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A new hue.

Mainly photos today as I am shattered after polishing off a bottle of cava last night while watching the final 3 episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’.  How sad am I?  Though actually it was quite a relaxing way to spend an evening.

Today has been exhausting – after almost 4 hours in the salon I now have red – yes very red hair.  I was going to go for something tamer but then questioned why.  With no corporate job to worry about and an understanding boss (My Husband) why shouldn’t I try something a little wilder?  So no half measures here we went for red.  Here’s the finished product – VERY red in the sun.  I love it – though Husband just waffled something about ‘Camden Market’ and ‘a dog on a piece of string’ so not sure he is entirely taken with it yet – but I don’t style my hair for him so there.

Before I headed out I decided to wear all khaki and my Ash Gwen sneakers.  In hindsight there may be signs of some mid-life crisis arising – studs and red hair – hmmm – that or I need to move to Berlin.  The hairdresser said I looked ‘very European’ whatever that means.

Then off for tacos with the children for some required R&R and a margarita before the long weekend – Monday is Columbus Day so the children are off school Monday and Tuesday for Fall break.

On my return home I was thrilled to find my Net-a-Porter.com parcel had arrived – the Acne Pistols are divine and darker than online which is a good thing.  They also fit fabulously.

Now here’s the thing – I didn’t quite tell the whole truth about my order as I also ordered the Rag and Bone Newbury.  Unfortuntely these are equally divine and if anything comfier – with a padded foot bed and ultra soft leather – so they are keepers too.

My Sam Edelman Lisle boots had to be returned unfortunately due to faulty stitching but with these beauties I don’t think I’ll be wearing anything else this Fall…Both boots will work for me for day and night and I have to say it’s nice investing in shoes which will get used year after year.  Coats, boots and bags are definitely worth a few extra dollars – a lesson I am learning slowly.

I’m a happy lady with red hair and new boots.


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Loving some AllSaints.

I love AllSaints.  Not only do I love their urban styling but their flagship store in Spitalfields is just across the road from my London pad and The Golden Heart, where we have had many a lively night before a curry on Brick Lane.  Wearing my AllSaints brings me closer to home and another great bonus is that you rarely see anyone else here in Atlanta wearing it.  I tend to order it online as I can get it tax free due to them not having a stand alone store here in Atlanta, but Bloomingdale’s in Lenox Mall has a great concession managed by the fabulous Charlie.  If you go tell him I sent you – he will treat you like a star!

Yes they are a little more expensive than a lot of other high street stores but they have a great sale every 6 months and their knitwear especially is so unique it is, in my eyes, worth it.  I also love their tops and I have a couple of dresses too, oh and my leather straight leg trousers are AllSaints too.  Yes I have quite a thing for them.  Lots of raw edging, exposed seams, asymmetric drapey hems and an industrial palette gives their clothes a great urban vibe, but they are equally wearable, and I have found, in the main, that they are good quality – though I did have a t-shirt that had to go back twice due to the fabric weakening from the dying process – I gave up on it sadly, though I loved it so much!

So today I am wearing my Express blush jeans and Ash Thelma wedges with my AllSaints Pipali top and AllSaints Itat shrug.  They are the perfect tops for layering on another beautiful Fall day.  I love the skinny arms on their knitwear.

Right now I am wishing the week away as I am desperate for a haircut on Friday!

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An homage to Aerosmith.

You’ll either love them or you’ll hate them.  For me they are a throw back to the late 70’s early 80’s when everyone was pouring a bottle of bleach in their bathtub with their skin tight jeans – well at least we were in Bury!  They are the tie dyed jeans from H&M and I think they are fun though not for the faint of heart.  It didn’t occur to me until I got to work that paired with my Ash Bowies I am actually resembling someone from an 80s hair band – without the big hair admittedly though I’m close to it thanks to the downpour I walked through to the office.  One of my friends at university used to wear something very similar, though his jeans were completely bleached and he wore Reebok white hi-tops with them – classy.  His jeans were so tight I often wonder if he ever had a family.  Keeping it simple with the loud jeans I opted for my white Express t-shirt and the lovely All Saints Boston cardigan that I got in the sale back in England in June.  Loving that I can start to get some knitwear out again.

Yesterday I wore my Zara snake print top from the sale, black Gap jeggings and my favorite Fryes of the moment – the Jenna short studded – they are so soft I love them.

Taking the children for a play date after school today so looking forward to their Mom’s reaction to my jeans:)


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A quickie.

Between dashing from the dentists, doing some work and heading to swim team practice there is very little time for blogging today – but I was quite happy with my casual ensemble this morning so wanted to share it with you:)

This t-shirt is an old Gap one that I found in a bin bag of tops still lurking in the basement after the renovations.  It now has just the perfect washed, faded appearance of a well loved tee.  I used to just wear it around the house but I love it with my Zara off white jersey jacket.  I was going to wear some very loud, acid bleached jeans that I got from H&M a month or so ago but I was a tad worried about them being far too distracting for my lovely dentist so I saved those for another day and went for my Gap boyfriend jeans again – I haven’t worn so much Gap for years!  All finished off with my new favorite shoes – my Ash Thelmas.  I jumped on the band wagon a bit late with these as they are a rare shoe here in Atlanta.  My friend at work just swooned over them and went straight to the Ash website to order some.  My Ash Bowies arrived the other week and if you are tempted by this style be warned they fit much smaller than the Thelmas and I had to size up, but the leather is divine and lovely and soft – they’ll be a Fall favorite for me that’s for sure.



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Officially obsessed with boots.

Fall is my favorite season.  Mainly for the weather – it stays in the high 70s here through till November normally and we’ve had many a Halloween where the children have been sweltering in their costumes – and it is perfect once the humidity dissipates towards the end of September.  You can’t beat a gorgeous, crisp Fall day in the Georgia mountains.  However, another key reason for loving Fall is all the fabulous boots that I can start wearing.  I have always been and will always be a boot fan.

Many of you who have been reading my posts for a while will be familiar with my outrageous Frye obsession.  Though I am pretty miffed with them right now due to their recent partnership with Coach, I am still loving some of the new Fryes that have been released this Fall – many embracing the studded trend.  My favorite are these Jenna boots in gray that I have already treated myself to and wore the other week.

They also do a tall version but I think I prefer the shorter version – but maybe that’s because I already have the Veronica slouch which is similar but without studs.

I’m currently lusting over the Phillip harness studded but I can’t decide which to get – the short would look great with skinny jeans and my All Saints jumpers, but the tall are slim enough in the calf to wear with a knitted dress and tights – and I love the impact of the zip all the way up the calf.  They both have a great flat heel too, perfect for chasing after children.

I am also loving the Vince Camuto Autumn boots that are sitting waiting to be worn at home.  After buying them at DSW I discovered them $60 cheaper on the Vince Camuto website so I ended up returning the first pair to DSW and getting the black and taupe for *almost* the price of one pair:)  I justified it don’t worry!  The taupe by the way is very much more of a taupe color than the ivory that is depicted on their website.  I’ve never worn this brand before so will be interested to see how $100 boots hold up compared to my Fryes.

Finally these are on my hit list too – but how many pairs of boots does a girl really need?  They may be a little too similar to my Frye Shirley strappy boots to justify this one.  Again at $100 they are a great bargain.  I love the straps and buckles and both colors look fabulous on the Nordstrom website.

As it is past Labor Day now I think can get away with wearing light weight long sleeves and boots so today I am wearing my Express blush Zeldas, a Zara zip back top from the sale that was only $15, my H&M scarf, which only when I came to wear it for the first time today did I realize that it was actually a snood, all polished off with my Ash Thelma wedges which are coming into their own in the wet drizzle that Isaac is leaving us with.

A tad tired today after staying up to watch Michelle Obama’s speech – I have to say I thought she was incredible – passionate and sincere – she looked stunning too in a Tracey Reese dress and J.Crew pumps.

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I love the 80s

I hope all you US folks had a great long Labor weekend – we certainly did – very relaxing with a baseball game thrown in there for some good fun too.  Most of it was spent around the pool which in turn leads me to one big gripe I have living over here – why are so many Americans uncomfortable with nudity?

I really think next time around I need to come back French or Scandinavian or similar.  Leaving the pool on Sunday we were reprimanded by the lifeguard for changing our children by the pool instead of using the nasty changing rooms (someone must have had a party in there the night before).  Another swimmer had complained about us.  Now feel free to disagree, but anyone who is offended by a 4 and 6 year old changing discretely by the pool has some real issues.  I’m neither a prude nor a frequent visitor of nudist beaches, but when in France I often sunbathe topless and the last thing I want is for my children to have any hang ups about their naked bodies, or anyone else’s for that matter.  I want them to retain their innocence and cavort naked when they please – in the appropriate setting of course.  Unfortunately this is not the first time I have encountered this kind of concern about nudity here.  Once in the Y a woman complained to another lady changing her 3 year old son in the ladies changing room.  The complainer actually said it was ‘like pornography’ – I stepped in irate that anyone could suggest this about a naked 3 year old.  I was so angry I was almost in tears.  Please get over it – we all have the same bits, relax and stop imposing your hang ups on everyone else.

We were lucky enough on Sunday evening to head to Turner Field to watch the Braves.  MM and I used to go to the baseball quite often before the children arrived.  It is a fun spectacle – great for people watching and enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer or two.  Sunday was the first time we had taken the children and in Chipper Jones’ last season it was an important game.  We all had a fabulous time with great seats close to home plate.  We left at the 7th innings as the children were getting tired and the Braves were heading for defeat…unfortunately we missed a cracking final innings when the Braves won with a home run from Chipper!

For the game I wore my J.Crew chambray spotty shorts, AllSaints Tilly t-shirt and fab Ash Thelma wedges.  It always surprises me how comfortable these shoes are.

Once again I am loving the 80s and today I feel very Nik Kershaw with my baggy Top Shop pants and Zara jacket with rolled up sleeves.  Even the Sam Edelman Alvin loafers have a retro feel about them.  I’d fit right in back at Live Aid.

One last note – I’ve just had a vent on one of the posts on The Frye Company’s Facebook page.  They have just released some boots in collaboration with Coach.  Why oh why would they do this??  It is a dangerous partnership if you ask me with my marketing head on.  I cannot believe that their research tells them the same people that buy Frye buy Coach.  I am so disappointed – Coach has become a masstige brand and I fear the halo effect will reduce the credibility of the Frye brand…What do you think about brand partnerships?


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