Inspiration from an icon.

There are several style icons around the globe who inspire me, but the woman who makes me weak at the knees with her effortless chic and je ne sais quoi is Emmanuelle AltWikipedia says she was born May 18th 1967 which is interesting not only because my daughter’s birthday is May 18th but also because she’s heading for her 46th birthday this year!  She looks phenomenal at 46!

Her uniform is pretty standard fare – if you ignore the fact that it is compiled of designer pieces – you’ll recognize plenty of Isabel Marant when you look at photos.  You’ll often see her in a blazer, t-shirt, skinnies or harem trousers with pointy pumps or ankle boots.  Regardless of what she wears – it somehow always looks amazing and also looks like she hasn’t given her wardrobe that day a second thought.  She has a formula and she sticks by it.  If you saw a headless shot of her you’d be able to tell who it is instantly.

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I think blogging is starting to make me over think what I wear, leading to some dubious decisions and combinations.  It’s time to pare back and simplify.  So here is my attempt at jeans, t-shirt and a blazer.  I actually feel really comfortable like this and it’s one of MM’s favorite looks on me.  InStyle magazine also dedicate a page this month to the blazer and jeans look – so I must be on to something.


The blazer is Zara from last summer – it’s hard to see the detail but it doesn’t have lapels – I love it – it has great strong shoulders!  The t-shirt was a tenner from Target and is probably suitable for Valentine’s Day and the earrings were cheap as chips from Forever 21🙂  The jeans are Gap grey jeggings and the Carlsen boots were $40 from Steve Madden about three years ago, and I think look very Marant.  Oh the irony, given I didn’t choose the only Isabel Marant I own – my Dicker boots.

On my wrist I decided to add a bit of embellishment to my standard Elsa Peretti open heart bracelet.


So go on then – who is your style icon?


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20 thoughts on “Inspiration from an icon.

  1. Marlene @ chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I love Emanuelle Alt. She dances to the beat of her own drum regardless of the trends. I used to feel a little insecure about my uniform which has always been jeans, tee/top and a jacket/blazer. Something which I’ve worn since I was 18. After seeing photo after photo of this stunning fashion editor, I decided that I too should stick to MY uniform. Boring but hey, it’s what I’m comfortable in them.

    My, what LOOOOOOOONG legs you’ve got there. So envious! Definitely can’t go wrong with a blazer. I need a similar black blazer in my closet.

  2. GlamRosie

    Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham, Kourtney K, Louise Roe…I have a few!! I am with you on the over thinking! Less is best! (Not just in over accessorising but in over thinking an outfit too!) Sometimes I try something and I end up being told by my 6 year it is not right! I am a skinnies addict in the jeans department also. Style/fashion is nothing on a person unless they are comfortable in what they are wearing, because if not, it shows! Stick to what you know best! x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’m trying to be influenced by comfort too – though not sweatpants every day:) I feel more confident when I’m comfortable.

  3. School Gate Style

    I don’t have a fashion icon (perhaps that shows?!!) in that I don’t aspire to dress like a celebrity or someone famous. Mainly because I don’t identify with most of them. I would be inspired more by other women, other busy mums, so people like you, Kat, Sue, Marlene…and lots more of the mum bloggers out there. Not just saying…it’s true! Avril xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I agree – I don’t want to dress like Ms Alt – I know I’ll never look like her – but it’s fun to take cues from others on how they coordinate clothes and mix and match. You’re right too about taking inspiration from our peers – I am far more experimental with my closet since reading other blogs.

  4. Martina Walsh

    I love Cindy Crawford’s style, she’s so elegant & never ott and she seems to get better with every passing year!! Martina

  5. Sue

    I flit between people a lot. I love Emanuelle Alt’s style because it suits her and her frame so well – not terribly easy to achieve for a half pint like me. Easy for you – you have legs up to your armpits. I also really like a more gamine look which is why I love anything a little more laid back, less put together and with less emphasis on the accessories. I think most of my clothes are quite plain and with very little detail as well – makes me wonder how I can wax lyrical the way I do about nothing in particular. Also if I see a particular blogger or celebrity in just jeans and jumper/top – then I find that inspiring – more than a dressy number. Having said that … I quite like Clemence Poesy. Ask me next week and it will be someone else.

    1. Honor

      Totally agree with Sue – I like a less put together look too. Also a fan of boyfriend jeans with a good t-shirt/jumper/nice boots – I do like a nice bag to finish the look but not a huge fan of over-accessorising. EA always looks great!

      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        I can’t do too much jewelery – it has to be bracelet, necklace or earrings – I can never do all of them – my favorite combo is small earrings and bracelets. A good bag is key:)

    2. Poppy's Style Post author

      We don’t live celebrity lifestyles so comfort is key for me. Normally I would reach for a jumper and jeans but I’ve realized that a jacket and jeans can be just as comfy and at the same time look a little ‘cooler’:) I’m all about being cool in my 40s:)

  6. tcro

    Oooo I love her style too and your photos of her are two of my favourite looks of hers but I do think she could probably mix it up a little as she has the figure to wear anything.

    I love jeans t and blaze look and cant wait until the weather gets a bit warmer here so a blazer is enough instead of always having to wear a coat.
    You look great in your blazer, have been coveting grey jeans at the mo, yours are the perfect colour.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I wish I had the chance to wear a coat more often!! I think Spring has sprung here already! The jeans were a great buy a couple of years ago – amazing how versatile grey can be.

  7. Style At Every Age

    I might be older enough to be her mum but Olivia Palermo rarely gets it wrong and I love Sarah Jessica Parker both casual and red carpet looks and Kelly Rutherford’s upper east side chic xx

  8. Chicshiv40

    I love Emanuelle Alt, cool and edgy. Olivia Palermo, classy and chic. Gwyneth Paltrow, Claudia Schiffer, for cool mums. I have to admit I admire Duchess Kate and Countess Sophie, Pippa Middleton and Princess Mary of Denmark for royal chic.
    I love your style for great inspiration! And the other great blogs that I follow and continue to discover.
    Great photo x

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