I’m trying to embrace it.

If you’re a new, more recent reader then I have to tell you I do not like Valentine’s day – as I discussed last year here.  Over here it has morphed into something not only lovers celebrate, but also something children are expected to take part in at school.  Last night we decorated shoe boxes that will hold all the candies they exchange in class today.  Uuurgh I just think it is such a marketing con.  MM and I have never exchanged cards in the twenty something years we’ve been together.  He tells me it’s Valentine’s Day every day in our house and I tend to agree.  If you need to set aside a day of the year to appreciate your loved one then there is something wrong.

Okay rant over.  I have tried to embrace it in my outfit for today – choosing the J.Crew heartbreaker jumper – and even my jewelry consists of Tiffany’s and pearls so I really am trying to get into the spirit of it!

IMG_4690 IMG_4709


Shoes – Tory Burch navy Eddie flats // Trousers – Zara tweed harems // Jumper – J.Crew heartbreaker jumper // Jacket – Gap denim (old – similar here) // Pearl bracelets – random from Target // Silver bracelets – Tiffany & Co

I couldn’t help but notice how Spring like it felt this morning – shoots rising from the ground and blue skies above me.  Love it!

IMG_4708 IMG_4705

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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12 thoughts on “I’m trying to embrace it.

  1. avenue57

    We exchange cards but even now I’m questioning why!
    I love your mix of bangles .. that looks great.

    I love it that the hearts you are embracing are black ones!!


  2. cc

    Well, it’s just a day. It can be too much if you let it. We just keep it simple. My husband and I will go out for coffee or breakfast in the morning. Since my kids are older (almost 13 and 14), it’s nice to do a little bit to show that ,”Hey, I love you.” So, we’ll have pizza for dinner or I’ll let them eat McDonald’s (yuck!) and I’ll get them a little chocolate heart. I think they appreciate it. And, not that as parents we don’t do things everyday for our kids because we love them, but it’s nice for them to know that we did a little extra.

  3. angie

    Like you, I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day either. A complete con, therefore I will be doing nothing out of the ordinary today, although the fact I’m single helps that too!!

  4. Fiona Gough

    Love your silver Tiffany bracelets and they look great layered.

    Valentines Day is not for me, too commercial and over here it is off the scale! It took me a while to get my head round the giving to your whole class and the associated costs! I am happy that we don’t do anything, and my husband knows I really don’t like roses, so instead he just surprises me with bunches of flowers throughout the year – which I love.

  5. Sue

    Yes – I prefer the unexpected gestures – they seem to account for a lot more that they just thought of you instead of being told to think about you. I love the tweed harems – they didn’t work for me – I just needed to be a little taller.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Brian!! Yes I do!! I have 5 pairs!! Navy, black, camilla pink, musk and silver – I prefer them to the Revas these days – I prefer them without the logo – more subtle and more comfortable I think!

      1. Brian

        Five pairs! We’re twins. I have 5 pairs of the Eddies too. I find them more comfortable and subtle looking too (except for my pink pair of Eddies, they kinda scream “look at me”) Even my tumbled leather Revas are pretty calm but the Revas with the shiny medallions draw lots of attention, I guess cuz it reflects the light when you walk. On a good note my 6th pair of Eddies is on hold ready for me to pick them up. They are these in the color Ocean Breeze. http://www.toryburch.com/Snake-Eddie-Ballet-Flat/11138222,default,pd.html?dwvar_11138222_color=730&start=11&cgid=shoes-flats
        I’d love to get the yellow ones too but they are anything but subtle.

        I think you’ve seen my collection but if not I can send you a picture of them and when I pick up my new Eddies in a couple weeks I’ll send you a picture too.

        Take care.

      2. Poppy's Style Post author

        Oooh I do like the yellow! But yes loud:) Please do send me a photo when you get your new ones I can’t wait to see them! You’re tempting me into another pair!!

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