Graphic t-shirts.

Isn’t it odd how something you once hated with a passion can become something you yearn for?  For me those things include heart shaped jewelry – once I though this was tacky but make it an Elsa Peretti piece and all of a sudden things change.

Logo and graphic t-shirts also fall into this category for me.  The thought of wearing my favorite tour t-shirt, or wearing a slogan emblazoned across my chest seemed so puerile and again tacky – maybe I just overdosed in the 80s?

chooselife Frankie


Well all that has changed, as many of my style stereotypes have, with my love for Pinterest.  Pinterest is fabulous for providing inspiration and tips on how to style items that may not even have crossed your mind before.  These images made me think twice about the graphic t-shirt.

RAmones Pinterest images CC #1


Pretty cool looks hey?  I did wear my Bowie t-shirt quite a bit last year and I must recycle these outfits over the coming weeks.

Bowie Collage Bowie tee


Here is a selection of my favorites that I am collecting in various virtual carts!

We just got our new SMART tv – what a revelation Netflix streaming is!  I’m already well into Season 2 of Breaking Bad and this t-shirt is a must for any fan.

Breaking Bad

I adore this one – it should be my motto.


This one by Wildfox made me giggle and will make you cringe – my Husband calls me ‘dreamy’:)


I think this Coke t-shirt is super cool – especially living in the home of Coca-Cola.

Japan Coke

For something maybe a little more understated – this NY t-shirt is perfect for wearing with jeans or shorts.


Here’s another one of my favorites – I have this and wore it a lot over Spring Break with denim cut offs – it’s currently on sale too.


There have been a lot of Run DMC t-shirts out and about recently – maybe something to do with the Adidas revival?  I’d love this – my favorite tune of all time is Run DMC and Jason Nevins ‘It’s like that’.


Finally one for all of you that want to give peace a chance.

Yoko and LennonAnd here I am today experimenting with the logo t-shirt, wearing one of my most favorite items in my summer closet from J.Crew – currently 30% off in the US with GOSHOP.


T-shirt – J.Crew // Jeans – Zara (old) // Shoes – Marks and Spencer


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12 thoughts on “Graphic t-shirts.

  1. Martha WillsMartha

    You’re exactly right here! I thought I’d overdosed on the style having grown up in the eighties, but there are so many great graphics out right now. And they add interest to what could be a boring white tee.

    p.s. My daughter Grace found my Els Peretti floating heart that I wore when I was a much younger girl myself. She hasn’t taken it off since. 🙂

  2. Pamela

    As a child of the 80’s, I totally love these graphic tees! I had a “Choose Life” tee that GLOWED IN THE DARK!!! I would purposely wear it whenever we had to watching a movie (ie filmstrip!) in social studies class! True story!!!!

  3. fashion40ish

    I love the last picture of you. I love a slogan T shirt and I remember them the first time round. xx

  4. Jenny G

    I’ve always loved a good ‘logo’ Joanna – never really grew out of it and now the older I get the more I want to wear them! Just got myself a Run DMC distressed T from New Look and now I’m going to hunt down Frankie Says Relax! x


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