Tornado alley.

I’m sitting here watching the local news coverage that has been extended due to all the threats and warnings of tornadoes and severe weather.  It looks like it’s heading straight for Atlanta.  Here’s hoping everyone stays safe tonight – they do have a habit of over dramatizing the weather here, but it goes without saying that tornadoes are no trivial matter.

The kids are bathed and safely in bed so I thought I’d distract myself with a quick outfit post!  On Friday I had a hot yoga session followed by a hot date with my Husband.  Needless to say the hot date negated any of the benefits of the hot yoga!

Date night collage.jpg

Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury navy suede // Jeans – coated jeans Zara // T-shirt – AllSaints // Leather jacket – Boden (old)

Today I went for monochrome and leopard – two of my favorite picks when it comes to clothes!



Shoes – Marks and Spencer // Trousers – Zara (old) // Top – AllSaints Tiko t-shirt (similar here at ASOS) // Bag – Alexander Wang (old off

Please stay safe if you’re in the path of these storms and hold your breath for blue skies on the other side xx


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7 thoughts on “Tornado alley.

  1. dinagideon

    Stay safe! Tornadoes are just ridiculous this time of year. Blegh. Here’s to hoping your family doesn’t have to hunker down in a basement interior bathroom in the middle of the night as we have had to do way. too. many. times.

    Cute outfit, of course. 😉

  2. fashmr paul

    Hope you remain safe and out of danger – it looks horrible on the news. As bad as we think the weather is in North West UK, we are very lucky really. Just get a bit wet from time to time !

  3. schoolgatestyle

    Yikes! Sounds scary – hope you guys are ok and that you have plenty of wine in stock to help dull the experience 😉 Love that date outfit – those legs go on and on and on xx

  4. fashion40ish

    I hope all is well. I guess we are pretty lucky over here not to have to contend with anything too extreme. I love the casual with the skate shoes. H xx


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