A list as long as my arm.

It’s got to be a quick post today – no waffling from me about the Met Gala, except to ask what happened to my invite, and Madonna what were you thinking?  I know it was a punk theme but come on – I just think it’s awful – but then again maybe I should give her kudos for still daring to be different?



My absolute favorite from last night was Taylor Swift – maybe not obviously punk, but the J. Mendel dress and make up created a sophisticated and glamorous look – I love this.



For the best interpretation of punk I’ve got to give it to SJP – her mohican head dress by Philip Treacy is fabulous, and the Giles Deacon dress is just divine.



So now on to that list as long as my arm – ordering cake, buying birthday presents, collecting rsvps, tidying the spare room, buying wine etc. etc.  – oh and a bit of work here and there too.  It might help if the sun would shine, but Atlanta seems to be stuck in a stationary rain cloud right now.

Oriental trousers

Shoes – Vince Nina // Trousers – Zara (old) // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Knitted jacket – Marks and Spencer (the cream version is now in the sale!)

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5 thoughts on “A list as long as my arm.

  1. avenue57na

    oooh loving the printed trousers – this is a great look!
    Madonna – I kind of love to hate her hate to love her – always have!
    Taylor Swfit – bonkers but gorgeous
    SJP – girl crush

  2. silverbrogues

    I love Taylor Swifts hair like that, but SJP looks amazing, that dress is fab and topped off with her Philip Treacy piece look s amazing. As for Madonna, no comment – think you need to pass her some of your tips;)

  3. Martha Merrill Wills

    Yes, to everything you said above (although I always give Madonna a pass, because she’s MADONNA!). You made me go back and look at Taylor, because I glossed over her at first. She’s just so pretty that I didn’t pay attention to the rest. The dress was gorgeous. I have to say my very favorite of the night was Elle Fanning. The Rodarte dress and the ziggy Stardust eyes. I just wanted to freeze her in that look forever! Loved!

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