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Slouchy straight jeans?

I love jeans. My favorite are skinny jeans – mainly because I think they are easier to wear with ankle boots, but also I feel a little less put together in boyfriend jeans, which admittedly may be the whole idea of them…

I may have found the perfect compromise though – the new slouchy straight jeans that seem to be appearing on shelves. It’s funny I had ordered a couple of pairs from Zara hoping they would work and then I saw the fabulous Tiffany Wendel wearing an Earnest Sewn pair, so I must be on the right track?

tiffany wendel

Here are the Zara pairs that I ordered – my preference seems to be grey and black right now!

Grey slouchy black slouchy

The fit really depends on how slouchy you want them – they have lots of stretch in them and I have them in a US6. I absolutely love them. The blue denim pairs are selling out so hopefully they will restock.

So here I am in mine today – I feel so comfortable and cosy for this crappy weather (which secretly I enjoy!).

Helmust lang 1 rain dayJeans – Zara // Sneakers – Golden Goose // Jumper – Boden (25% off all knitwear until Thursday!) // Coat – Helmut Lang (LOVE this – the perfect lightweight parka – discounted here – I’m in a medium)

Yesterday I was at home with a snotty 7 year old so lived in sweats all day! Monday was a red jacket day – or Butlins day as my hilarious husband suggested.

red blazerJacket – J.Crew // Jeans – Zara // Boots – Toga Pulla // T-shirt – Madewell // Bag – PS1 (similar here)

And a similar outfit from Friday.

tweedSneakers – Golden Goose // Jeans – J.Crew // T-shirt – H&M // Jacket – J.Crew (on sale) // Sunglasses – Prada

Finally, on Saturday I went for a trip to H&M with Poppy – her favorite place to shop. I tried on this gold tone sequin top and loved it, left it behind, and then ordered it! The more I thought about it the more I liked the length of the sleeves – no wobble to show! I am in a large here.


Poppy came back with this jumpsuit – perfect for Thanksgiving day – ‘comfortable and glitzy’ as she says:) The navy is gorgeous – so different from the usual black – however the black one has already been requested for Christmas!




It’s transitioning to spring

I’ve already taken some of my large knits downstairs into my ‘storage closest’, and sadly my cashmere onesies will be heading there tonight not to be seen again till November ūüė¶ I’m still keeping a few sweaters around as the weather here is completely unreliable right into May – only then can you guarantee heat daily. My daffodils know spring is blooming, we have deer roaming the neighborhood with their babies, and the blossom is beginning to appear. Spring makes me smile.

To acknowledge the warmer temperatures I’ve worn tees and jackets, and had my ankles on show for the past two days.

IMG_0612Shoes – Gucci // Jeans – J.Crew // Tee – AllSaints // Jacket – Mango (currently reduced by 60% in sale) // Bag – H&M

IMG_0627 IMG_0618Shoes – Vince Claire in ink // Trousers – J.Crew // Tee – AllSaints // Jacket – Helmut Lang TheOutnet.com (reduced by 60%)

I hope you are all able to stash your sweaters away soon!

A night out, a day off and off out shopping

It’s MLK Day here on Monday so we have a lovely long weekend. I wasn’t looking forward to it earlier in the week as it was so cold and lashing it down with freezing rain. Now though I am thrilled as the skies are blue, the sun is shining and my windows are open. Spring is taunting us.

On Thursday night I had a lovely dinner with an old friend from my corporate days. It was so much fun to catch up especially as she has got married and is now in the process of changing jobs – my stories felt comparatively dull!


Boots – AllSaints Alba (on sale and now reduced even further) // Leather trousers – J.Brand (old but the same here) // Jumper – Everlane cashmere tunic

Yesterday was my day off and after completing another grueling work out (I will be 20lbs lighter by the summer!) I was lucky enough to have the afternoon with my Husband chatting and walking the dogs in the sunshine.

DSC_0307Sneakers – Stan Smiths in navy // Trousers – J.Crew drapey wool trousers in navy // Jumper – Everlane cashmere v-neck

These Stan Smiths are pretty awesome – yup if you’re counting that’s another new pair.


Today I took Poppy to the mall. It’s always so much fun to treat her after a good week at school and right now her favorite store is The Body Shop and who am I to discourage cleanliness and personal grooming!?


DSC_0317 DSC_0330 DSC_0321

Jumpsuit – OAK (on sale) // Shoes – Nine West // Jacket – Helmut Lang (on sale)

And I got to take my new baby out. Really? Who for one moment thought I wouldn’t buy it? I am in love.


After hitting The Body Shop, where of course we had to buy the limited edition¬†Smoky Poppy product line, we headed to Sephora where I bought the travel sized Hourglass Veil Primer to try. I’ve heard amazing things about this stuff. Lets see if it delivers.



Tomorrow is my Blogversary – 3 whole years! I still love this little creative outlet as much as ever and my world would be empty without all the amazing friends I have met through it. What will year 4 bring?


Back to Black.

I have always loved leather.  Real leather.  I remember Mum and Dad buying me my first leather jacket while we were on a day out in Chester.  I think it was from Lakeland Leather.  I thought it was beautiful Рa blouson style in ivory Рit was the 80s remember.  In sixth form I got a beautiful black, bat-winged sleeved blouson jacket (still in the 80s) from Whittakers in Bolton.  I got it nicked the first time I wore it.  Gutted.

My taste in leather has hopefully evolved but my love for leather has not changed. ¬†You cannot beat real leather. ¬†There are some good pleathers on the market and I have a couple of pairs of pleather leggings in my closet, but they just aren’t the same…sorry PETA.

I had a great pair of AllSaints leather trousers for a few years but with my constantly fluctuating waistline they didn’t hold their shape well. ¬†My glutes are non-existant and I always felt like I had a saggy arse in them – not a good look. ¬†They went to a good new home via eBay last year. ¬†Since then I have been looking for another great pair of leather jeans – jeans meaning they must have a button and fly, no elastic waists, plus patch pockets at the back – essential for giving shape to that saggy arse.

So, as I mentioned, I stumbled on a pair of J Brand moto leather jeans in Neimans the other day and I had to take the opportunity to try them. ¬†Thinking about them, I cannot stop (Yoda eat your heart out). ¬†I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about J Brand leather – J Brand, Helmut Lang and Theory always seem to top the lists. ¬†No wonder – they are breath takingly beautiful. ¬†I started with a 29″ with crossed fingers, holy smokes Batman they were too big! ¬†The 28″ was perfect on the waist – there is so much stretch in the leather it’s certainly worth squeezing into a size down as they will give. ¬†For the record I take anything from 27″ to 30″ in jeans depending on brand, and I’m normally a US6 in Zara trousers. ¬†Now the only issue with this style was the seam that runs across the top of the knee – sausage links sprang to mind. ¬†Still for those of you with no squidge above your knee they are stunning, and less than $1000 – my absolute limit for leather jeans, which yes is still shit loads, but think about what you can spend on a handbag.

JBrand moto

Having fallen in love with the J Brand leather and now knowing my size I have found what I consider to be the perfect style.  Fly Рcheck, pockets Рcheck, zippered ankles Рcheck, zero sausage casing seam Рcheck.  Here they are РI SO want them.

JBrand jeans

They also come in grey which I think is stunning.

JBrand grey

Compared to J Brand these AllSaints leather pants are almost cheap at $525 (all sense of reality and magnitude becomes warped when looking at items with 3 figures behind the dollar sign), but for me they don’t quite do it as they are missing that all important back patch pocket. ¬†AllSaints are well known for their leather work so worth checking out for almost half the price of the J Brand jeans.


So what do you think – is real leather a colossal waste of money or worth the investment?

As for my attire over the past couple of days I am completely in my comfort zone again Рback to being a brunette РI really do have more fun as a brunette, and certainly feel more comfortable, almost radiant:)  To celebrate the visit back to the salon I embraced my favorite color palette Рblack, black and black.

last blonde.jpg

Boots – Newbury suede boots // Trousers – Zara coated chinos // Sweater – Uniqlo men’s cashmere crew neck

And the result….a very happy brunette.


Last night we went out for dinner with dear friends Рtotally amazing night, 4 hours of great conversation, 1 glass of champagne, 4 bottles of Tempranillo, 5 courses, 1 amaretto and a taxi cab home.

Totally chaotic in my bedroom and closet due to the ongoing packing debacle – please excuse!

Pia 2.jpg Pia 1.jpg

Boots – Stuart Weitzman Highland // Dress – AllSaints charcoal Pia dress // Jacket – AllSaints // Clutch – Target

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow so please continue to follow me on Instagram till I get back online with my shopping exploits in the UK – mwah!



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Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you imagined…

So the blonde hair…it’s going tomorrow. ¬†I am going back to my roots.

After a week of scaring myself in the mirror and trying to make my complexion look less jaundiced, I’ve given in and I am going back to my roots tomorrow. ¬†Glossy, dark chocolate locks here I come. ¬†I wanted a change which is why I thought I’d try the lighter locks but, to be honest, with my skin tone I feel so washed out, and my hair is so dark that I already can see root growth. ¬†The maintenance would kill me!

It was really after seeing the following photo that I decided not to persevere any longer. ¬†I love this jacket but I look so drab and dreary in it with lighter hair. ¬†I’ve also binned the shoes – I loved them once but again I think the pink/nude color does me no favors whatsoever. ¬†If it ain’t broke don’t fix it – I should know by now to stick with my dark palette – in fact I should ask Donna over at I Won’t Wear Sludge Brown to do a color reading for me.

RI jacket

Shoes – Clarks Hamble Oak // Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // Sweater – Zara (old) // Jacket – River Island (old)

I am of course eternally grateful to my hairdresser for squeezing me in tomorrow before I leave on my trip this weekend!

Yesterday I was running some errands and I happened to nip into Neiman Marcus – as you do. ¬†I rarely go in department stores as I think I’ve mentioned before I can find them overwhelming. ¬†However, my eyes were opened by Neimans – what have I been missing!? ¬†I had a quick look around the contemporary store – CUSP. ¬†So many great brands like Vince, Rag & Bone, Alice & Olivia, Helmut Lang and even Isabel Marant – I had no idea there was a stockist here in Atlanta! ¬†I may¬†have found myself trying on some J.Brand leather jeans…just for size of course…for the record they fit big…I got into a 28″ because they are so beautifully stretchy.

I then headed to the shoe department Рagain I found my favorite Rag & Bone Newbury boots along with the Vince Nina flat that is back in an array of colors this Spring.  I was totally smitten by the sale shelf РI nearly cried with joy when I saw Isabel Marant boots and Chloé Suzanna boots less than half price!

Beautiful hairy Newbury boots in the sale:


These Saint Laurent boots made me stop in my path – just stunning and they totally remind me of my Zara boots (yet to be worn).



So now I know what an Aladdin’s Cave Neiman Marcus is it could truly be catastrophic. ¬†It’s a good job I don’t like mall shopping…

Today I had one last go at dealing with the blonde but headed back to my comfort zone when it comes to colors.

HM dress


Boots – H&M // Leggings – H&M (old) // Dress – H&M // Scarf – H&M (old) // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco (TheOutnet.com)


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Leather pants.

I love a bit of leather and I am in ‘need’ of some great leather trousers. ¬†I had some AllSaints leather jeans, but I wore them to death, and with my yo-yoing weight they stretched beyond what could be considered a flattering fit. ¬†I have been hunting for some time and I am still none the wiser as to which I should buy.

I have two conundrums when looking for leather trousers:

1. Leather vs. pleather. ¬†I am all for trying a good pleather trouser, but it was suggested to me the other day that it might cause some unpleasant sweating where you least want to sweat – I’ve since thought twice about pleather. ¬†Also if I am looking for great leather trousers, then shouldn’t I invest in a brand known for their real leather trousers – now not necessarily Balmain (unless my Husband is buying of course), but maybe Theory or Helmut Lang?

2. A trouser with fly vs. legging.  Part of me wants a great leather jean with a fly and 5 pockets so I can wear shorter tops and sweaters without the fear of a camel toe on show.  On the other hand wriggling into a pair of leather leggings maybe easier, and they are often far cheaper than a leather trouser.

Camel toe and sweating – makes me wonder if I should just avoid the leather pant thing altogether?

So here’s a run down of what has appealed to me so far…

These Ted Baker leggings are not cheap at $600 but knowing the brand they will be fabulous quality.  They also have a side zip and the added stretch will help keep them in shape beautifully.

Ted Baker

I love these Warehouse leather trousers for something a little different. ¬†They aren’t really loose like Christine Centenera wore, but they have a bit more shape than a regular skinny trouser – and I love the cross over fly. ¬†I am sorely tempted by these.


And just so we can dream about what it looks like to ooze style – here she is herself…


Sticking with the peg leg theme Рthese are a great alternative to leather from ASOS.  You have to use your imagination a little but I think they are great styled correctly.

Peg Pant

These Vero Moda trousers are a great price and a classic cut with a side zip. ¬†Can’t really argue with the price here at all for real leather at $213.

Vero Moda

These Helmut Lang leggings are in my basket on TheOutnet.com. ¬†I am almost at the point of placing my order. ¬†A great price at ¬£292 – they normally retail for ¬£800. ¬†Why am I hesitating? ¬†I’ve no idea!

Helmut Lang

Now these are a definite love it or loathe it item.  They are a copy of the R13 Chaps.  I am obsessively waiting for them to appear on the US Mango site.  Mango have assured me via Twitter that they will be there soon Рif you are in the UK you lucky beggars can order yours now!  Take a look here at how amazing Eve looks in hers.

Mnago Sade

Finally just for fun here’s what I ordered today. ¬†At $27 I thought they were worth the risk…we’ll see when they arrive…I present my faux leather harem trousers¬†from eBay.

Faux leather harems

I’ll leave you with today’s outfit taken by my lovely man as we were rushing out of the door for a cheeky child free lunch:)


Boots – Dorothy Perkins // Jeans – Express (old – similar here) // Tank – TopShop Camisole // Cardigan – Marks and Spencer (old – similar here) // Bag – YSL Roady

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