Some punk inspiration.

I walked into the kitchen this morning to the sound of ‘You’re my favorite waste of time‘ – not sure if it was the Owen Paul version or the original version, but here’s the Owen Paul version from ’86, which I remember well.

After a bleary couple of seconds wondering why Nick Jr. wasn’t on the t.v. yet – I realized it was my lovely Husband’s way of reminding me that 22 years ago today, over a couple of Newkie Browns in The Central Bar, he announced he was ‘infatuated’ with me.  I remember the whole day so vividly – from bumping into him in the library, to the Moscow Mules, to the shock and delight of discovering he ‘was into me’ (I told the story here last year).  He was, and still is, the antithesis of every other guy I had dated – non-conformist, smart, sensitive and charming (not sure how many of my exes read this – they might not anymore!) – I had a pretty good feeling this one was a keeper.

As the summer of ’91 progressed, our relationship hit the fast track.  Within a couple of months we were planning our first vacation together.  He was studying for his PhD in Byzantine History so it seemed natural to head for Turkey – somewhere I had never been before – but I was excited to have my personal tour guide.  Our first overseas adventure was thrilling – back packing down from Istanbul, via various Roman ruins (and bars), to Side on The Mediterranean, where we drank Efes in the sun.  It was the trip that sealed the deal for me – he was the ‘one’ – oh and he was hot too – look at the hair and those soccer playing legs!:))

Dave Turkey



These next photos made me giggle.  They are some of the very few we have from the early 90s as most of our photos were stolen, along with other items, from the container when we moved here.  My love of harem trousers must have come from him – here we are at my Graduation Ball in 1992 – he was dressed in Turkish, tailor made, harem trousers with a tailcoat – and had more jewelry than me:)


Love the photo bombers in the back:)



So today, unintentionally, I realized I could be accused of channeling one of his favorite bands – The Clash.  Happy ‘when we started dating’ anniversary my lovely…



red and tartan

Jacket – Zara // Trousers – Zara tartan trousers (old)  // Sneakers – Golden Goose // Polo shirt – Matalan


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5 thoughts on “Some punk inspiration.

  1. avenue57 (@avenue57)

    oh how funny – I LOVE the trip down memory lane you took us all on then and the photos – hilarious! I do hope you got Dave’s permission to post!!

    A totally cool outfit today – that jacket is amazing

  2. iolanthewears

    Now there’s a blast from the past… I couldn’t go to the Owen Paul concert but I begged my friend to bring me back something, anything, and she got me a scarf with his photo on – sheer acrylic hideousness but I worse that thing until it fell apart. (Did I just admit this in public?! )


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