New necessities.

No don’t worry I’m not trying to justify the ‘need’ for new shoes or clothes again – in fact surely our relationship has evolved to a stage where justifications are no longer required?  Indeed.

Today I bought something that I haven’t bought in years, and something that I’ve rarely needed in recent times.  A new hairdryer.

As my hair has grown I feel the need to blow dry it more often – to acquire that more groomed look.  My haircare routine currently involves washing with Trader Joe’s citrus shampoo, occasionally followed by the conditioner, then the addition of some brand of keratin smoother (I haven’t found one yet to be loyal to), followed by a quick dry with a 10 year old Revlon travel hairdryer, and a quick run over with my 13 year old CHI flat irons to smooth out the kinks and remaining frizz.  Both the hairdryer and the flat irons have just bitten the dust within 10 days of each other.

With my new longer locks – and the ambition to continue to grow them into a healthy, shiny, smooth mane, I decided to upgrade as well as replace.  Any excuse to spend more money hey?  Hence I began the search for new ‘professional’ grade appliances.  I had no idea where to begin – things in the hair care world have moved on somewhat.

For flat irons I knew I wanted to look at CHI again.  The ones that just died on me were amazing and I bought them for $150 (which back then was extortionate) but for the use they have had, cost per use etc., they have been phenomenal value.  However, I also surveyed my blogging buddies – it’s great to have a panel of fashion and beauty experts on hand!  The majority of them recommended ghd – a brand designed in the UK and made in Europe.  Looking through the information on their site it appears there are two popular models – the Classic and the Professional, and I nearly ordered the Professional model.  Then I noticed the Eclipse model which promises to style the hardest to tame and frizziest hair, tackling any hair texture – promises that appealed to me knowing how unruly my hair can be at longer lengths.  The Eclipse is currently available in the UK, but unfortunately not yet in the US – though their Facebook page keeps suggesting the release here is imminent – probably in time for Christmas.  So, for once, I have decided to wait till the Eclipse model gets here – no bad thing as it looks likely it will retail for nearly $300.

So I moved on to hairdryers.  Again I surveyed my blogger friends and many brands were mentioned that I had never heard of before, like Parlux.  Other brands that I found more prevalent in the US were the T3, and again ghd.  I was at first completely sold on the Parlux 3800.  Okay I admit I loved the green and I loved the idea it was made in Italy – go figure.  Mr. PS pointed out that Italians may make great shoes and clothes but since when were they known for electronics?  On further investigation it appeared their customer service and support in the US may be nonexistent.  Not what you need when you are contemplating buying a $200 hairdryer – just in case it dies on first use.  So today I headed into Sephora to continue my research.  I looked at both the T3 and the ghd.  According to the lovely lady helping me they sell more T3s but the ghd is much newer to market here.  I felt that the ghd was very slightly heavier, but it was also smaller (shorter in length) and a little cheaper.  The UK connection convinced me that was the brand I wanted, and as shallow as it sounds I want my flat iron and hairdryer brands to match:)  So now I am the happy owner of a new hairdryer – who knew hair appliances could make a girl smile so much?!  Oh and if you are in the UK you can get hold of the ghd dryer at Selfridges – one of the few things that is far cheaper there than here – if only our sockets were compatible!



While I was in the Mall I popped into Gap who have a sale on in stores here now – plus 35% off regular items and an extra 25% off sale items online (with code GAPFALL)!  I did a little try on.

I picked up the window pane sweater just to try it.  And just as I thought the lines do NOT work on my curvy boobs – square windows become bay windows.


I loved this leopard print lightweight sweatshirt.  I’m overwhelmed with leopard print in my closet now though!


I loved this bomber jacket but couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for it in store so I ordered it online with the 35% discount.  It’s lovely.  Grey and cream are perfect together.


Finally I’ll leave you with my outfit today.  In honor of the AllSaints 100 hour sale I wore my favorite AllSaints jumper from years ago, H&M boyfriend jeans, and some sneakers I found lying around;)

Golden Goose


Note: On returning home I discovered the ghd is made in Italy too – so maybe I better have more faith in their electronics:)

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6 thoughts on “New necessities.

  1. Martha Merrill Wills

    You crack me up! I use a sad old Target hair dryer, but I probably should get a better one since my hair is kind of long right now. As far as the shoes you found lying around…. love them! love love love!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’ve never had a decent hairdryer so I am hoping that the investment is worth it – the problem with dryers is that regardless of price a motor will always burn out so let’s see how long this one lasts! The sneakers are pretty cool hey?:)

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