Feeding my need for harems.

So you all know by now that I love harem trousers.  I think it is the fact that they are a love ’em or hate ’em item that makes me love them more.  There is no middle ground – they are completely polarizing – I know from the comments I receive.  Thankfully there are a few of us harem lovers around, otherwise stores like Zara and Mango wouldn’t continue to provide as many amazing options as they do.  Even Next has got in on the game – admittedly their crotch is not low slung – but they are great for a harem novice.

Here are my picks from Next – I have them in white and black, and I have just ordered the navy – they are incredibly comfortable and quite flattering if you ask me, though Next seem to employ the same online stylist as M&S.

In navy – these come in black and white too.

Navy Next harem


I love this pattern – it reminds me of the Lululemon Wee are from Space print.

textured jersey trousers


And of course there has to be some animal print in there.

Animal print


And my very favorite – the tie dye option.




Since buying my Mango trousers I’ve seen them featured on a few other blogs so I’m quite happy I bought them before the sold out in the sale on the US site!  You can find them here on the UK site for just 19.99 GBP, again they aren’t too low slung for those of you who just want to dip your toe in the harem trend.


I’m not usually a fan of paisley but I love the folded waistline this paisley print pair – again just 19.99GBP in the sale.


I may have also bought these – at just 15 GBP they are great value – a lovely loose linen, perfect with sandals or heels – and great for vacation.


Now Zara are always reliable for harems.  I have a couple of winter styles and then I bought these for my vacation that are now in the sale – I adore them – they are a great blue and lovely and silky. They are the perfect dressy holiday trouser in my opinion.



I’m very excited to see that they are now available in orange or pink in the new collection.

Orange Pink


And now for a real love it or loathe it item.  I, of course, LOVE it and have ordered it – it will be waiting on my desk when I return to work – what a treat!  I love how ridiculously it embraces the full LOW slung harem trouser.  With killer heels and a clutch I think it will look simple and elegant.  I present to you the Zara baggy fit jumpsuit.


I told you that my Husband was a great lover of harems too – he even wore them at my graduation ball – well he’s just ordered a pair of tailor made ones here.  I’m tempted to invest in some Cypriot couture myself, though I’m a bit concerned about what exactly ‘planted within’ means?



Meanwhile here I am in the wonderful Zara trousers out for dinner last night.  The t-shirt is Ted Baker which is proving to be incredibly versatile – it goes with everything – and the sandals are Zara too.  I actually put make up on for the first time in a week but still couldn’t face the heat of the hairdryer.

IMG_7162 IMG_7167


So have I persuaded you to give harems a go yet?


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13 thoughts on “Feeding my need for harems.

  1. Eve WornOut

    I love them. They look great on you. The new colours Zara ones aren’t on line in the UK yet but I’m stalking them. I have the Next ones in grey and am not mad keen but that’s probably because they’re not a big enough harem for me!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Eve – not the best photos in the world here – missing my tripod:) Kids and OH are always to much in a hurry to realize the importance of blog photos:) Looking forward to seeing you in the jumpsuit! BTW I tried emailing you on your wornout email that is left when you comment – do you check it? Please send me your email to joanna@poppys-style.com – I’d love to grab a glass of wine with with you when I am back in the UK again…we can talk about all things harem:)

  2. Martha Merrill Wills

    I love harems. The ones you posted are great. I think they’re perfect on my shape, too, because I can wear them low and they balance out my upper body.
    Going to search for the space dye pair. That’s always been my favorite pattern at LLL.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh I hope you find them – I couldn’t seen them on the US site – unfortunately we have fewer items to choose from on Next:(

  3. Lin

    Loved your harem blog! Really liked the way you styled them, looks like you tucked yr t.shirt in to the harems, loosely and casually? I’ve been wearing my t.shirt over the top of the harems (my t.shirts are quite long) however I think a shorter top or a top worn the way you’ve shown would work better. Yes, I’m a bit harem obsessed!! Got my first pair, inspired by your previous blogs, c/o Next and I lovex3 them!! We’re enjoying lots of sun and heat at the moment, in UK, and the harems are amazingly cool to wear! xxx

    1. Anonymous

      I’ve got a new found love for harem pants and have screen shot a few you have just featured!!

      I hope you don’t mind but as a new blogging buddy I’ve nominated you for The Liebster Award on missionstyleuk.blogspot.com…the questions are on my post from this evening waiting for you ; ) x

      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        Awe how lovely – thank you! Must be all your time in Turkey regarding the harems:) Can’t wait to see you wearing some on the blog! xx

    2. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you Lin – lovely of you to stop by and say so! I do the ‘mullet tuck’ with my tees – not everyone likes it but it works for me – if you just tuck the tee at the front in the middle or to the side and leave the back loose it gives your waist some definition but also remains casual too. It’s one of Emmanuelle Alt’s favorite ways to tuck her shirts and she can’t be that wring hey?:)

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  5. silverbrogues

    I love harems – I have a black pair, elasticated below the knee and they are beyond comfy! Particularly love the tie-dye and the gorg Zara ones with the silver sandal:)

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