The hairdryer is bloody brilliant!

Yes I used it for the first time yesterday and my goodness talk about hairdryer innovation – I don’t often I promise – but the ghd dried my hair to silky, smooth perfection – with volume – in a matter of minutes.  I used my round brush and honestly I didn’t even feel the need for flat irons.  Which is a good job as they are only working intermittently, much like our oven which, is far more distressing with Thanksgiving around the corner!

Yesterday was a fairly lazy day, after spin class that is!  I headed to Whole Foods to collect my ingredients for Moussaka.  I’ve been talking about making it for literally months and now the air is cooler here it’ll be the perfect post swim meet meal – if it all goes to plan that is – fingers crossed the oven works for me:)

So for running around doing errands – here’s what I wore.

allsaints and GG


Trousers – Zara (old) // Sneakers – Golden Goose // Tank – H&M // Sweater – AllSaints serpent jumper (old)

Thanks to all of you that bought off my blog sale – they are now in the mail.

Also stay tuned for some exciting Boden news!


Note – this is not a sponsored post – I paid for the ghd hairdryer and these are my opinions.

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5 thoughts on “The hairdryer is bloody brilliant!

  1. silverbrogues

    I’m impressed with the GHD hairdryer – I couldn’t live without my GHD straightners and need a good hairdryer:) I’m first dibs when these hightops are in the blog sale…!!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh the joy of the GHD dryer – my hair is so much more managable with it worth every penny! Should porbably upgrade irons as they are 12 year old GHDs

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I adore it – my OH keeps laughing when I tell him the ghd is life changing! My hair feels amazing – I’m definitely going to get the ghd heating irons too!

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