Summer closet is here!!!

A quick but very important post tonight – a milestone for 2012 in fact.  I have switched out the seasons in my closet!!  I’ve taken a chance that this is it, summer is here in the ATL.  Here’s the forecast for the next 10 days  – I know it includes a little rain but with those temperatures who cares?

All my woolen blazers and turtle necks are now stored away (after barely being worn this year).  Some cardigans remain of course for the air conditioning but look at this veritable display of color – how much joy to see this every morning!!  All my Boden tunics!  I am rapidly running out of space especially in this transition period where I still have a few light cotton knits in my selection.

Boden color!

It has somewhat taken me by surprise, even with the mild winter I never expected to be sitting here ‘glowing’ in my sweatpants.  MM is looking at me oddly wondering why with all my clothing choices I am still wearing a hooded top.

I am so thrilled I have my new JCrew shorts to wear that arrived the other week – and there I was thinking I was ordering prematurely.  I opted for the blue gingham, chambray polka dot, orange 4″ chinos and green 4″ chino shorts – all fabulous colors for summer.  I chose the 4″ as I think they are modest enough that I can wear them in our very relaxed office – I think I would feel just a tad exposed in 3″ inseams.  Gosh I feel quite giddy getting ready to wear all my summer clothes!

I placed another order today after much vacillation.  I had been contemplating the Boden tankini tops to go with my bikinis, which I adore, to both extend the lifespan of them and also provide a bit more coverage for the white bits early in the pool season, and when chasing two little ones around the pool.  I’m not shy after years of topless sunbathing in France, but Buckhead residents really don’t need to see everything exposed all the time, they’d have a cardiac if they knew I have no need for bikini tops at all in the Languedoc – oh how civilized the French are!  Anyway my arm was twisted after Boden announced a week of 25% off plus free shipping and returns on women’s swimwear and dresses and men’s shirts.  It looks like through March there will be different items on offer each week beginning each Tuesday.

Finally as I sign off I have a favor to ask.  Easy Living UK is having a little competition on their Facebook page where some of us Mommy bloggers are strutting our style.  I would really appreciate it if you could pop on over there by clicking here, then ‘Like’ my photos…my competitive spirit has taken hold:)  Thank you so much, and thank you as ever for taking the time to read my post:)



2 thoughts on “Summer closet is here!!!

  1. Claire Barralet

    I’m loving the shorts! I really want to wear them this summer – way too cold over here (North-West England) at the moment!


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