Some last minute sale purchases.

At the start of the Zara sale I was a little disappointed with how few items grabbed my attention – though that may have had something to do with being up at midnight to be online as the sale went online. Well as happens every time, the more you look, the more treasures you find – especially in the ‘Last Sizes‘ section – but you’ve got to be quick! If when you click below they are out of stock – never fear – I see items popping back in and out of stock daily – in fact almost hourly at the moment – depending how much surfing I am doing!

This Kimono jacket is just lovely – the colors are gorgeous – and it’s only $29.99!

Kimono jacket


This bird print dress is relatively recent – and I love the shift shape. Again it is just $29.99.

Birdprint dress


I have these sarong trousers – and they are beautiful with a really interesting cut. Now just $39.99.

sarong trousers



This crochet blouse is just gorgeous and has been out of stock in the sale for a while – I was lucky enough to snap up a Large when it came back yesterday. It will look great with jeans in the Fall. It reminds me of a gorgeous Next one that I treasured back in 1989!

Lace blouse


When I’m hunting the Last Sizes section I am mainly looking for dirt cheap bargains like this t-shirt. I ordered the Medium in this.

flocked t-shirt


This is my absolute favorite purchase and it will look great with my harems. It is the same t-shirt that Sue has and wears so well – a bargain at $14.99!

textured t


These are not yet in the Last Sizes section – I have been watching them all season but feared the print just made them too obviously ‘Zara’. I love them and have finally decided to hit the order button. I really want to wear these together with my white stilettos. We’ll see when I try them on!

Pyjama shirt




What have you seen in the sales recently? Have you been scouring the Zara sale still or have you moved on to the Next sale in the UK?

Finally a quick round up of holiday activities and outfits. We went to Famagusta the other day to wander around the old City inside the castle walls. Before 1974 this was were all the Turkish Cypriots in the city had to live and there are lots of sad signs of war and destruction. Over the centuries many civilizations have lived in the walled city and left their mark so there are lots of great ancient sites and stores to see!

shopping in Famagusta


On Saturday night we wandered up to the village for our nightly ice cream and lo and behold another wedding was taking place. I also discovered it is the month of Ramadan, after offering our gardener a glass of water he told us he was fasting. I am learning new things all the time here – I had no idea Ramadan was timed to coincide with the gorgeous crescent moon.

I am wearing the Gap sunwashed t-shirt, J.Crew chino shorts in peach neon and my Marks and Spencers bowcage sandals.

Wedding and ice cream


Last night we went out for a ‘fancy’ dinner – according to the children that is. It’s about as fancy as it gets here in N. Cyprus – but I wore a frock for the occasion:) (I’ve worn the red version here). The sandals are Marks and Spencers. As my Husband was driving I was unable to polish off the full bottle of wine on my own (it must be the heat) so I brought it home – classy.




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10 thoughts on “Some last minute sale purchases.

  1. My Midlife Fashion

    I’ve brought the printed black cross over blouse in the sale too & it looks lovely on. Sounds like you are having a fantastic holiday Joanna & you look gorgeous in your black dress x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh good – I’m glad I didn’t procrastinate too much longer then cos once everyone sees you in it it will sell out!:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It’s a stunning dress – the shape reminds me of the Ted Bakers I love so much. The ASOS dress is super comfy – a lovely jersey – just maybe a little too heavy for here – but the evenings get a lot cooler so I risked it!

  2. Sue

    Oooh. You got the little white top – it’s really pretty. I love it (though I have put a couple of stitches on the flappy arm bits to anchor them a little bit). Me and my alterations.

    Love the pic of the bottle between the feet in the footwell. That tickled me (been there, done that).

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I saw the top again with on the model wearing the orange harems and thought to myself – if it appears in the sale I’m having it – it did and I have it! Can never leave a half drunk bottle of wine on the table!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It is gorgeous – and I’ve seen it in real life too – I was quite surprised that it went in the sale as it was a relatively recent item if I remember rightly! x

  3. The Flaky Fashionista

    You are hilarious! When you return to the US, you will have to take a picture of all the boxes that will be awaiting your arrival!!! As for the unfinished bottle of wine.. yep! I’ve done that too. Waste not, want not! (oh, and love the black dress on you by the way!)

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