Leather pants.

I love a bit of leather and I am in ‘need’ of some great leather trousers.  I had some AllSaints leather jeans, but I wore them to death, and with my yo-yoing weight they stretched beyond what could be considered a flattering fit.  I have been hunting for some time and I am still none the wiser as to which I should buy.

I have two conundrums when looking for leather trousers:

1. Leather vs. pleather.  I am all for trying a good pleather trouser, but it was suggested to me the other day that it might cause some unpleasant sweating where you least want to sweat – I’ve since thought twice about pleather.  Also if I am looking for great leather trousers, then shouldn’t I invest in a brand known for their real leather trousers – now not necessarily Balmain (unless my Husband is buying of course), but maybe Theory or Helmut Lang?

2. A trouser with fly vs. legging.  Part of me wants a great leather jean with a fly and 5 pockets so I can wear shorter tops and sweaters without the fear of a camel toe on show.  On the other hand wriggling into a pair of leather leggings maybe easier, and they are often far cheaper than a leather trouser.

Camel toe and sweating – makes me wonder if I should just avoid the leather pant thing altogether?

So here’s a run down of what has appealed to me so far…

These Ted Baker leggings are not cheap at $600 but knowing the brand they will be fabulous quality.  They also have a side zip and the added stretch will help keep them in shape beautifully.

Ted Baker

I love these Warehouse leather trousers for something a little different.  They aren’t really loose like Christine Centenera wore, but they have a bit more shape than a regular skinny trouser – and I love the cross over fly.  I am sorely tempted by these.


And just so we can dream about what it looks like to ooze style – here she is herself…


Sticking with the peg leg theme – these are a great alternative to leather from ASOS.  You have to use your imagination a little but I think they are great styled correctly.

Peg Pant

These Vero Moda trousers are a great price and a classic cut with a side zip.  Can’t really argue with the price here at all for real leather at $213.

Vero Moda

These Helmut Lang leggings are in my basket on TheOutnet.com.  I am almost at the point of placing my order.  A great price at £292 – they normally retail for £800.  Why am I hesitating?  I’ve no idea!

Helmut Lang

Now these are a definite love it or loathe it item.  They are a copy of the R13 Chaps.  I am obsessively waiting for them to appear on the US Mango site.  Mango have assured me via Twitter that they will be there soon – if you are in the UK you lucky beggars can order yours now!  Take a look here at how amazing Eve looks in hers.

Mnago Sade

Finally just for fun here’s what I ordered today.  At $27 I thought they were worth the risk…we’ll see when they arrive…I present my faux leather harem trousers from eBay.

Faux leather harems

I’ll leave you with today’s outfit taken by my lovely man as we were rushing out of the door for a cheeky child free lunch:)


Boots – Dorothy Perkins // Jeans – Express (old – similar here) // Tank – TopShop Camisole // Cardigan – Marks and Spencer (old – similar here) // Bag – YSL Roady

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17 thoughts on “Leather pants.

  1. Martha Merrill Wills

    I love the Ted Baker and the cross overs, but the harems in leather feel like TOO MUCH. And you know how I LOVE a a harem! Most definitely yes to the Helmut Lang. I’m tempted to head over to the Outnet now!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Shame the Helmut Lang ones are only on the UK/European site!! TheOutnet.com in the US has far too few great things on it compared to the UK! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Gosh let me know if you find some – maybe we need a day at the mall together for a try on session!

  2. Treasuresnpleasures

    I think you would need to be getting some serious wear out of them to justify leather, but I will say I have H&M pleather ones and they aren’t very comfortable, and a bit sweaty. I’m all for leather shoes/bags etc but don’t know if I could justify leather trousers. Ps. I see you got the DP boots, they are gorgeous!!x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I think leather trousers might be like a pair of jeans – you might get lucky at the cheaper end but you really do end up getting what you pay for in most cases. The DP boots are fab but they’re high aren’t they!?

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  5. silverbrogues

    Leather is my favourite – I bought the best pair in Oasis last year and I’m addicted! Can’t wait to see the harem on:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hmm need to model the harems – I think they are bit too bin bag like unfortunately!! Good for a giggle anyway! x

  6. Andrea

    I love the ASOS ones & think they would be great on you! The harems look amazing & I can’t wait to hear what you think of them! I’d love a pair but Hubby would keel over! Ax

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