Where’s my whistle?

So it’s a special day today – I’m wearing my new Golden Goose sneakers.  For many of you, when you see the price, you will think I have gone absolutely stark raving bonkers, you might even consider it irresponsible to spend so much on a pair of sneakers.  But before you start tssking let me just say this – I am fortunate that my work/life situation means I don’t need to wear suits anymore.  When I was in the corporate world I would have to buy suits and then clothes for outside of work.  Now I can wear all my clothes for any occasion – nothing is deemed inappropriate in our office – anything goes basically, as long as you can handle the ridicule that may ensue if you take it to the ridiculous.  So I feel am able to justify spending a little more on items that I know I can wear everyday and anywhere.  These fabulous sparkly shoes will be worn for work and play – with jeans, dresses and shorts – I am actually struggling to think of an item in my closet that I can’t wear them with.  In addition to this they bring me pure simple joy.  Justification done.

These glitter Golden Goose were bought from Barney‘s and they have some sizes left.  I went for a Eur 39 and they fit perfectly – I’m normally a US 8-8.5 so ignore the fact that all the GG size charts claim that a Eur 39 is a US 9.  One of my favorite retailers, James Perse (best known for their fabulous tees and cotton clothes), has also started selling Golden Goose and they have just received a shipment of the new SS 2013 collection.  I personally LOVE the Francy in peach – gorgeous with sun kissed legs and shorts.

Francy Peach

The Husband muttered something about refereeing as I walked in the office, I ignored him…

Golden Goose IMG_5938 IMG_5964 IMG_5967

Trousers – BlankNYC faux leather trousers Madewell (some sizes left on sale) // Top – Zara // Jacket – Zara // Sneakers – Golden Goose Barney’s


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17 thoughts on “Where’s my whistle?

  1. deadlysims

    I am very jealous. I have to be economical with the truth about the cost of Ash trainers to my husband, but I think he would have a heart attack if I bought a pair of these!! They are fabulous though!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I sold my Ash to help pay for these:) They’re a fun change from wedges – though I am worried I may miss my Ash more than I think! xx

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t know what I really think about the cost of these shoes….I don’t think you need to justify why you have them at all. Everyone’s financial situation is different as is someone’s idea of worth. I can’t afford them – but would I buy them if I could? ….I might! Wear them, enjoy them and don’t feel you need to explain why you bought them, you have obviously worked hard and can spend your money on whatever you like!! Good luck to you x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I always have to justify new purchases to myself:) I really struggled with spending so much on sneakers – yet on regular boots I wouldn’t have hesitated nearly so much…I have $50 converse that I love equally. Thank you for commenting – I’m glad you popped by! xx

  3. Martha Merrill Wills

    I almost sent you an email when I saw the James Perse email come through last night with the new stock of GG’s. I just love the ones you’re wearing, and you how how I feel about the peach! Some of the others at JP, however, looked too distressed for me.

    BTW… I have fallen hard for Blank NYC. I got a pair from Gilt a few weeks ago and I can wear them a few times without them getting stretched out. Super comfy, too. Love seeing you in the leather ones… if they come through again I might have to try!

  4. Sue

    I’m with Fiona (Avenue 57). You work hard, you can afford them, you enjoy them! And you should as they look fab on you. Wouldn’t work on me (can’t do the hi tops thing) but if I could, I would.

    But I know where you are coming from, I’m luckier than some, not as lucky as others but I still find myself justifying each and every purchase to whoever will listen (especially the Grumps).

  5. Anonymous

    I was interested on your take on being able to wear the same wardrobe for work and home – I can do that too but sometimes I try to develop more of a separate “work” wardrobe – and get frustrated because I don’t have enough clothes to do this – I’ll try to develop your mindset a bit more (more clothes would be good too but I can never find the right thing/fit etc).

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  9. Jessica Leora Moreno

    Hi Poppy! I purchased some golden goose glitter slide sneakers the ones that you have and had a couple of questions for you that I thought maybe you would be so so kind to answer for me… would you be able to send me a message back to my FB account? I will also leave you my email address jessLeora@gmail.com. I have have some burning questions for you about these shoes!!! I would so appreciate your response 🙂 Thank you! Jessica


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