The future’s so bright…

I’m one of the fortunate ones who rarely misplaces sunglasses.  This means I don’t need to buy them often, which in turn means I spend a little more on a good pair when I do buy them – logical no?  Living here in the sunshine also means that I always buy polarized lenses – I can’t live without them for driving in the glare.  I currently have the following in my collection:

Silver Ray-ban Aviators with mirrored lenses:

Silver Aviators

Classic black Ray- ban Wayfarers:


And a pair of large round Chanel sunglasses similar to these, that I have to say I rarely wear as my Ray-bans are SO comfortable!


I’ve recently started wearing more gold jewelry again – I actually think it suits my skin tone better.  Obviously that means I need a pair of gold aviators.  I am torn between the classic gold with green lenses (these look silver but I assure you the description says they are gold!):


OR this gorgeous tortoiseshell pair with brown lenses and gold trim:

tortoise shell

I have to say I am tempted by the tortoiseshell as they are so unusual – what do you think?  Help me decide please!

As for this week here are my outfits so far.  It is scorcchio here so I wore nothing more than a bikini at the weekend – summer is here, which also means lots of new summer items are getting worn!

Today I decided to put my new harems (I sized up as the waistband is a button up with a zip and quite snug!) on thinking I was heading into the office.  I quickly had to do a u-turn though to meet my painter back at the house.  We are about to paint the main living areas of the house Sherwin Williams Silverpointe – a gorgeous cool grey – I cannot tell you how excited I am after almost 7 years of yellowy-cream walls!

I have to say I LOVE these Chania Birkenstocks – they are a gladiator and look fab and feel amazing!


Top – Mango // Trousers – Mango // Sandals – Birkenstock

Yesterday it was a day for casual cut-offs and sneakers.

Cut offs.jpg

Top – Mango // Shorts – J.Crew // Sneakers – New Balance by J.Crew (old similar here)

And Friday I wore my lovely new Ancient Greek sandals, which are like jewelry on my feet, with this gorgeous ASOS maxi dress (it is generous – this is a US 6/UK 10) – thanks to Eve for the tip off!

Asos dress.jpg

Dress – ASOS // Sandals – Ancient Greek

Don’t look too close – I am desperate for a pedi after running and hot yoga all last week!

Ancient greeks.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed your Monday off in the UK – we only have 2 1/2 weeks left before the summer break here!


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28 thoughts on “The future’s so bright…

  1. Fiona Blake

    I love the tortoiseshell ones, I’m not sure I can make the call between those and the green lense (gold frame) ones .. tough one! BUY BOTH!

    It was 17 degrees here today and that is considered hot! Wish I was there!

  2. Donna Blower

    I am soooo back I. To my Aviators Joanne and having a warm skin tone, I know gold rims suit me better but it doesn’t stop me wanting to do the steel with black lenses. Might have too purchase when over in the States this year xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yes buy them here – they are SO much cheaper – especially if you want polarized lenses too which I highly recommend! xx

  3. EveWornOut

    We have a similar sunglasses collection! I love the tortoise shell ones but gold sunnies are lovely. I have a Tom Ford gold pair and they feel very decadent and blingy. Are those the stone harems?! How did I not notice that colour way! I’m getting a small piece of elastic put in the back of my black ones because I didn’t size up. You look great. Enjoy the sunshine! X

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – no surprise there!! I love the gold – I used to think it was too blingy but I love it in the summer – silver is more winter:) I expect to see you in the stone harems soon:) xx

  4. Martina Walsh

    I love the tortoiseshell, to me it always looks classy & trendy too. My normal glasses are tortoiseshell & my hubbie thinks “there’s something very sexy about them”. Win win.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      You’re right – I have tortoiseshell glasses too – in fact I’ve had several as I love them with brunette hair – I think I might just have to get them! xx

  5. Vicki

    Tortoiseshell aviators, if not both!!

    I love the denim shorts and white top on you. Really suits you and you look younger.

    Jealous of the heat. We get a bit of sun then it pours down with rain. Roll on August and Orlando, then Miami for September.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh really – go on keep telling me I need both:) Oh and thank you for the complement – it’s not normally the type of top I wear but I love it – really feminine! xx

  6. Michelle Lee (MyFashionable40s)

    I am so envious of the full on Summer gear….shorts and all! I am totally lusting after a silver framed pair of the Rayban aviators!! I am lucky like you and have never misplaced a pair though I was unfortunate enough once to sit on a fab pair of Gucci’s…..gutted!! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’ll be fed up of the hot weather in a couple of weeks:) You really can’t beat the aviators such a classic – what a nightmare about the Guccis though!!! x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      You’re the perfect example of great investment buying so it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t skimp on your sunglasses! The harems are amazing – I love them and they are so cool for a hot day! xx

  7. Sue

    Oh gosh – I’m totally a cheap and cheerful sunglasses girl because I’m really rubbish at wearing them – I get cheek dints be it on expensive or cheap ones because nose bridge can’t hold them up.

    Love the Mango top – you know that already seeing as I’ve already and bought it and had to return it – it was too voluminous on me. Shame as it’s a little beauty. Love how you’ve worn it.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      What if you tried metal frames with the nose clips – does that not help? I get into issues sometimes as my eyelashes swipe the lenses – my bridge must be quite low! The Madewell top has been shipped to me but not received yet – I’ll get it to you asap:) xxx

  8. Schoolrunstyle Mum

    So…you officially have my dream summer wardrobe!! Love that mango top, have bought those trainers but they were too big and I cannot track down any smaller, all your sandals are fab, the maxi dress gorge all in all you are my summer inspro!! Will be ‘channelling’ you this summer xxx love the specs you have to post of photo of you wearing both to help us vote which ones!! Xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      The sneakers sold out really fast here – I have had them since Feb but been keeping them hidden away ready for the sunshine!! The Ancient Greek sandals are amazing – I can’t say enough great things about them! I think I might end up with both pairs – in fact you should put money on it:) x

  9. Kim

    Love the tortoiseshell aviators, I’ve had my eye on them for a few weeks deciding whether to press the button…do I really need an 8th pair of expensive sunglasses…probably not, but I’m on maternity leave this summer so I’ll be out and about needing shades…lots of shades! That’s my logic anyway! Love your blog by the way, lucky you living in the sun!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hey Kim – thanks so much for your lovely comment!! Lucky you coinciding maternity leave with the summer months! I’ve purchased the gold ones as they are a classic – but have a feeling I’ll be back for the tortoiseshell ones this week – I can’t get them out of my mind! xxx

  10. glamrosie

    Definitely the tortoiseshell, they are gorgeous. Only 2.5wks left until your kids are on Summer holidays – how long do they get off? Mine break up 22nd July x

  11. Keri Gray

    Love the tortoiseshell frames, they are lovely. I’m after a pair of Club Masters at the moment, as much as I love aviators I don’t think they suit me. Very jealous of the sunshine you look fabulously tanned and as ever it is raining in the UK 🙂 x

  12. silverbrogues

    I adore my sunglasses, wear them all year round, not because of all the sunshine in Ireland, but the bright skies are a killer! I had Chanel ones that I loved, but purchased Prada last summer and haven’t looked back!

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