A new adventure for us.

Poppy is a rising 2nd grader and my son, Hugh, starts kindergarten in August.  For the non-Americans out there kindergarten is the first year of elementary (primary) school here, that you start when you are five.  Hugh is so ready for school and so are we!  I have none of the fears, sadness or nervousness that I had two years ago when Poppy was starting school.  That’s what happens when you’re the second child.  No one worries quite so much, because Mom and Dad have been through it all before.  Those psychologists are really on to something when they talk about how birth order impacts personality.

Hugh has been in daycare since he was 3 months old so he is more than happy with the school routine, but I can tell he is somewhat apprehensive about new teachers, new classrooms and new friends.  It doesn’t help when your 7 year old sister is constantly telling you all about it, who everyone is, and how she has already done it because “she’s 7 and is a 2nd grader”.  Irritating for Hugh?  Yes.  Funny how I now have so much sympathy for my younger brother and sister having to deal with their know-it-all big sister.

We’re lucky that our elementary has a week long camp for new kindergartners, so they can become familiar with their new surroundings.  So this morning I excitedly dropped off my nervous 5 year old.  I embraced all the fabulous teachers that I now know so well, and left Hugh, thankfully, running into the classroom where he had spotted his best mate from daycare.  Hooray!

Two children now at school – how did that happen?

IMG_6739 IMG_6747


Trousers – Zara sarong style trousers // Tank – J.Crew (old) // Jacket – Zara (old) // Sandals – Sam Edelman Gigi // Earrings – Forever 21 gold leaf (old)


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5 thoughts on “A new adventure for us.

  1. avenue57

    You look amazing as always! I love those sandals – love love love love them!
    I agree that your outlook on life does depend on your pecking order of birth in a family.
    Have fun with 2 at school!

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