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Our wedding anniversary!

Last week was quite an emotionally charged week. Sometimes I go through a roller coaster of emotions – normally initiated by a massive bout of homesickness. I miss lots about England from basic cultural stuff like food, television and the humor – to more intense things like friends and family. Sometimes that sense of longing for the UK is far deeper than at other times. I’m more susceptible to it at this time of year when the kids are back at school, summer and vacations are over and the days are getting shorter. Having said all that, if I was ever given the option to return to England I doubt I would. After 15 years here there are as many things I would miss about the US as I now miss about the UK! Basically I want my cake and eat it – if I could hit a button to swiftly move from one location to the other at will I’d be thrilled!

Fortunately the week ended on a massive high note – my husband and I celebrated 17 years of marriage on Saturday and I was treated to a slap up 5 course meal and some fabulous gifts. I was spoiled indeed! I dug out some wedding photos to share with the children – we had quite a giggle! Forgive the quality as I took photos of hard copies using my phone!

pre wedding dancing first dance

For our dinner out I chose to wear an AllSaints dress that I snapped up in the sale at Christmas. If you are partial to a bit of AllSaints there is 20% off currently using code ENJOY – valid in the UK and US!

Dinner dateDress – AllSaints // Boots – Zara // Clutch – YSL

These boots are lovely but come up quite high – if you’re looking for something similar I just discovered these gorgeous boots at Marks and Spencer – the 20% off code is still valid today too SEP15EM.

SD_01_T02_2752A_Y0_X_EC_0The past week has seen me start moving to boots and jeans again – I’m enjoying the Fall weather!

Zara coordsTrousers and top coordinates – Zara // Sneakers – Adidas superstars // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco

AllSaints teeT-shirt – AllSaints (20% off everything with code ENJOY) // Boots – Rag and Bone Newbury boot // Jeans – Zara (old) // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco

And here is one of the many reasons I love my husband so much – he finds the perfect cards, even if they require a little editing…





Blue isn’t a color I have worn in abundance, till now. I seem to be gravitating to all things navy. It feels a little more summery than black, and once again I am really enjoying using my navy Rocco. I went off it for a while, and even thought about selling it, but it makes me smile when I see it next to me in the car.

The skies here aren’t blue at all. In fact they are dark and threatening. We’ve had some fabulous storms here this week. I love stormy weather…as long as the power stays on!

ASOS blue dressShoes – silver Supergas // Dress – ASOS t-shirt dress (on sale – a few sizes left) // Bag – Rocco // Scarf – H&M (old)

denim shirtSneakers – Nike Internationalists (extra 20% off clearance with BACK2SPORT) // Jeans – TopShop // Shirt – Mango (50% off in sale here)

Tornado alley.

I’m sitting here watching the local news coverage that has been extended due to all the threats and warnings of tornadoes and severe weather.  It looks like it’s heading straight for Atlanta.  Here’s hoping everyone stays safe tonight – they do have a habit of over dramatizing the weather here, but it goes without saying that tornadoes are no trivial matter.

The kids are bathed and safely in bed so I thought I’d distract myself with a quick outfit post!  On Friday I had a hot yoga session followed by a hot date with my Husband.  Needless to say the hot date negated any of the benefits of the hot yoga!

Date night collage.jpg

Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury navy suede // Jeans – coated jeans Zara // T-shirt – AllSaints // Leather jacket – Boden (old)

Today I went for monochrome and leopard – two of my favorite picks when it comes to clothes!



Shoes – Marks and Spencer // Trousers – Zara (old) // Top – AllSaints Tiko t-shirt (similar here at ASOS) // Bag – Alexander Wang (old off TheOutnet.com)

Please stay safe if you’re in the path of these storms and hold your breath for blue skies on the other side xx


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Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you imagined…

So the blonde hair…it’s going tomorrow.  I am going back to my roots.

After a week of scaring myself in the mirror and trying to make my complexion look less jaundiced, I’ve given in and I am going back to my roots tomorrow.  Glossy, dark chocolate locks here I come.  I wanted a change which is why I thought I’d try the lighter locks but, to be honest, with my skin tone I feel so washed out, and my hair is so dark that I already can see root growth.  The maintenance would kill me!

It was really after seeing the following photo that I decided not to persevere any longer.  I love this jacket but I look so drab and dreary in it with lighter hair.  I’ve also binned the shoes – I loved them once but again I think the pink/nude color does me no favors whatsoever.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it – I should know by now to stick with my dark palette – in fact I should ask Donna over at I Won’t Wear Sludge Brown to do a color reading for me.

RI jacket

Shoes – Clarks Hamble Oak // Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // Sweater – Zara (old) // Jacket – River Island (old)

I am of course eternally grateful to my hairdresser for squeezing me in tomorrow before I leave on my trip this weekend!

Yesterday I was running some errands and I happened to nip into Neiman Marcus – as you do.  I rarely go in department stores as I think I’ve mentioned before I can find them overwhelming.  However, my eyes were opened by Neimans – what have I been missing!?  I had a quick look around the contemporary store – CUSP.  So many great brands like Vince, Rag & Bone, Alice & Olivia, Helmut Lang and even Isabel Marant – I had no idea there was a stockist here in Atlanta!  I may have found myself trying on some J.Brand leather jeans…just for size of course…for the record they fit big…I got into a 28″ because they are so beautifully stretchy.

I then headed to the shoe department – again I found my favorite Rag & Bone Newbury boots along with the Vince Nina flat that is back in an array of colors this Spring.  I was totally smitten by the sale shelf – I nearly cried with joy when I saw Isabel Marant boots and Chloé Suzanna boots less than half price!

Beautiful hairy Newbury boots in the sale:


These Saint Laurent boots made me stop in my path – just stunning and they totally remind me of my Zara boots (yet to be worn).



So now I know what an Aladdin’s Cave Neiman Marcus is it could truly be catastrophic.  It’s a good job I don’t like mall shopping…

Today I had one last go at dealing with the blonde but headed back to my comfort zone when it comes to colors.

HM dress


Boots – H&M // Leggings – H&M (old) // Dress – H&M // Scarf – H&M (old) // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco (TheOutnet.com)


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Rain, rain go away.

So Georgia has apparently had 25% more rain fall than usual this summer.  It’s always extremes here – extreme drought or extreme rain!  The peach crop is suffering with enormous swollen peaches that are having their sweetness diluted – who knew hey?  I am suffering with frustrated, cranky kids…roll on school.

I just took them out for lunch to get us all out of the house, and now we’re home they have immediately started screaming at each other, arguing over which movie to watch.  Telling them ‘in my day I was happy to have a movie to watch’ oddly doesn’t seem to have much impact.  I might have a goblet of red now they seem to have called a truce.

We’ve all had our back to school haircuts and I’m now sporting a true bob.  Gone are the sun bleached, dry ends – my hair now feels lovely and sleek with no grays in sight – thank you to the lovely Lauren at Plum Salon.  We made her earn her money yesterday with 3 haircuts and a color!

By the way I did ask him to smile, not grimace.


Mango and Zara


Jacket – Zara (not online but I have seen it appear in stock clearance) // Pants – Mango sale // T-shirt – Gap (no longer online but was in the sale here) // Sandals – Tory Burch Emmy (old) // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco

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