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My first attempt at HACing!

So following on from my post yesterday where I rashly promised photos of my attempts to Highlight and Contour, here’s my first attempt documented with the good, the bad and the down right ugly!

1. The tools of the trade


2. Straight out of the shower – pimples and dark circles included!



3. Moisturised and then applied L’Oreal BB cream, eyes done using L’Oreal Infallible liner with a smudging brush, MAC Brun powder used for brows, and L’Oreal Volumising mascara.



4. Blush applied on my cheek ‘apples’ using my finger tips and some contouring done with the bronzer – but NOT blended yet – you can see my right cheek looks a little orangey still.



5. Blended bronzing powder and then Maybelline highlighter applied around the eyes and down the nose using a concealer brush.  Revlon super lustrous lip gloss in Pinkissimo applied.



6. Hair dried with a round brush and the ghd dryer and voila!



The verdict – well I certainly need some practice – especially in the application and blending of the contour/bronzer powder – but I love how it has shaded around my nose and eye sockets.  It feels lighter than using foundation, but takes a little more time and patience.  Have you tried it yet?  Let me know how you get on!

And now…with full face of makeup applied we’re off to another swim meet!  Happy days:)

Boden Westbourne jumper


Sneakers – Golden Goose // Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // Jumper – Boden Westbourne sweater // Scarf – H&M (old)

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New makeup!

I get stuck in a rut when it comes to makeup.  Apart from my eyeliner I have probably been applying and using many of the same products for 20 years.  Much as I love clothes and trying new things I rarely do the same with make up – very boring.

My current make up routine begins with a drug store moisturizer with spf – either Boots No7, Oil of Olay or Nivea – I like a light non-greasy fluid.  MM bought me a pot of La Mer for my 40th but to be honest I find it too thick for me – no bad thing at $100 a pot!  That is then followed by foundation in the Fall/Winter – normally from Clinique, or Jergens natural glow in the Summer.  I’ve always loved Clinique and use Aglow blusher everyday.  I’ve been using Clinique since I first splurged on my Wedding makeup back in 1998.  I’ve tried Estée Lauder a couple of times and their foundations are lovely – but the power of branding always brings me back to Clinique and I also use their pressed powder everyday.  Eyes are always drug store brands – due to sheer laziness I never wear eye shadow unless we’re off out somewhere special – my every day wear is a line of L’Oreal Infallible pencil on my top lid and Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Very Black.  This mascara is always a Beauty Editor’s favorite and I love it – it never clumps and is super easy to apply – I doubt I’ll every wander from this little gem.  Lips are normally a quick swipe of gloss – I’ve tried them all L’Oreal, Clinique, Rimmel, but my favorite is Chanel – $29.50 – so expensive – but they last forever, are non sticky and have fabulous colors – well worth the splurge in my eyes.  I also have an array of Revlon super lustrous lipsticks – they are lovely and creamy and there’s a great choice of colors.  At the end of the day before bed I use my Clarisonic Mia and apply Bio Oil – the best night moisturizer I have found and I really believe my Clarisonic has reduced the number of break outs I get.

Given how rarely I switch up my make up I decided that this month it was time to adapt for my 41 year old skin.  It definitely needs a bit more care.  There are certain drug store purchases like my eye make up and moisturizer that I won’t change – I just don’t see the point in paying more.  However, in addition to my moisturizer I am now trying Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus – let’s hope it does exactly what it says on the bottle.  My skin has been ravaged my sun – and although I now wear spf daily – in my youth I fried it in the sun on the rare occasions we saw it back in the UK.  At 17 I even gave myself sun stroke using a heat/sun lamp on my face – I shudder to think of it now!  I nearly bought some Clinique Even Better but have decided to try Ambi Even&Clear instead for now as the price tag is considerably less.

As for foundation – I’ve decided I really just don’t like it.  The thought of applying a goopy fluid on my clean skin just seems counter intuitive to me.  Having said that I still need something to give me a bit of a glow and very light coverage.  After trying a Bare Escentuals starter kit I’ve now invested in a pot of their Matte Foundation powder and a fabulous new applicator brush from Sephora.  I love how silky and light it feels on my skin but it really does provide great coverage.

I also bought a new blusher brush as for the first time ever I have bought a Nars blusher – yes the one that is mentioned in nearly every magazine – Orgasm.  It is a gorgeous peachy color and apparently should work well on my skin that has ‘yellowy undertones’.  One of these blushers is sold almost every second according to the girl in Sephora.

I’m still as lazy as ever when it comes to lips but my current Chanel glosses are Twinkle and Seashell for the summer, so I bought a couple of darker ones for Fall – Myriade and Imaginaire – I can’t wait to wear them!

All in all quite a good haul that I am really happy with.  It did make me question why I think $30 for an item of make up is too much – when I quite happily spend that on a t-shirt.  After a fabulous haircut yesterday I am starting to think that you can have all the clothes in the world but nothing makes you feel as fabulous as great skin and great hair.


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Pass me a glass…

Heading to carpool yesterday I realized how absent minded I am sometimes – I’d left the petrol cap unscrewed and the cap cover open on the car after filling up yesterday – fortunately the petrol hadn’t all evaporated or been syphoned off – but duh – makes me wonder how much just passes me by without me taking notice – MM is always telling me I only hear 50% of what he says…

Driving the kids home yesterday was torture – for some reason when they are strapped into their car seats they see it as an opportunity not to sing songs or play games, but to bicker and see who can make who cry first…I know they are tired so I try to be patient, but yesterday I resorted to turning up the volume on the radio in an attempt to block it out.  As soon as we were home they were all sweetness and smiles for Daddy – aaaargggghhh!  So I headed straight to the fridge and opened a bottle of white.  I’ve discovered a lovely little tipple from Trader Joe’s (my new favorite place for wine, though Whole Foods still has great deals) – it’s called Big Day White and it’s cheap as chips.  It’s a blend but I’m no wine snob and it tastes fabulous – really fruity and almost 13% – perfect!  I have friends who have been fans of Trader Joe’s for years and it has taken me longer than most to discover the gem it really is – mainly because we have one of the best Whole Foods in the land just down the road, but for quick, healthy options Trader Joe’s wins.  For supper I had a fabulous piece of Trader Joe’s soy glazed cod with stir fried veggies – as good as any restaurant, half the price and low fat to boot!  Unfortunately, it was followed by three Fortnum & Mason’s butter biscuits which I am still trying to finish.  My fabulous BIL and his family sent me a F&M’s hamper for my 40th, which we saved to enjoy at Christmas, so now the only way to remove these tempting, calorie laden goodies from the house is to eat them.

Mr. UPS swung by last night too – he misses me if we go any longer than a week without seeing each other.  He brought me my best Boden clearance item to date.  When I first saw the Joyful Jersey Dress I have to say I thought it looked frumpy, both online and in the catalogue, and I steered clear all season long, no matter how many rave reviews it won or how many of my friends on the Boden Community praised it.  Until that is I saw one of my lady friends wearing it and looking simply divine. ‘Simple’ being the operative word – I hadn’t considered the plain black option but it looked so simply classic that I had to try it.  I stalked and stalked and low and behold a US6 popped back into stock – swoop, attack, buy – and boy am I glad I did – it is LOVELY.  The same thick jersey as my beloved colorblock tunics, perfectly shaped, and best of all the perfect length.  Can I just say I love it again?  Unfortunately because it was so popular there are none in stock on the site so no link I’m afraid, but I encourage you to stalk:)

Joyful Jersey DressJoyful Jersey Dress

It’s going to be beautiful here again today so I am trying some ‘transitional’ items.  I don’t normally buy Boden trousers as I find them too high waisted but when the straightleg wool crops went into the sale at $38.00 I snapped them up in black, navy pinstripe and slate.  I’m wearing the slate today and I love them.  I’ve tried to wear them with socks and ankle boots in the past but because they are only lined to the knee the wool trouser sticks to my socks – rather unflattering when they bunch up!  I think they look great with ballet flats though, especially my grey flannel Tory Burch Reva flats which I bought last Spring in the sale.  The jumper is the AllSaints Jagger Godiva jumper which is my favorite AllSaints piece right now.  Earrings today are Erica Lyons from Belk, lipstick is Revlon Smoky Rose, nail polish is Revlon Perplex and perfume is DKNY Golden Delicious.

Straightleg wool crops, AllSaints, RevasStraightleg wool crops, AllSaints, Revas


Have lots of work to do this morning as I’m finishing early – MM and I are meeting our contractor/designer this afternoon to start the design phase of our house renovations that we are doing this year.  Very exciting, but a little overwhelming too!

My scent of the 80s

As promised I continue to learn more about US politics and spent last night watching the NBC GOP debate.  Well all I can say is the more I hear and learn the more terrifying the prospect of exercising my franchise becomes.  I shall continue to listen and observe even if at times I want to hide behind my cushion like I used to when watching Dr. Who.  It has to be said that I found the debate significantly more entertaining than my DVRd RHOA – though that isn’t too tough to accomplish.

Woke to a gorgeous sunny morning in Atlanta – the weather here can turn with the flick of a switch and we’re expecting sun all week and temperatures in the mid 60s.  So, panicking that the days available to wear boots may be dwindling fast, I chose today’s outfit around a pair of Frye boots – my brown Veronica Slouches.  The jacket is one I bought early in the season from Boden, then returned thinking I couldn’t justify another tweed jacket, then bought again in the sale after succumbing to pure lust for it.  At one point I would never have dreamed of pairing tweed with stripes but Boden’s patterns and colors have made me more confident about clashing/contrasting them, so I am wearing my striped Hampton tee with it today.  My Hudson Collin jeans are my favorite – these are the mid rise in Dark Elm wash held up with my Gucci belt (a gift from MM).  To be honest I actually prefer the regular rise Collins, and although they are lower they fit around my hips so tend to give less of the undesirable ‘muffin top’ effect.

Boden tweed jacket, Hudsons, FryeSide view

Earrings are again Tiffany – Elsa Peretti teardrops.  I know I am fairly extravagant with my spending but don’t be misguided into thinking that I am constantly in Tiffany’s.  Most of my jewelry has been purchased for me by MM over the years – fortunately he is very extravagant too, and generous.

Tiffany Co Elsa Peretti Teardrop Earrings

I had fun choosing my lipstick this morning.  My favorite brand is Revlon and I have quite a few – I have to say I like cheap and cheerful when it comes to lipsticks.  Occasionally I will splurge on a Chanel lip gloss especially in the summer but when it comes to lips and nails I like a selection to choose from.  Today I am wearing a lovely matte pink – Stormy Pink.

Revlon Stormy Pink

Recently I bought some new perfume as I had used all my Jo Malone Orange Blossom.  I ended up going old skool and bought some YSL Paris which I adore.  It’s true what they say about how evocative scents can be.  It is quite a strong scent but it reminds me so much of the 80s (and MM will tell you how much I love the 80s) and trips to France with my parents.  On the way back on the cross Channel ferry I would always be treated to a ‘duty free’ bottle of perfume and invariably my choice was Paris.

YSL Paris

It’s been a busy morning at work but Tuesdays are always a tad chaotic.  My daughter has ballet classes after school so it is the one day of the week where I sit in the carpool lane and then take her to her class.  The following hour is spent panicking over creating her hair bun, bickering with her over playing games too loudly on my iPhone while we wait, and then chatting exuberantly for 45mins with her classmates’ Moms.  It’s then my turn to collect my son from daycare…hence on Tuesdays I usually hit the bottle as soon as I walk in the door.