Getting clean.

This morning I’ve opened a window in every room of the house.  It is perfect.  Sun is flooding in, the birds are singing and I can smell spring.  It is the most perfect day to choose to work from home.  The coffee pot is on and the dogs are lying in a sun trap on the rug.  Working from home is always incredibly productive from me – I tend to work in energetic bursts and complete tasks more quickly without the distractions in the office.  I’d never give up the office entirely as I love the human interaction but it is bliss being able to work from home when I fancy it.

As I had my first coffee this morning I was indulging in watching Matt Lauer on the Today Show.  We grew quite close on my maternity leaves and it’s nice that we can spend some time catching up occasionally.  A feature that grabbed my attention this morning was about the beauty of growing old gracefully and various brands embracing older models.  You can watch it by clicking hereMac Cosmetics recently used one of my idols, Iris Apfel, in a campaign.  She looks amazing and always makes such a statement as the ‘world’s oldest living teenager’.  Even at 90 she is always incredibly decked out, with perfect make up, great accessories and her trademark glasses.  THAT is how I’m going to rock it in my 90’s – sorry in advance for stealing your look Iris.

Iris Apfel

Well Iris and the Today Show got me thinking.  As much as I love trying to ‘look good’ I am constantly aware of the pressures trying to look young.  We’ve all heard it before that the media and the fashion industry are pushing younger looking models, with skeletal, pre-pubescent figures.  Last year I succumbed.  I have to say it was more for experimentation than feeling that I looked old, but whatever the reason I went ahead and tried fillers and Dysport (similar to Botox).  There must be a masochistic side to me as I really didn’t mind the needles.  There was a slight, noticeable difference pre and post treatment but not significant enough to encourage me to try it again.  Occasionally I do worry about aging and certain situations make me consider our mortality, especially since becoming a mom.  What scares me more though is the precedent I may be setting for my beautiful daughter that it is okay to stick stuff in your face.  I want her to see the beauty in growing old gracefully, with style and panache.  I am now firmly of the belief that our lines should be treated as trophies of all that we have achieved, the wisdom we have acquired and a celebration that we have lived long enough to acquire a few life lines.

As I gazed in the mirror this morning inspecting my life lines I noticed my skin was actually in pretty good nick.  Until 3 months ago I was a ‘social’ smoker.  I started smoking in 1987 after making my Mum and Dad quit – I told them they would make me an orphan – brutal hey?  MM and I partied hard in the 90’s and I continued to smoke regularly – we were invincible back then.  When we moved to the US I tried many times to quit.  MM went cold turkey and stopped completely probably 6 years ago?  I maintained a ‘social’ habit.  Unfortunately I have been taken in by the glamor of smoking.  For those of you who are rabid anti-smokers I know it is tough to even comprehend, but when getting ready to go out there was nothing more satisfying than having a decadent cigarette in my glad rags.  Well as my children have grown older and my sense of mortality has become stronger I knew it was time to kick it into touch other wise I’d be kicking the bucket.  I’ve still no idea how I did it but just before Christmas I had my last cigarette and I’ve not missed them in the slightest.  Obviously I feel healthier than ever, running further and stronger than ever, and my skin has also benefited significantly.  It is hydrated, smooth and dare I say glowing or dewy?

So I’ve dumped a lot of stuff on you all this morning – all with positive outcomes, so please don’t judge me too harshly.  Now I just need to find a couple of new healthy vices:)

Working from home I threw on last year’s JCrew shorts and a JCrew cotton sweater from a few years ago – I love the blue color.  The Havaianas are out – these are the grey slim style.  I think I have almost every color and I prefer the slim style as they have a skinnier thong.  I threw on some big earrings to add a bit of bling to an otherwise basic outfit.  I’m resting on the nail polish for now to give my nails a break – my big treat after the race on Sunday will be a spa pedicure:)

Shorts and flip flops!


4 thoughts on “Getting clean.

  1. Running in Mommyland

    I love this. I thought about trying botox last year and decided against it at the last minute. I’d love to grow old gracefully. I think for us with daughters it’s so important. Health and happiness first!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Maybe it’s the biochemist in me – but I did enjoy experimenting with it – it was an odd sensation. I can definitely see how some women get hooked. For now I’ll keep spending my money on clothes instead:) SO excited for you for Sunday – thinking of you might just make my half feel easier on Sunday morning lol!

  2. annewoodman

    I love my Havaianas! I just bought a new pair of the slims with silver straps and flowery swirls on the pads. Love them. Know I should wear something else all summer but rarely do.

    As far as getting older (and looking it), I find that I am at peace with many of the things (eye twinkles–shows you’ve smiled a lot–and your face settling into its bones more than having youthful, puffy skin–more character, for sure). But I am not at peace with others, and there’s really nothing for it–I’m not going to be OK when I get the parentheses around my mouth or my neck starts sagging. Luckily for me, I’m not rich, and most of my friends aren’t, either. I think that helps. I really can’t afford it and have to just shrug it off (and I don’t have to “keep up with the Joneses”–no one else I am close with gets Botox regularly, either). I’ll have to live with things as they are! Whoopee! (And maybe hang out with people 10 years older?? ; )

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I really do think I have the Havaianas in nearly every color – I live in them in the summer here too:)

      My neck is something I keep looking at – I can definitely see signs of aging but I just try to moisturise as much as possible. I don’t spend a fortune on potions – my favorites are Boots No.7 Protect and Perfect which can now be bought in Target or Ulta. They are raved about back in the UK. My parenthesis were why I tried filler after years of smoking…but I do find they are smoothing out a little plus it is crazy expensive to do every 8 months – I’d rather spend my money on something else:) Maybe in 10 years time I’ll reconsider but I’m hoping I’m blessed with great genes too as my Mum is stunning and looks 20 years younger than she is all due to genes and great skincare:)


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