Love your body.

So I know I am bound to get mixed comments regarding this – but you all know I’m a bit daft sometimes…Plus I have an important message.

I’m doing this to demonstrate that whatever your shape or size we are all fabulous.  Last year my friend was nervous about wearing a bikini for the first time in years.  I was amazed.  I told her to stop worrying, have a glass of cava and get the bikini on.  At the pool I certainly don’t analyze women from head to toe, so I’m pretty certain they are not eyeing me up and down – and if they are who cares?  I have never worried about wearing a bikini even after kids, and I certainly do not have a perfect body.  In France I can’t wait to go topless (or Norwich even, as my Husband has just reminded me!!).  I have some gorgeous flesh on my tummy, with the stretch marks from both pregnancies – they make me smile every time I see them.  I can push the flesh around on my tummy and contort all sorts of images.  My legs are rock hard from running and cycling, which is why I love wearing short skirts and patterned trousers – you have to emphasize your assets.  I am the perfect apple shape.

So ladies – I see the sun is shining in the UK, and it’s Memorial weekend here in the US, so get your bikinis on and flaunt everything you have!


Bikini – Boden Ruffle trim bikini (LOVE this bikini and there are similar here with 20% off using my banners – enjoy)

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21 thoughts on “Love your body.

  1. honor

    Oh you are so brave! I’m the other way round – good stomach but flabby legs. Agree that we shouldn’t worry about what others think – as long as we’re happy and healthy.

  2. Diane

    You go girl! I have that boden bikini too and love it, I am a typical pear she so always worry about my thighs, stupid really there are far better things to spend our time worrying about but we still do it.

  3. School Gate Style

    I love it – you brave amazing woman! You have a fabulous figure. So womenly and those LEGS!! They are fabulouso – the downsides of being a pear…but who cares indeed. It’s the beauty within that matters and you’ve got it in bucketloads too my dear xx

  4. Sue

    I love your confidence – I wish I had it. And you’re right about when you’re on holiday and no one really notices what anyone else looks like or rather – it’s just not a big deal. I chickened out last year with a bikini but if I was going anywhere hot this year, I think I’d go for it – I think I was the only person in a full swimsuit there. Like Kat – I think you have awesome legs.

  5. avenue57

    YAY go you! I love this – I love all that it stands for and you look amazing! Now I need to do this next week – everyone should do a blog post like this – stand up and BE PROUD for who you are!

  6. Treasuresnpleasures

    Looking amazing as always Joanna! And those legs are fab-u-lous! I think as we get older we learn to accept ourselves more, I know I have, I no longer hide my knobbly knees as I’m sure things could be worse! Your an inspiration! X

  7. the find

    You look great, and that full frontal in the mirror is far less forgiving than a snap caught while walking along a beach! You are 100% right about just going for it, how many years are wasted, waiting to lose weight/ tone up/ lose the stretch marks? Before we know it we are eighty and looking at the sea and thinking about all the times you could have dived in, but held back because something that didn’t matter at all stopped us.

  8. Louloupats

    I think you look great. The thing I notice first about all your photos, including this one, is your radiant smile and bright, shining, dancing eyes. What draws me to read your blog is how warm and full of life, love and appreciation you are.

    So in this post you are wearing a bikini. But you still come across exactly the same. Just confirms what’s really important I think.

    Great blog

  9. Izzywizz

    I salute you!! How brave of you to put yourself out there wearing next to nothing! I actually feel inspired by your post, but Im heavily pregnant at the moment, not sure I would feel comfortable pushing my huge belly on everyone. 😉

  10. dinagideon

    Thank you, Joanna, always a good reminder to people that we come in all different shapes and sizes, and what good is living life if all we do is stress about our lumps and bumps?

    I have a bubble bottom and ample thighs, but I am sure no one is staring at me going “how in the world does she think she should wear a swimsuit instead of a muu muu?” I am sure they have better things to do, really. LOL. I hope so anyhow.

  11. Anonymous

    Johanna – fabulous – I hope you don’t get any negative comments! We need to remind ourselves that the most important thing we need from our bodies is that they function and are healthy. We come in all different shapes & sizes, and while I think we have a duty to put some effort into taking care of ourselves, there are things you can’t change (at least not without surgery) about your fundamental shape and we need to accept that, and as you say, make the most of what you’ve got but not be ashamed of having an ordinary body. Very very few people are born with the figures we see on some models, so I really think we should aim to be less critical of ourselves and others. Good for you!!

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