Stocking up on the essentials.

I hate spending money on underwear.  No one sees it and these days I opt for comfort rather than style.  Once in a while though I start to get embarrassed about the state of my knicker drawer.  Currently it is stuffed with more knickers than any girl can wear in a year – all a different shade of grey, faded colors or fraying elastic.  Oh and there’s still the odd pair of thongs in there which I think I can safely say will never be worn again.  So it is time to purge and restock.

Now here is where I promise not to model my new attire if you promise not to giggle about the size of them.  I did used to wear thongs ALL the time.  How I ever did it I have no idea.  The thought of wearing one now makes my eyes water with discomfort.  They were perfect of course for tight pants when a VPL is an absolute no no.  Thankfully good old M&S came to the rescue with a whole range of no-VPL underwear.  Yes after 15 years in the USA I STILL buy M&S underwear.

My favorite style is their famous Brazilian cut.  Sales of underwear at M&S soared by 64% the year they were introduced.  They are just a little cheeky – quite literally – being a little higher cut on the butt cheeks – but a hundred zillion times more comfortable than a thong.

no vpl brazilian


And as we’re stocking up they do multipacks too which are great value.



I also ordered a multipack of their ‘boy shorts‘.  I love to wear these when wearing a shorter skirt or dress and want to keep my modesty intact after a couple of glasses of prosecco.

lace shorts



Okay – now don’t laugh – I bought some ‘big knicks’ too.  Sometimes comfort really does trump (oops) style.  Thankfully these do have a little bit of lace detail so they aren’t completely Nana knickers.  Trust me no one will know and you will be so thankful wearing them!

high rise briefs


Finally just to prove I can still do ‘sexy’ I ordered a couple of these lace bodies from their Limited Edition.  Just gorgeous for the summer under a maxi dress.  I love the cross back detail too.

Limited lace body


So now you know what I wear underneath here are my outfit pics from the last few days!

Today I’m back in a skirt as the sun shines again.  I started the day in heels.  It feels so fab to have bare legs again!

Mango skirt.jpgShoes – M&S // Skirt – Mango (similar here) // T-shirt – J.Crew

I later changed into flats for running errands around town.  I LOVE these – they are a great Miu Miu tribute with a lovely shaped toe.

M&S flats.jpg M&S flats 2.jpg


Yesterday I was in one of my favorite simple ASOS dresses.  Must remember to clean my mirror when photographing black!

ASOS dress.jpg

Sneakers – Stan Smith’s Adidas // Dress – ASOS (on sale)

Then finally from the other day when it was still damp and cool after the storms.

cava collage.jpg

T-shirt – J.Crew (30% off with GOSHOP in the USA) // Jeans – Zara (old) // Shoes – Arvacas Pons // Jacket – Zara (old)

So who else out there will admit to wearing big knickers? 🙂


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16 thoughts on “Stocking up on the essentials.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Funny you say that – my Husband’s ‘briefs’ are probably smaller and far more expensive than mine! I make sure I whip the big knickers off before he catches sight lol – though to be fair he does like the Brazilians – I think they are really sexy and comfortable. xx

  1. Vikki

    Joanna, great post, I’m laughing my knickers off, as I’m exactly the same. Love my big knickers, it’s comfort all the way for me!! And only m&s xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I think it is a privilege to wear big knickers – almost like we have earned the right to wear them:) xx

  2. Fiona Blake

    LOL I have one thong that is so comfortable and needed on white linen trouser days! All my pants (UK people call them this) are from M&S!

    I don’t think I can talk to you because I’m spitting with jealousy at your tanned legs

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh yes – white trousers – you are so right! As for terminology – I have ALWAYS called them knickers – is that a Northern thing? In the US they call them ‘panties’ which just sounds wrong to me – ‘pants’ as you know are trousers here! xx

  3. doesmybumlook40 (@doesmybumlook40)

    Fiona I am totally with you on the legs – oh my god they are AMAZING! Do you not have an iota of fake tan on them? I am totally envious, they are just to die for.

    But big pants? Good god NO. I hate them, utterly hate them. Hanky Panky style lace thongs all the way. Beyond comfortable. I promise – you can’t even feel them!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I swear I used to wear thongs all the time and love them but they make me wince now! As for the legs – I always moisturize with Jergens Glow so there is some fake sun there! I swear by yoga too – they are making them so much stronger than running alone! xx

  4. Keri Gray

    I have been giggling at everybody’s responses 🙂

    Must admit when it comes to the old Alan Wickers I’ve got to opt for a th th th th thong.

    The BIGGEST I have ever gone was two years ago after I gave birth to Luca and that’s only because my mum had the sense to go out and buy me BIG pants. I do like an M&S undergarment however!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I swear I have tried the thongs again and I just can’t get along with them – maybe it’s because I wear skirts and dresses so much in the summer that I need a little more coverage:) You’re right – big pants are PERFECT after giving birth!

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  6. Cous Cous and Cork Wedges

    Lol! My BFF sent me a text the other day saying she had just cleared her undies drawer out & ditched all the thongs! I stopped buying them a while back in favour of Brazilian cut too but have kept a few nice pairs! You look amazing in the skirt! I need to start running! ❤ xx

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