Comfy sneakers.

Yes I know sneakers are everywhere right now and every blogger, magazine and newspaper, it seems, has featured them – so it’s my turn with a pick of some of my favorites.  I have been a sneaker/trainer advocate for some time and always used to make a point of buying them cheap from the US, when we first started traveling here.  Friends laughed at me when I described my various pairs of trainers that were either for ‘fashion’ or ‘fitness’ – well you don’t want to wear smelly trainers that you worked out in down at the pub!

My favorites were, and probably always will be, the Nike Air Max ’95s.  I had a pair of grey with green and a pair of blue with orange, which I adored and wore both till they fell apart – unusual for me!



I am also a big lover of hi tops and again Nike tends to be my go to brand.  I love these Dunk wedge sneakers that they have designed.  As you see, like my trousers, I like my sneakers loud!



Going old school – I love these Vans – perfect with skinnies or boyfriend jeans with a simple sweatshirt for a great tomboy look.



These new Adidas ones have caught my eye too.  I love Adidas and have a pair of navy Gazelles.  I had a pair of green ones that I hunted high and low for back in the early 90’s when Ms. Moss made them a must have item.  These hi-tops are a grey marl jersey fabric – they look super comfy and I can’t resist grey marl ever – even on sneakers.



Finally, of course, we can spend a little more should we so wish.  Waiting in my closet to be worn are a pair of Marant Bobby sneakers.  As soon as the rain disappears they will be on my feet – I adore them and they are the perfect color for summer with shorts.



After Kat reminded me about the Ash Virgins, I took a peek at their new Spring sneakers and I am currently yearning for a pair of Ash Virgin star cutouts in silver – they’d be awesome with boyfriend jeans and my Zara red leather jacket:)

Ash Virgin


Coincidentally my past few outfits have revolved around sneakers.  On Saturday night we went out to our lovely neighbors for little get together.  It was a fabulous night, late and indulgent and the kids had a blast too.  I wore my new Matalan maxi skirt, old Gap striped t-shirt, Boden Union Jack scarf (old), Gap denim jacket (old) and white Converse.



Today I went for comfort, and rain is expected so the Bobby sneakers are still in their box!  I bought these Nike sneakers over a year ago and love the girly pink trim on them:)

Jacket – Boden JohnnieB (old) // Sweatshirt – AllSaints Decay top (old) // Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // Sneakers – Nike Air Max (similar here)

IMG_4851 IMG_4858 IMG_4844


So have you bought into the sneaker trend?  Which are your must haves?

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19 thoughts on “Comfy sneakers.

  1. avenue57

    oooh I had Gazelle’s back in the day too – I wish I could still buy the navy ones.
    I need to go back to Matalan and buy that skirt! I picked it up last week, put it on, felt horrible in EVERYTHING I tried on (don’t you hate days like that) and put it back on the shelf – it looks amazing on you .. watch this space I’m going to copy you (again!!)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I actually got mine from the men’s department – I’m sure they are unisex – not sure how much they are there but I was floored how cheap they are here. The skirt is fab – so comfy for spring:) xx

  2. emma

    I love the skirt too, Matalan is always good for a bargain. But in terms of trainers, I can honestly say I haven’t worn a pair since I quit teaching. Just don’t feel comfortable in them – you look mega cool in these though.x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      My friends used to think I was weird wearing them out when I lived in London – but they are the perfect footwear for cobbled London streets – especially after a couple of drinks lol:) Great for dancing too! So glad I can wear them without being frumpy again – though not sure I could ever do the white tennis shoes and tights/skirt suit like they do in NYC!

  3. School Gate Style

    NOOOoooooooooo – not the sneakers! Lol…you know how I struggle with them so I’ll just say ‘no comment’

    But LOVING that skirt – seriously, Matalan? Want it too – could be another collaboration piece?
    Have a great Monday Joanna, Avrilx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha I could have found some more outlandish ones just to wind you up lol:) Great idea for the collaboration – get your skirts girls!! I’m not normally a mxi skirt fan at all – I like to show my legs – but it is so comfy to wear – great for casual occasions – a great alternative to jeans.

  4. Sue

    I love your casual look – you also look really glam? Have you done something different with your makeup. I look like a dogs dinner today as I have been painting the family room. The whim took over me this morning and off I went. I used to park my car about 15 mins from the office and I used to wear trainers with my suits (in a kind of girl band All Saints way) and if the boss wasn’t around, I didn’t bother changing out of them. They were navy suede ones to blend seamlessly with my navy suit. Do you know, I had a go of the H&M boyfriend jeans and I looked awful in them. Not that I needed any more pairs but it doesn’t hurt to try does it?

    Like the sneaker picks – just waiting for your Bobby outing. Hope the weather cheers up soon.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh you noticed the eye shadow maybe? Normally I don’t wear it but decided to add it today – might have to keep on doing it if it looks ‘glam’ lol:)

      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        Why thank you ma’am – I also used flat irons on my fringe for the first time in ages – every little helps lol:) xx

  5. evi

    adidas trainers are something I just can’t resist. they’re good quality and the three stripes make me feel sporty 🙂
    today I’m wearing the adidas spezial, they’re probably the most comfortable trainers ever…

  6. Martha Merrill

    I’m really wanting the Ash Virgins, but the regular khaki colored leathers. I’ve heard that with the leathers it’s good to go down in size, so I’m contemplating buying the 38 instead of the 39. There are a ton of the canvas ones at Neiman Marcus Last Call right now. I think in those I’d be safe with a 39.

    I am wearing my Converse again today. I seem to grab my Supergas more than the Converse, but they’re feeling too preppy for me right now. The Converse got a lot of compliments, too. Surprised me, but maybe because my friends hadn’t seen them in a while.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yep my Thelmas and Gwens are 38s but I have a pair of the Alex which are 39 – I’m nervous about which to order in the Virgins as I normally take a larger size in flats – but will probably go with a 38 based on the soft leather and the Thelmas:) Won’t wear socks with them either in the summer:) I don’t have any Supergas you’ll be surprised to hear:)

  7. Iona

    Love love love the trainers!!!my favourites at the mo are ash cool bis and my old faithfulls the adidas hi tops,when it gets warmer(in my dreams!!)i will be rockin’the converse hi tops!! love the look you’ve put together with the maxi skirt-its fab with the denim jacket!!love your style!!xxx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks so much Iona:) I’ve not got the Converse hi-tops – I keep thinking about a pair in red but that’s what the Husband wears – scared of doing his ‘n’ hers trainers lol:)

  8. Treasuresnpleasures

    I’m a massive trainer fan Joanna, I just love being comfortable and as much as I love fashion, function usually wins. I love those first Nike air max trainers, I was obsessed with them as a teenager and can remember threatening to ring childline as my mum wouldn’t buy them for me, they were serious money back then, about £90 if I remember right.

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