Back to Black.

I have always loved leather.  Real leather.  I remember Mum and Dad buying me my first leather jacket while we were on a day out in Chester.  I think it was from Lakeland Leather.  I thought it was beautiful – a blouson style in ivory – it was the 80s remember.  In sixth form I got a beautiful black, bat-winged sleeved blouson jacket (still in the 80s) from Whittakers in Bolton.  I got it nicked the first time I wore it.  Gutted.

My taste in leather has hopefully evolved but my love for leather has not changed.  You cannot beat real leather.  There are some good pleathers on the market and I have a couple of pairs of pleather leggings in my closet, but they just aren’t the same…sorry PETA.

I had a great pair of AllSaints leather trousers for a few years but with my constantly fluctuating waistline they didn’t hold their shape well.  My glutes are non-existant and I always felt like I had a saggy arse in them – not a good look.  They went to a good new home via eBay last year.  Since then I have been looking for another great pair of leather jeans – jeans meaning they must have a button and fly, no elastic waists, plus patch pockets at the back – essential for giving shape to that saggy arse.

So, as I mentioned, I stumbled on a pair of J Brand moto leather jeans in Neimans the other day and I had to take the opportunity to try them.  Thinking about them, I cannot stop (Yoda eat your heart out).  I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about J Brand leather – J Brand, Helmut Lang and Theory always seem to top the lists.  No wonder – they are breath takingly beautiful.  I started with a 29″ with crossed fingers, holy smokes Batman they were too big!  The 28″ was perfect on the waist – there is so much stretch in the leather it’s certainly worth squeezing into a size down as they will give.  For the record I take anything from 27″ to 30″ in jeans depending on brand, and I’m normally a US6 in Zara trousers.  Now the only issue with this style was the seam that runs across the top of the knee – sausage links sprang to mind.  Still for those of you with no squidge above your knee they are stunning, and less than $1000 – my absolute limit for leather jeans, which yes is still shit loads, but think about what you can spend on a handbag.

JBrand moto

Having fallen in love with the J Brand leather and now knowing my size I have found what I consider to be the perfect style.  Fly – check, pockets – check, zippered ankles – check, zero sausage casing seam – check.  Here they are – I SO want them.

JBrand jeans

They also come in grey which I think is stunning.

JBrand grey

Compared to J Brand these AllSaints leather pants are almost cheap at $525 (all sense of reality and magnitude becomes warped when looking at items with 3 figures behind the dollar sign), but for me they don’t quite do it as they are missing that all important back patch pocket.  AllSaints are well known for their leather work so worth checking out for almost half the price of the J Brand jeans.


So what do you think – is real leather a colossal waste of money or worth the investment?

As for my attire over the past couple of days I am completely in my comfort zone again – back to being a brunette – I really do have more fun as a brunette, and certainly feel more comfortable, almost radiant:)  To celebrate the visit back to the salon I embraced my favorite color palette – black, black and black.

last blonde.jpg

Boots – Newbury suede boots // Trousers – Zara coated chinos // Sweater – Uniqlo men’s cashmere crew neck

And the result….a very happy brunette.


Last night we went out for dinner with dear friends – totally amazing night, 4 hours of great conversation, 1 glass of champagne, 4 bottles of Tempranillo, 5 courses, 1 amaretto and a taxi cab home.

Totally chaotic in my bedroom and closet due to the ongoing packing debacle – please excuse!

Pia 2.jpg Pia 1.jpg

Boots – Stuart Weitzman Highland // Dress – AllSaints charcoal Pia dress // Jacket – AllSaints // Clutch – Target

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow so please continue to follow me on Instagram till I get back online with my shopping exploits in the UK – mwah!



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11 thoughts on “Back to Black.

  1. Fashionmumof40

    I love the leather jeggings I haven’t succumbed to them but if they are still next year I am going to get some. You look fab in that leather jacket & all saints dress. Safe flight and I am going to follow you now on Instagram now Xx

  2. mymidlifefashion

    Love the look of the grey leathers Joanna, something a little different to all the black pairs around & your hair looks fab, blonde suited you but I agree that brunette suits your more.
    See you soon & have a safe journey.
    Jane xx

  3. Sue

    I like you better as a brunette but a change is as good as a rest and now you know your true colours.

    I have to say I’m loving the all black ensembles and I think you will look awesome in a pair of new leather pants but I’m not sold on the grey but that’s only because in my own experience when I’ve tried anything pale grey below – I just look like thunder thighs. But that’s me. You in them is a different kettle of fish. But if we are talking mega bucks – black for the investment factor.

  4. Melissa

    I can’t afford real leather…so I make do with zara pleather leggings (not the same at all – I know) but today I saw a woman in said leggings and I thought ” oh god…do I look like that?” So now I am looking at myself with a slightly critical eye – I am not sure how flattering they are…on me!

  5. doesmybumlook40 (@doesmybumlook40)

    Love the black outfits – totally loving them and yes, your hair does look much better dark. Maybe it was the new fringe, the short, the blond – all too much change in too short a period of time? Either was I certainly didn’t hate it before but I love it now.

    Re leather jeans – totally love the look of them. But have never succumbed for a couple of reasons

    a) I’m so scared of ripping them a la Tom Jones. Seriously they have to be a close fit to look god but in skinny that does mean scarily close to breaking point every time I tried to sit down in them. & whilst leather does stretch it’s not lycra……

    b) The sweat factor. Need I say more?

    c) following on from c, the dry cleaning costs. It’s £20 plus here to get leather dry cleaned…..actually last time I took a jacket in it was nearly £50!!! Sod. That!!

    d) the cost. Can’t thoyle it.

    I love them but I don’t feel I miss not having a pair if that makes sense?

    BUT with your new Chrissy Hynde vibe (and she is a TOTAL legend) I feel you need a pair! You would rock them (not in a literal sense) better than anyone I know. You’ve such amazing legs it would be a crime not to get them. In black though. oh though I do love the grey… Black has more longevity though. xxx

  6. alex

    totally agree about leather, i bought a pleather jacket from TK Maxx, but whatever the temperature i always feel ‘clammy’ in it, not a nice thought for trousers. i just bought some leather leggings from my-wardrobe, but check out the sale, they had Acne reduced from £1500 to £250, I nearly went for them, but I wanted the extra long ones so went for Joseph instead.

  7. angietune


    Love your black outfits. You look so foxy in them. Do try a short pencil skirt and pointy toe pumps for a really super look.

    BTW, I was an admirer of your tragus and helix piercing before. When I read where you had your right helix pierced for balance, it was an inspiration for me. I went ahead and have my left helix pierced with CZ stud. I love it and hubby thinks is super sexy. Only problem now I want a second helix piercing with a hoop below the stud.


  8. Keri Gray

    Joanna you have made me giggle about having your blouson jacket nicked in Bolton! Hailing from Wigan myself this does not surprise me at all 🙂

    You look amazing as ever – love love love your black dress, also enjoyed watching your hair transformation over the past few weeks. I thought you looked great blonde as well, but you look equally fab your darker colour. I’m dying to go back to blonde from bright red at the moment – I always do this. Go red on a whim in the autumn and then it takes ages to get back back to blonde for the spring …

  9. Andrea

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Blighty! I’m so sad I won’t be able to meet you this time but heres to the next! Can’t wait to see all your treats & purchases! ❤ Ax

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