May Madness.

I know March Madness has passed (college basketball finals for the non-American readers) – but for me the real madness sets in in May.  May is the end of the school year here, and with my daughter’s birthday (and it seems every other child in her class!) and the excitement of overseas visitors, it is a crazy month.

On Saturday we made our first, and hopefully last trip to the American Girl Store.  I have delayed it as long as possible – but it seems the 7 year old birthday is the one where the burning desire for a ‘mini me’ kicks in.  It turned into the perfect trip for Saturday morning as it was miserable weather here – persistent rain all weekend!  The mall was empty when we arrived – I soon discovered why – EVERYONE was in the American Girl store.  Moms and daughters had traveled from all over the South East seeking their perfect doll – it was terrifying.  Poppy, however, was thrilled and we left with Saige – an artist and animal lover apparently.  Poppy’s birthday isn’t till the 18th, and normally I vehemently disagree with the notion of ‘early’ birthday presents – but her friend is having her birthday tea party at the American Girl store this week – so Saige was required a week or so early so she can accompany Poppy for tea – I will not be.

IMG_3800 IMG_3802


The rest of the rainy weekend was spent painting the basement.  For some reason the Husband has become rather gung ho about decorating.  I’ve no idea where this new found enthusiasm has come from – probably from the ridiculously high painting quotes we’ve had.  Anyway I’m rather pleased with the progress we have made though my hair currently looks like it has been used as a paint brush.

Finally here are some improvised rainy, Spring outfits – I am hoping the legs can be bared again by  the end of the week!

Skirt – J.Crew Factory (old – similar here) // Shirt – J.Crew Indian voile popover (some sizes available in the sale here) // Boots – Isabel Marant Dicker in Camel (similar here)

JCrew Factory


Jeans – H&M tapered boyfriend jeans // Shoes – Clarks Hamble Oak // T-shirt – Target (old) // Jacket – Zara



Jacket – Boden Limited Edition Chic Leather Biker Jacket (old) // T-shirt – Zara long sleeved with zip at the back (old) // Trousers – Zara (old) // Boots – Acne Pistols



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7 thoughts on “May Madness.

  1. avenue57 (@avenue57)

    Oh wow, check you out in the skirt – a totally different look for you but I like it – a lot.
    Can’t beat the patterned trousers and you have just made my mind up about a white jacket I was going to return – it’s only cheap but I like yours on you here


  2. Martha Merrill Wills

    Don’t you love that JCrew voile popover! I wore mine so much the seams started coming apart, which reminds me… I’ve got a stack of things to take to the seamstress! Endless rain here, too. I’m so ready for it to stop!

  3. Annette

    I love how good the Boden Leather jacket looks on you! I bought this after I saw you wearing it on your blog, but haven’t worn it yet…. Might get it out today, it looks divine, especially the colour with the rest of the outfit!

  4. Sue

    Ooohhh. That American Girl store place would totally freak me out you know. I don’t like dolls and all those beady eyes looking at me would not be good.

    Three very different looks there – I can’t decide which I like best. I have the same H&M boyfriend jeans and they always look a little bit rubbish on me. Something about the crotch area I think and if I try to pull them up, I look like I’ve been inflicted with the dreadful camel toe lurgy. However, they are damned comfortable.

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