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These boots were made for walking…

What a treat in store for me this week!  After watching the Golden Globes live on Sunday it means I have Girls, Downton Abbey and some Real Housewives recorded for my viewing pleasure!  In addition I’ve also picked up a new book at last – American Psycho.  MM has been encouraging me to read it for some time now…I hope it’s as good as he says it is – we rarely enjoy the same books! It’s the perfect weather for staying in and curling up on the sofa with a good book – it’s wet, wet, wet here.

Braving the rain today I opted for a pair of my Frye’s.  Don’t panic there are no leather soles here and all I’m doing is walking from the car to the office – not enough exposure to warrant the Hunters.  These are the Veronica Slouch and they are a gorgeous dark, nutty brown – is that a good description?  Maybe not.  The jumper is one of my favorites from AllSaints – the Ellil in smoke.  I love this jumper so much – the cut and drape are perfect and the buckle detail on the neck gives this knit a bit of edginess.  I’m wearing it over an H&M vest dress for warmth – plus I find they keep some of the lumps and bumps at bay, working as a smoother or a shaper.  The jeans are  Hudson Collins.  It’s five weeks since my last haircut and I’m desperate for one again – thank goodness I have an appointment on Friday – it’s feeling rather bouffant in this weather.


I found a photo of an outfit I wore last week that I forgot to post.  I’m doing it now as it’s a rare photo of me in a skirt – the H&M Grey Concept skirt, worn with a Target belt and a Zara top.  The fabulous Boden military jacket is from AW 2011.  If you ever see one on eBay don’t miss out – it has the most beautiful fit and is lined with purple velvet.  The boots are REALLY old Loft suede booties that I haven’t worn for years.  It’s great to rediscovering items and now having easy access to them in my new closet!



Remember to check out the Boden site again this week as there is a new selection of items reduced by 20% which you can stack with my 15% discount when you click on the banner here:


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Officially obsessed with boots.

Fall is my favorite season.  Mainly for the weather – it stays in the high 70s here through till November normally and we’ve had many a Halloween where the children have been sweltering in their costumes – and it is perfect once the humidity dissipates towards the end of September.  You can’t beat a gorgeous, crisp Fall day in the Georgia mountains.  However, another key reason for loving Fall is all the fabulous boots that I can start wearing.  I have always been and will always be a boot fan.

Many of you who have been reading my posts for a while will be familiar with my outrageous Frye obsession.  Though I am pretty miffed with them right now due to their recent partnership with Coach, I am still loving some of the new Fryes that have been released this Fall – many embracing the studded trend.  My favorite are these Jenna boots in gray that I have already treated myself to and wore the other week.

They also do a tall version but I think I prefer the shorter version – but maybe that’s because I already have the Veronica slouch which is similar but without studs.

I’m currently lusting over the Phillip harness studded but I can’t decide which to get – the short would look great with skinny jeans and my All Saints jumpers, but the tall are slim enough in the calf to wear with a knitted dress and tights – and I love the impact of the zip all the way up the calf.  They both have a great flat heel too, perfect for chasing after children.

I am also loving the Vince Camuto Autumn boots that are sitting waiting to be worn at home.  After buying them at DSW I discovered them $60 cheaper on the Vince Camuto website so I ended up returning the first pair to DSW and getting the black and taupe for *almost* the price of one pair:)  I justified it don’t worry!  The taupe by the way is very much more of a taupe color than the ivory that is depicted on their website.  I’ve never worn this brand before so will be interested to see how $100 boots hold up compared to my Fryes.

Finally these are on my hit list too – but how many pairs of boots does a girl really need?  They may be a little too similar to my Frye Shirley strappy boots to justify this one.  Again at $100 they are a great bargain.  I love the straps and buckles and both colors look fabulous on the Nordstrom website.

As it is past Labor Day now I think can get away with wearing light weight long sleeves and boots so today I am wearing my Express blush Zeldas, a Zara zip back top from the sale that was only $15, my H&M scarf, which only when I came to wear it for the first time today did I realize that it was actually a snood, all polished off with my Ash Thelma wedges which are coming into their own in the wet drizzle that Isaac is leaving us with.

A tad tired today after staying up to watch Michelle Obama’s speech – I have to say I thought she was incredible – passionate and sincere – she looked stunning too in a Tracey Reese dress and J.Crew pumps.

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My scent of the 80s

As promised I continue to learn more about US politics and spent last night watching the NBC GOP debate.  Well all I can say is the more I hear and learn the more terrifying the prospect of exercising my franchise becomes.  I shall continue to listen and observe even if at times I want to hide behind my cushion like I used to when watching Dr. Who.  It has to be said that I found the debate significantly more entertaining than my DVRd RHOA – though that isn’t too tough to accomplish.

Woke to a gorgeous sunny morning in Atlanta – the weather here can turn with the flick of a switch and we’re expecting sun all week and temperatures in the mid 60s.  So, panicking that the days available to wear boots may be dwindling fast, I chose today’s outfit around a pair of Frye boots – my brown Veronica Slouches.  The jacket is one I bought early in the season from Boden, then returned thinking I couldn’t justify another tweed jacket, then bought again in the sale after succumbing to pure lust for it.  At one point I would never have dreamed of pairing tweed with stripes but Boden’s patterns and colors have made me more confident about clashing/contrasting them, so I am wearing my striped Hampton tee with it today.  My Hudson Collin jeans are my favorite – these are the mid rise in Dark Elm wash held up with my Gucci belt (a gift from MM).  To be honest I actually prefer the regular rise Collins, and although they are lower they fit around my hips so tend to give less of the undesirable ‘muffin top’ effect.

Boden tweed jacket, Hudsons, FryeSide view

Earrings are again Tiffany – Elsa Peretti teardrops.  I know I am fairly extravagant with my spending but don’t be misguided into thinking that I am constantly in Tiffany’s.  Most of my jewelry has been purchased for me by MM over the years – fortunately he is very extravagant too, and generous.

Tiffany Co Elsa Peretti Teardrop Earrings

I had fun choosing my lipstick this morning.  My favorite brand is Revlon and I have quite a few – I have to say I like cheap and cheerful when it comes to lipsticks.  Occasionally I will splurge on a Chanel lip gloss especially in the summer but when it comes to lips and nails I like a selection to choose from.  Today I am wearing a lovely matte pink – Stormy Pink.

Revlon Stormy Pink

Recently I bought some new perfume as I had used all my Jo Malone Orange Blossom.  I ended up going old skool and bought some YSL Paris which I adore.  It’s true what they say about how evocative scents can be.  It is quite a strong scent but it reminds me so much of the 80s (and MM will tell you how much I love the 80s) and trips to France with my parents.  On the way back on the cross Channel ferry I would always be treated to a ‘duty free’ bottle of perfume and invariably my choice was Paris.

YSL Paris

It’s been a busy morning at work but Tuesdays are always a tad chaotic.  My daughter has ballet classes after school so it is the one day of the week where I sit in the carpool lane and then take her to her class.  The following hour is spent panicking over creating her hair bun, bickering with her over playing games too loudly on my iPhone while we wait, and then chatting exuberantly for 45mins with her classmates’ Moms.  It’s then my turn to collect my son from daycare…hence on Tuesdays I usually hit the bottle as soon as I walk in the door.