Gwen’s love for Zara.

My fellow blogger, Hollie, and I are both great admirers of Gwen Stefani’s eclectic rock and roll style – she always looks perfectly put together.  Her make up and hair are always immaculate, even for a trip to the park with her sons.  It was while Hollie and I were chatting about Gwen the other day that I realized Gwen is a fan of Zara!  I have spotted her in three Zara items just this weekend – who’d have thought it?  Gwen obviously embraces pairing high and lower end items – good for her!

Two of the items also happen to be in my closet – no surprise there.  The first is the sarong skirt – I love how she has styled this over leggings…There’s a David Bowie t-shirt on Asos that I have been umming and ahhing about for a while now – it could be the perfect tee to replicate this look.

gwen-stefani-on-stage-rolling-stones-los-angeles Gwen 1

Next up is my jacket last worn here.  Now I’m not necessarily a fan of her styling here but each to their own…though if I was Italian I’d wear that t-shirt in a heartbeat.


Finally I spotted this photo of her wearing these Zara pants heading to Chuck E. Cheeses – please Gwen how could you bear to step foot in there?  I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

Zara pants Gwen

These photos of Gwen always make me want to to wear red lipstick more often and I’m pretty sure images of her have influenced my choice of attire today.

Primark Zara and Gap

Jeans – Primark (old) // T-shirt – Gap (from the sale) // Jacket – Zara // Sneakers – Golden Goose

Finally – I think my children are trying to tell me something – buying these cards obviously amused the Husband no end…I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

Poppy’s Card (I’m suddenly ‘Joanna’ not ‘Mommy’): 

Poppy's Card


Hugh’s Card:

Hugh's Card


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13 thoughts on “Gwen’s love for Zara.

  1. J in TO

    I love the cards! My 17 yr old son signed my card: “from James” — not love 😦

    19 yr old daughter: you’re a jerk!
    son: well…it’s understood, she knows I love her

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