Madness.  I’m thrilled though to have just discovered that ABC are showing highlights tonight at 9pm – I just hope it’s not all Stevie Wonder!  I chuckled to myself this morning while reading my guilty pleasure that is the Daily Mail – William and Harry certainly did look a little hungover this morning in St. Paul’s – I’d recognize that look anywhere:)

It’s raining and grey again here in Atlanta – very unusual for this time of year – but it allows me to wear my jeans and a jacket again.  I’m wearing the Zara jersey blazer in fuchsia which I love – the color is perfect – not to bright but lovely and summery.  The t-shirt is an old Diesel one that I love – it’s the perfect t-shirt for layering and adds a bit of interest to an outfit.  The jeans are Hudson, the shoes are my new Levity wedges from DSW – they’re high but I love them, especially the suede nude wedge heel, and the necklace is a great buy from H&M – I love it’s simplicity.

If you’re US based and you watch ABC tonight I’d love to know your thoughts on the concert!  I’m sure it’s a very different experience watching as a non-Brit than for someone like myself who can embrace the eclectic eccentricity and patriotism of the event.  Enjoy!

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The desk is built!

Hurray!  The IKEA desk is now assembled!  After the exhausting weekend I have to say the last thing I felt like doing last night was battling my way through a flat pack but what with guests arriving from Sweden on Thursday the rest of the week is going to be filled with tidying and cleaning.  Last night was my only chance to get the desk erected before Friday.  The process began as expected with MM watching, pointing out the bleeding obvious and lining up the screws and pegs for me while I battled with huge, heavy pieces of chip board.  He was also very handy at taking photos of me.  I am actually glad he was around though, as I did need him to help do some of the heavy lifting – these things ain’t light!

The desk is now hidden under a sheet in the dining room until I can put it in Poppy’s room while she is at school on Friday.  The plan is to hang her new pictures, mirror and basically rearrange her room while she is out so she can be surprised with her ‘big girl’ room on her return!  I can’t wait to see her face!

Of course I did find time in between dinner and flat pack hell to do a little online shopping.  I had polled some friends earlier in the day on whether to jumpsuit or not?  Meaning is it something the every day woman can get away with?  I’ve avoided them so far thinking that only a 6ft skinny bird can wear them and look good, but then I stumbled on this stunner in the AllSaints archive.

It looks a lovely drapey, heavy jersey and I think it would look fab for a bit of evening glamour with heels, and it could be worn throughout the year, pairing it with a jacket in the colder seasons.  The poll results were divided so I decided to take the plunge and order it – I’ll let you all have your say when it arrives and I try it on.

I also ordered this gorgeous top in chalk blush which I’m hoping to pair with the vintage pink Petrel Brodies.  I decided against the Prey sequin vest as I remembered I had a couple of cheaper versions from Express that will do just nicely.  This top is much more unique and I love the colors.

Earlier in the day, on my way back from picking my little man up from daycare I happened to be driving by DSW and thought we could take a quick look before going home – what better place to take a 4 and 6 year old?  The only reason I wanted to nip in was that I had seen a pair of shoes on sale that I knew would go with my new items.  I’ve found that I’m a much better shopper these days.  I do procrastinate a little but online shopping definitely allows me to build a great capsule collection of new pieces instead of making impulsive mall purchases of lots of items that don’t coordinate.

Here are the lovely wedges that I got for a bargain of $50 – in store there was an additional 30% off!

We’re off to watch my daughter’s class perform the Three Piggy Opera today which should be fun, and then I am off home to start cleaning the house ready for S. and his girlfriend’s arrival – I am so looking forward to seeing them and partying all weekend!  I shan’t be cleaning in these but I’m wearing my AllSaints Phinius dress (here’s the top), Boden leggings and my Tory Burch black patent Eddies.  I love this dress and it’s also super cute with cowboy boots and bare legs.



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