The sales are on!!

Last night my brother and his family came over for dinner.  I love hanging out with my brother – he’s quite tolerant of my foibles/quirks – or at least he appears to be.  After dinner, once all had left, I happened to be surfing online and low and behold what should I see but the Zara site announcing it’s sale starting at midnight.

For the first time ever jetlag proved handy. I set my alarm just in case, but thanks to Poppy missing her Dad -bless her, I was wide awake at midnight, on my iPad, filling my cart.  As I was about to check out, feeling very happy with myself, I lost the will to live.  The UK site would not accept a US billing address and UK delivery address.  Now for a moment I did think about waking Mum to borrow her card, but I quickly realized that she may not have placed the same degree of import on the Zara sale, especially close to 1am.  Deflated I rolled over and fell asleep dreaming of what could have been.

In the cold light of day it was probably no bad thing.  This morning, as I stalked the site again, I realized that I actually only REALLY wanted 2 items.  Both are actually cheaper on the US site but the dress was sold out in a medium there – so thanks for letting me borrow your card Mum:)

Here are my purchases:

Jacket – $69.99 or 49.99 GBP



Dress – $69.99 or 49.99 GBP



Happy with my purchases we then headed to the Trafford Centre with my sister.  I was not planning on buying anything.  In fact I even went into Zara and came out empty handed.  Louise then dragged me kicking and screaming into Ted Baker.  Darn it – three dresses later we emerged victorious with grins across our faces.

Here’s Louise’s dress – just stunning on her – in a size 1 – after 2 children!! How can that be?!



And mine – another example of how different our styles are.  I’ll never achieve her level of elegance.

The NULA dress – the same style as my taxi print one that Avril kindly sent over for me, but this is the Paris one, reduced from 129 GBP to 90 GBP.  The print is stunning.





The Allysia dress – reduced from 129 GBP to 65 GBP – a proper bargain!



Poppy didn’t come home empty handed either.  I have a blogger in training I assure you.  I adore this cute Marks and Spencer’s dress that Nana bought her for her belated birthday present.



Now I’m off to sit in the garden and relax with my favorite purchases of the day – my vacation is complete now I have my hands on these.




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18 thoughts on “The sales are on!!

  1. Pauline

    Glad you arrived safe and sound and good to know that I’m not the only one that truly appreciates good English magazines!!! Usually my only requests from visiting relatives is a magazine,some cheese and onion crisps and teabags!!

  2. Sue

    Poppy even has your pose down to a tee! And the pink Ted Baker dress is very J Crew don’t you think? Can’t wait to see you in them.

    As for the Zara sales – I was in zombie land at midnight. Hayfever has taken it’s toll – I look like Bella (Twilight) but with a snotty nose and tatty hair (overdue hairdressing appointment). Can’t wait to look and function as a normal human being again.

    You enjoy yourself and have a good rest!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      The hayfever is awful here!! I never remember it being like this! I’ve not stopped sneezing since I got here…hope you feel less groggy soon – it’s awful to deal with. She’s a brilliant little model isn’t she? Good job I called it Poppy’s Style – I’ll be handing the reigns over in a few years! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know – you know I think I’m ‘over’ Zara at the moment – too much of a good thing over the past couple of seasons. I still love them for harems and jackets but I think Boden maybe me brand for AW 2013!

  3. vickim

    Thanks to poppy my daughter now has the same dress winging its way to her. I’d not even looked twice at it on the website. Poppy is a much better model. She looks gorgeous in her new dress.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Aww how lovely – I just read your comment to Poppy and she was thrilled! I just ordered her the other 2 colors in the dress – it’s perfect for her – not too young and not too old. I think she feels quite grown up in it – especially as it has a belt. We’re all about accessories at the moment! x

  4. Eve WornOut

    I did exactly the same on the Zara site last night. I spent an hour filling a bag, tried to check out and it wouldn’t work. I have up annoyed and tired. This morning I realised I only wanted half of it and it was all still in stock. I love your purchases.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – I knew I wouldn’t be the only one on there – I had a massive rush of adrenaline and went through every category only to crash and burn! What did you end up ordering? Love your fuoro H&M tank by the way – I think it’s the same as I have in black and white – they are only $5 in the US! We definitely gravitate towards the same clothes you and I:) x

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    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Aww thank you Belinda!! I never used to shop in Ted Baker – my sister introduced me to the brand. Their dresses are so easy to wear and I love the prints.

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  8. Kerry

    Great blog 🙂 just wondered how you found the fit on the alyssia dress – I vary between a 1 or 2 (8-10) in ted and was unsure which size to get. Living in oz returns are a hassle…..

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Kerry – very true to size I think – if I am correct a 3 is a UK 12 – which is my regular size. It seems fairly ample in the bust too as I am a C/D and normally nervous about material without any stretch. If you are petite and flat chested I’d go for the 1! Hope this helps.

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