Fun in Forever 21

It was a wet, drizzly morning here so after spin class I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.  What I should have done is finish painting the spare room for when our guests arrive in 2 weeks – what I did do was head to the Mall.  Now it is always dangerous for me to head to the Mall when I am on a spending freeze (self imposed after the Golden Goose purchases).  It is rare I can escape the Mall without something getting lodged in my head screaming ‘buy me! buy me!’.  In order to try and mitigate a complete failure I thought Forever 21 would be a safe destination, firstly because everything is so young I would be in complete mutton territory, but secondly if there was to be something screaming at me it might just be a teeny tiny $20 scream that no one would notice.

Friday morning is the BEST time to be in Forever 21 – full racks and empty changing rooms.  It is essential to try everything as they don’t do refunds here – only exchanges – not sure if this is the same in the UK?  Of course, after muttering ‘spending freeze’, within the first 2 racks I found items that I thought I should try – for the sake of research of course – I’m helping you girls out!  Half way around the store a lovely man said ‘you look like you need this’ – and handed me a bag.  Now some of what I picked up was honestly just for a giggle – if I was going to try things I might as well have some fun.

First up was this denim dress – now I did quite like this when I picked it up – I thought it might be fun with my Dickers or with sandals.  Hideous on and the poppers gaped with my boobs.



But wait it gets worse – next up was this ‘dress’ – on putting it on it has to be a tunic – you could even see it was time for a bikini wax again!  And yes – just confirmed it is a tunic looking here on the Forever 21 site – I’m obviously losing my mind.  Regardless it still made me look incredibly top heavy…



Now I didn’t try the following with the intention of wearing them together, but I had to nip and get my bag of other items, and I wanted to spare the other customers the sight of me in my control underwear.  I do really like both items separately.  I probably need a large in the top – but it was a great sweatshirt material with embellished shoulders – great with jeans.  I also loved the skirt – a gorgeous pattern – but Forever 21 are cheap for a reason – the quality was not good.  The pattern wouldn’t sit straight – for some reason the waistband was crooked, it would have driven me nuts.


Now we’re getting to the ridiculous – a playsuit.  I started to sweat when I realized getting this off was more difficult than getting it on…panic set in when I knew there was no over the head option.



Now this skirt – you may think is complete mutton – but there was something about it that made me take a second look.  With the right top and shoes I think it could be quite nice – I just really struggle to like lace.  The leopard print top with it makes me look like I should be behind the bar at The Rovers.



Next are two tops I LOVED and damn it I can’t see either online – which is probably good as I may have ordered them.  I really liked these t-shirts and I would have bought them were it not for not wanting to spend money.  This one was lovely but I needed a medium – the large was just a tad too big, though would probably shrink in the wash – just $10 – brilliant. (Update online here).



This was my favorite – a gorgeous drapey knit.  Sorry about the rubbish photo – I got all excited because I liked it so much.  It drapes at the back too and the marks are on the mirror not the top.



So a lot of fun was had by me this morning.  I did go and buy more paint so maybe that can be considered painting progress?

Finally I must thank School Gate Style – she very kindly went out of her way to buy and send me this dress from Ted Baker.  It arrived yesterday and is simply gorgeous.  It helps to have good friends around the globe:)  It is sold here but is completely sold out online.  Some Bloomingdale’s do have concessions though.  There is also a gorgeous scarf available in the same print here.




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14 thoughts on “Fun in Forever 21

  1. avenue57 (@avenue57)

    Best blog post ever – I do love it when people are honest and post the epic fails! Second dress, bikini wax required shot – love it! I love the first cloud dress what a shame it didn’t fit 😦
    Love the grey jewelled top – nice

    Playsuit – DO NOT GET ME STARTED on hot, sweaty, what on earth is going on .. Imagine this .. In changing room, trying on a ‘pretty floral dress’ that I can’t actually get on – regardless of any way I try .. sweating … I was trying to get in via the leg part of a cute playsuit – super sweat trying to get it off …

    I bought it!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I really thought for one horrible moment I wouldn’t get out of it! It’s definitely a fun place to have a trawl around – a bit like Primark – you have to be picky but there are some gems if you have patience – though few and far between admittedly! x

  2. Martha Merrill Wills

    My goodness do I have comments!
    1st.. that dress was what I was talking about in my distressed denim piece. Ouch!
    2nd.giggle giggle in the best way to the second tunic/dress and the leopardy top and the jumpsuit. I actually did get stuck in something in forever 21 and had to have a sales girl cut me out!
    3rd… loved the tee that you thought might shrink. Every now and again F21 has something that really works, which is why you have to try. And as you mentioned also you must try with the awful return policy.
    4th. Who’s jeans do you have on?
    5th I spot pretty GG’s!
    Such a fun post! X

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’m all for a bit of distressed denim – and though I’ve never done it myself I knew plenty of folks brave enough to tie and dye with a bottle of bleach in the bath tub. I can’t believe you had to get cut out!!! I really thought I was going to be in the same boat for one horrible moment…The jeans are cheapo Primark (a bit like F21) – they were 12 pounds and I got them back in February – I love them! They are very pretty GGs – I am completely sold on them and I’m a convert – a true believer – okay they are distressed BUT the leather, the cut, the inner, the comfort, the terry lining, the uniqueness – all in my eyes make them worth every penny. I love them like my Newburys and will be budgeting for a new pair in the winter:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It is the most gorgeous dress ever – I have a similar window dress – the colors are just so vivid – I love how unusual they are here. Ted Baker is a new favorite brand.

  3. Sue

    Well I have to say, I’ve had a few close shaves when I’ve simply shovelled myself in to something and then had to squirm myself out of the offending garment again but have not had to be cut out of anything as yet. I’ve never been in a Forever 21 – so I went to have a nosey – it’s for the young and pubescent isn’t it? But it doesn’t hurt to try and I have to say the first dress doesn’t look bad actually. It suits you.

    But I like the GG’s best and your own jeans :o)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Me too – the jeans are Primark and I am in LOVE with the GGs – a complete convert. The inner makes them the most comfortable shoe ever. I feel like a kid bouncing around in them.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Linda!! It just felt really shapeless – though I could wear a belt with it – and I get so fed up of shirts gaping over my boobs – I can never find a shirt that fits properly there without drowning me!

  4. jamie-lee

    I don’t tend to go looking on the F21 website often as generally most things I’ve gotten from there haven’t been of especially good quality or have been ill fitting in real life. I do like that floral blouse (second to last one), looks great on you! Good way to pass the time in there though 🙂

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know you have to be very careful and picky in there but there are a few gems – you just need the time to look and try so it’s not always that convenient. Thanks for commenting:)

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