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No rest for the wicked.

I’m sneaking in 5 minutes to myself to do this post.  Remind me – the other day I said things slowed down in the summer?  Not so today – camp, dentist appointments for the kids, lunch, then a play date here for Poppy.  Doesn’t sound too much does it, but I feel like I’ve already earned my wine.  I’m telling you stay at home Moms/Dads are goddesses/gods in my eyes.  I do not have the requisite levels of patience to do this every day:)  Having said that I’m having much fun watching them wear each other out in the paddling pool outside.

IMG_6512 IMG_6523 IMG_6528

Pants – Matalan (old) // Sneakers – Converse charcoal // T-shirt – Zara (old)

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A quickie.

Between dashing from the dentists, doing some work and heading to swim team practice there is very little time for blogging today – but I was quite happy with my casual ensemble this morning so wanted to share it with you:)

This t-shirt is an old Gap one that I found in a bin bag of tops still lurking in the basement after the renovations.  It now has just the perfect washed, faded appearance of a well loved tee.  I used to just wear it around the house but I love it with my Zara off white jersey jacket.  I was going to wear some very loud, acid bleached jeans that I got from H&M a month or so ago but I was a tad worried about them being far too distracting for my lovely dentist so I saved those for another day and went for my Gap boyfriend jeans again – I haven’t worn so much Gap for years!  All finished off with my new favorite shoes – my Ash Thelmas.  I jumped on the band wagon a bit late with these as they are a rare shoe here in Atlanta.  My friend at work just swooned over them and went straight to the Ash website to order some.  My Ash Bowies arrived the other week and if you are tempted by this style be warned they fit much smaller than the Thelmas and I had to size up, but the leather is divine and lovely and soft – they’ll be a Fall favorite for me that’s for sure.



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