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Midsummers Day

We had a wonderful day yesterday spending time with my sister’s family. She has 2 young boys who Poppy and Hugh love playing with. The weather behaved for us too in the end, and we had a lovely summer’s afternoon.

DSC_0572 DSC_0591 DSC_0597 DSC_0616Today we walked round a local reservoir – The Wayoh – with my brother and his family. His daughter, Alice, is a hoot – non stop chatter and she smothers us in kisses and hugs – she’s my kinda girl! Of course the 3 of us Americans were completely unprepared – no waterproofs and no walking shoes – but we survived!

DSC_0643 DSC_0645 DSC_0654 DSC_0659 DSC_0718 DSC_0723Jeans – J.Crew // Top – AllSaints // Sneakers – Nike // Body Warmer – Mum’s // Scarf – Primark (old)

We’re off on another magical adventure tomorrow, and then I’ll be shopping in Manchester on Tuesday – hooray! We’re meeting up with some of my lovely UK blogging friends and I can’t wait to see them. I also can’t wait to get into TopShop to try these beauties on!

The Nadia in tan or black Рpersonally I am loving the tan Рvery good tribute to the Chloés and I love the heel detail.

Nadia black Nadia tan


And the Kaiser – comes in tan, black and silver. Again I love the tan. These are my favorite lace/tie flats that I have seen. I love the fact there is no lacing over the foot – very simple and elegant. Almost like a Vince Nina with ties!

Kaiser Kaiser silver

Finally a little announcement. Many of you will have noticed that Poppy (the blog is named after her), my 9 year old daughter has a keen interest in fashion too. Well we decided it is time that she contributes to the blog given how many of you have daughter’s of a similar age. So watch out this week for a new page appearing on the menu above. Poppy will be posting a favorite outfit of the week along with a little explanation of why she loves it. I sense a blogging coup if I’m not careful ūüėČ

Poppy in ZaraDress – Zara (now on sale)


A new adventure for us.

Poppy is a rising 2nd grader and my son, Hugh, starts kindergarten in August. ¬†For the non-Americans out there kindergarten is the first year of elementary (primary) school here, that you start when you are five. ¬†Hugh is so ready for school and so are we! ¬†I have none of the fears, sadness or nervousness that I had two years ago when Poppy was starting school. ¬†That’s what happens when you’re the second child. ¬†No one worries quite so much, because Mom and Dad have been through it all before. ¬†Those psychologists are really on to something when they talk about how birth order impacts personality.

Hugh has been in daycare since he was 3 months old so he is more than happy with the school routine, but I can tell he is somewhat apprehensive about new teachers, new classrooms and new friends. ¬†It doesn’t help when your 7 year old sister is constantly telling you all about it, who everyone is, and how she has already done it because “she’s 7 and is a 2nd grader”. ¬†Irritating for Hugh? ¬†Yes. ¬†Funny how I now have so much sympathy for my younger brother and sister having to deal with their know-it-all big sister.

We’re lucky that our elementary has a week long camp for new kindergartners, so they can become familiar with their new surroundings. ¬†So this morning I excitedly dropped off my nervous 5 year old. ¬†I embraced all the fabulous teachers that I now know so well, and left Hugh, thankfully, running into the classroom where he had spotted his best mate from daycare. ¬†Hooray!

Two children now at school – how did that happen?

IMG_6739 IMG_6747


Trousers РZara sarong style trousers // Tank РJ.Crew (old) // Jacket РZara (old) // Sandals РSam Edelman Gigi // Earrings РForever 21 gold leaf (old)


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No rest for the wicked.

I’m sneaking in 5 minutes to myself to do this post. ¬†Remind me – the other day I said things slowed down in the summer? ¬†Not so today – camp, dentist appointments for the kids, lunch, then a play date here for Poppy. ¬†Doesn’t sound too much does it, but I feel like I’ve already earned my wine. ¬†I’m telling you stay at home Moms/Dads are goddesses/gods in my eyes. ¬†I do not have the requisite levels of patience to do this every day:) ¬†Having said that I’m having much fun watching them wear each other out in the paddling pool outside.

IMG_6512 IMG_6523 IMG_6528

Pants – Matalan (old) // Sneakers – Converse charcoal // T-shirt – Zara (old)

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Solo parenting.

I know I often sing the praises of My Fabulous Man but here goes again.¬† He really is one of the best parents around.¬† As he was moving the office last night it meant an afternoon and evening of solo parenting for me…Now the children are great and mostly well behaved but it is tiring parenting alone!¬† For those of you who are single parents you all deserve a medal as far as I am concerned.¬† From homework, to dinner, to entertaining, to bath time, to bed time – (even reading with my stubborn 6yr old can be quite exhausting when we have to restart every paragraph to get it error free, she’s such a perfectionist) – I missed MM’s calming influence and jolly banter.¬† I was thrilled to see him this morning, as I was fast asleep when he arrived home around midnight last night.¬† Even after a late night he was busy making Poppy’s lunch this morning – I do love him and appreciate him, probably more than he knows.

So we’re in the temporary new space today until our permanent new office is ready in about 2 weeks – they’re busy painting and building out the floor plan for us.¬† It all feels very grown up – 9th floor with a view of Atlanta and floor to ceiling windows…how did I get here?¬† Fortunately we have internet today – unexpected as it’s normally the first thing not to work in a move – so I have already ‘christened’ my new desk with a bit of online shopping.¬† I have bought the All Saints Dita tee dress in black/chalk.¬† It looks divine and there are knitted versions of this cut too that I have my eye on for the colder weather.¬† It looks perfect to be worn as a dress or with skinnies as a tunic – a black leather jacket over it will look fab.

Today I am wearing my tropical Zara pants again – not sure if the protocol is the same for these as with seersucker and white – they may have to be stored after Labor Day this weekend.¬† I paired them with my H&M coral linen jumper and black Nine West ankle boots from a few years ago.¬† As you can see I had a ‘prop’ this morning – my gorgeous boy:)


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