Rant time!!

Okay before I get on my soap box let’s start with the fun stuff.  As I got dressed today and thought about ordering another of these shirts I realized I had completely omitted to tell you all about Boden’s 20% off till tonight!!  How foolish of me! This is ‘The Shirt‘ in seaspray gingham.  I have gingham shirts from Boden and J.Crew and Boden’s are far superior.  Once again their attention to detail and quality outshines their competitors’.  There’s a wait on some of the colors but I cannot recommend enough.

Every time I take photos in my closet I am reminded that I still haven’t got a new mirror yet!

IMG_3499 IMG_3503

Yay the Bobbys are on for their first airing!!


Look at the lining of the cuffs and collar on the shirt – how cute!


Shoes – Isabel Marant Bobbys // Shirt – Boden The Shirt // Jeans – Gap boyfriend jeans (old) // Jacket – jersey jacket Zara (old)

Okay first things first – the Old Navy jeans were abysmal.  I am straight up and down or apple shaped – and they are definitely cut for a curvier woman.  They were too short, too hippy and too tight around the calves.  The search for distressed white jeans continues.

Now my rant.  Okay, I have been singing the praises of River Island and have a gorgeous jacket from them that I bought back in the UK.  So, when I saw the cloud jacket online, I decided that given they offered free shipping to the US on orders over $75, that I should go for it.  Another couple of jackets also fell in the order – well free shipping right?  Yes the conversion rate was higher than the current exchange rate, but for the sake of wearing something that will rarely be seen elsewhere over here, I thought it was worth the little bit extra.  So I went through the order process – all prices in dollars, no small print – perfect – wooo hooo.

No – wait – 2 days later I received an email from customs requesting $66 before they will deliver the package!!! I am FURIOUS! Numerous tweets, FB interactions and phone calls later and River Island refuse to do anything about it.  I feel it is complete bait and switch.  Yes, they sent me a link to the small print on their website where it mentions customs may have to be paid – but in my eyes the customs costs should be mentioned in the order process, so that ALL costs to the consumer are known up front.  No other company who ship to me from the UK make the recipient pay customs – I have never paid customs for Boden and ASOS parcels.  If River Island wants to be a global company with global sales then they need to resolve this.  I will not be ordering from them again.  I am so disappointed.  I bet I have paid VAT too on the items – so effectively I’ve been taxed twice.

Now to rub salt in the wound the jacket is available on ASOS and $15 cheaper.  Darn it.  I always learn the hard way.

What do you think?  How do other companies avoid this?


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9 thoughts on “Rant time!!

  1. School Gate Style

    It’s definitely not good practice – well done for flagging it. At the end of the day, you’re not going to order from them again are you? It’s probably to do with ASOS and Boden having US offices but that’s still no excuse for not being open and honest in your communication with your customers. Bad show RI!
    In other news, those Bobby’s look lovely on you. Seriously, they look a bit pants on the Net a Porter pics but like a different shoe on you. Rocking it today J. Ax

  2. Fiona G

    You definitely have every right to be angry, if other company’s do it then why can’t they! Definitely one to avoid! And why would anyone want to order from them if that is going to be the type of costs you have to pay, global company – not! Some businesses don’t stop to think.

    I was having a wee rant like you at Christmas. As usual I ordered many Christmas pressies from UK company’s, to be delivered in the UK, using my UK bank account (with my US billing address) This did not cause a problem for anyone except NEXT! Online no facility for ordering from address outside UK, so I thought give them a call and they will help – no! I was told that there no facility to do this as I didn’t live in the UK, their system doesn’t allow for that and it is very difficult to do. I then politely explained that I had just finished placing orders with several other UK companies and to them it was not a problem and pleasantly suggested they might want to look into it as in this day and age we don’t all live in the same countries as family and friends.

    On a more positive note, I love your gingham shirt and your shoes are definitely gorgeous!

  3. CC

    I understand your frustration. Some non-U.S. companies do charge custom fees to customers. I make sure that I comb through the FAQ pages/Shipping pages to find out. I know that some retailers (Philippe Audibert (Paris) and other French retailers) charge the custom fees to clients. I am surprised when I order from PURE that my banking institution charges an “international” tax/fee. The thing that’s frustrating is that you won’t even know how much custom fees are until, like you found out, you have to pay them. You would think that in this day and age of our global economy, that it would be much easier for the consumer. It appears that it’s not that way, unless you’re Boden (who does it right).

  4. Sue

    How much in duties??? Ooh that hurts. That’s the price of a jacket! Not good but I’ve been caught out once and have never done it again – there are so many companies out there which I would love to buy from but I haven’t because of the import duties.

    However, moving on to lovely divine things – the Bobbys – give them to meeee!

  5. avenue57

    I would be so angry too – if you say you’re going to ship internationally then make it OBVIOUS to the customer that there could be customs charges – OR DON’T SHIP INTERNATIONALLY!

    I also had an experience with a wholesaler in China – NEVER EVER will I order from them/internationally again

    Next time you want something let me know – I’ll get it and ship it for you.

    Loving the jeans and shoes – amazing

  6. deadlysims

    I think this is pretty standard when ordering from overseas, where there is no office in the destination country. It’s why I avoid ordering from the US when I can – I was charged £77 in fees when I ordered some roller skates from the US last year!!

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  8. J in TO

    That is maddening! I have been charged duty on ebay purchases coming over the border from the US – I’m in Canada — and I can’t understand why they can charge tax on used items!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I think I’m just about over it now – I just hate learning lessons the hard way! A friend in the Uk has the jacket and it is lovely so hopefully it is all worth it when it arrives here tomorrow!


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