Loud trousers.

I think I just needed to wear something with a little pizazz today – I’m giving the 2 fingered salute to the weather.  I was already pretty fed up putting the kids in the car as it was SO cold – then as I was getting ready for work started with snow flurries – can you believe it?  Hard to imagine that I am supposed to be sitting on a beach in 2 weeks time.  It better be bloody bikini weather by then that’s all I can say!

This weather also doesn’t help my spring closet.  I have it in my head that I NEED some white, distressed boyfriend jeans – but in reality I can’t even consider wearing white jeans until it is at least in the 60s Farenheit…For research purposes though, I’m off to try a pair of these Old Navy ones at lunchtime.  The reviews say they fit big and I can believe that as my Gap boyfriend jeans are labeled a US 2 – errrr no way am I a US 2.  I hope these Old Navy jeans work out especially at $35!  The photo is dreadful, but they look like the cut and amount of distressing may be just right – as long as they are not too short.  They need to sit just above the ankle bone when rolled a couple of times.  I’ll report back tomorrow.

Old Navy white jeans


And here are the loud trousers for today:)  Keep warm folks!


Trousers – H&M (old) // Shirt – J.Crew popover // Boots – Steve Madden (old) // Jacket – Zara old (similar here)



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11 thoughts on “Loud trousers.

  1. avenue57

    Loving your trousers today! Looks amazing with the shirt and blouse.
    Please do report back on the jeans – I’m jealous you are there and I am here – I love Old Navy so much!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – just like I am jealous of Primark and Matalan! I think there can be more chaff in ON though – but there are little treasures to be had now and then. My Mum always raves about a pair of white linen capris she got that were actually lined – such great quality for a great price!

  2. Sue

    I actually really like those jeans but I wouldn’t entertain them on me – I don’t do skinnys much and skinnies with leopard print – you’d have me running for the hills. You need to wear blazers more – they look fab on you and really pull an outfit together. I think my favourite outfits of yours are the ones with the blazers – you look “sharp”.

  3. Martha Merrill Wills

    This weather is ridiculous. I wore a cashmere sweater under my Burberry jacket… does not feel like end of March at all!
    Looking forward to hearing about the white distressed jeans. I liked a pair from the Gap, but the reviews were bad, so I didn’t even try.

  4. evi

    we had lots of snow in the last two days,it’s crazy! I’m so tired of running around in fur boots and down coats. At least we can still dream about bikinis and white trousers…oh,and sandals of course.

  5. The Flaky Fashionista

    As we both know, Sue is very wise!! I’m with her on the blazer look … they really suit you. Very ‘sharp’ indeed! Here’s hoping that you & Avril inspire some sunshine with your loud trousers today, lol. Brrrrrr!

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