Blue isn’t a color I have worn in abundance, till now. I seem to be gravitating to all things navy. It feels a little more summery than black, and once again I am really enjoying using my navy Rocco. I went off it for a while, and even thought about selling it, but it makes me smile when I see it next to me in the car.

The skies here aren’t blue at all. In fact they are dark and threatening. We’ve had some fabulous storms here this week. I love stormy weather…as long as the power stays on!

ASOS blue dressShoes – silver Supergas // Dress – ASOS t-shirt dress (on sale – a few sizes left) // Bag – Rocco // Scarf – H&M (old)

denim shirtSneakers – Nike Internationalists (extra 20% off clearance with BACK2SPORT) // Jeans – TopShop // Shirt – Mango (50% off in sale here)


8 thoughts on “Blue

  1. iwontwearsludgebrown

    I think my wardrobe is made up of blue – love it. Don’t you think that as we get older it’s a little more forgiving than good old black. Send the bag over this way if you have any more doubts. I can give it a very good home x

  2. ja4marti

    LOVE! I have been acquiring more navy this year as well – well all shades of blue really. Your navy Rocco is gorgeous!! I think you are not alone – we will be seeing much navy this year.

  3. cc

    Love your bag, navy, and blues, in general! And, yes, storms are great, but the power must stay on. We have a small generator and are looking to install a full house generator since our power seems to go off every now and then even with no storms.

  4. Schoolrunstyle Mum

    Looking beaut in Blue Joanna. Love your bag, you could never sell it, it is a classic! I am really feeling the love for navy this AW..not sure if it is because it is on trend or I am just getting old..arghh?! xxx


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