Finding our groove.

It’s amazing how quickly you can get in the swing of things on vacation.  Once you discover the supermarket, beach and local restaurant it all becomes so easy and you can hit the relax button.

We discovered our local beach yesterday – it was flippin’ hot at nearly 40 degrees celsius – our feet were burning on the sand!  It was pretty busy too – but the Med was clear and warm and the kids had a blast.  I was fascinated by the broad spectrum of people having fun – there were women with six packs and thong bikinis, and then there were women in Burkinis – all having a blast in the sun.

IMG_6951 IMG_6941

We picked up some fruit and water on our way there – I wish you could smell the sweetness of the melons wafting my way.



Last night we wandered down the road to try our local restaurant.  My fingers were crossed that it would be good as there aren’t too many places that we can walk to here, and I want to make sure that OH isn’t driving all the time – he enjoys a cold beer too occasionally:)  As we left the house I was shocked to discover that we were now a family of six.


Thankfully the food was amazing, and the view was even better.  The restaurant was perched on a rock by the sea, and we listened to the waves crash as we munched on our mezze.


The fish was fabulous.


And so was the Efes.


My dinner guest wasn’t interested in having his photo taken:)


All six of us made it home and sat for a while staring at the thousands of stars, watching the Millennium Falcon fly over us, while listening to the call to prayer.  A magical night.


I was comfortable but looking at the photos in the light of day this outfit is pretty unflattering – it gives me zero shape.  Ahh well you live and learn – OH thinks I should write a post titled ‘Vacation Outfit Failures’ – he obviously didn’t like it either and thinks there may be more to come:)  Thank goodness I have thick skin.

The loose shorts are old from Target, the t-shirt is the Gap sunwashed tee (Just $5 in some colors!) and the sandals are Zara (in the sale).

IMG_4218 IMG_6967

As I was on Gap getting the t-shirt link I completely fell in love with this dress – with a little imagination styling wise I think this is just gorgeous!


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14 thoughts on “Finding our groove.

  1. avenue57

    As I sit here freezing cold in the rain in the UK I can’t comprehend 40 degrees!

    I love that pink tshirt and let’s not forget, you are on holiday so you are allowed casual holiday wear – which still looks good by the way!

    Continue to enjoy!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I keep thinking I’m eating less here in the heat but I’m drinking beer and eating baklava so need to be careful that the comfy elastic waists don’t trick me into thinking I’m leaving here the same size 🙂 tight jeans have a functional use too – a great warning for an expanding waistline:)

  2. Sue

    How photogenic is your Poppy? Lovely photo – she should be in a Boden catalogue.

    And I love the pink tee – it’s like my H&M one which I adore and live in dread of ruining. I should have bought a spare! And it’s funny, I saw the black sandals in store today and tried them on – they’re lovely. I might have seriously thought about getting them except for the fact that one strap was missing!

    Enjoy your hols – I’m not envious much sitting here snivelling away with my hayfever and bowl of Bombay mix.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’m bias but yes she is gorgeous:). Are the sandals not online? LOVE Bombay mix!

  3. The Flaky Fashionista

    It all looks amazing – hugely jealous of sun, beach and holiday. Outfit failure indeed??? You’re on your holidays .. so it’s time to relax, be comfortable and not worry about such things. I think you look very chilled, which is how it should be!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Hollie! They are dirt cheap in the sale in the US right now – check the UK site:)

  4. Eve WornOut

    What a happy post! You look lovely but I wonder if those tshirts just don’t photo well. I have a few and I’m (almost) sure they look ok on but not in photos.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’d like to think that is the case:) I actually think they fit really big – these are a medium and I have bought them again in the sale in a small as I love them! The idea is to wear the medium on holiday so I don’t worry about trashing them. The small fit way better which is indicative of Gap’s vanity sizing – I’m a UK 12 normally and 36 C/D so not small by any definition:). I saw the leopard fluoro TopShop dress was back in stock when I ordered the trousers – did you ever try it? Not sure how big it fits across the boobs – I think a UK 12 would be best – but worried it might be too big around my non existent butt/hips?

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