Running out of time…

…to get to work, to do laundry and pack for the beach, to get my mani/pedi done etc. etc. – all the important stuff that needs to be done – and it’s Tuesday already!  Okay so I may have left a lot till the last minute – but that’s how I operate:)  Not to mention a lifetime was sucked out of me waiting for the children’s annual check ups at the Doctors yesterday – I was there 2 hrs for what should have been a 30 minute appointment!

Hence a crappy bathroom photo today, as I ran out of time getting ready after making it to the gym this morning.  Nothing motivates like the pressure of wearing a bikini!

I love these jeans – I got them late last summer and I’ve rarely worn them because the button came off.  MM kindly got the hammer out and fixed them for me.  They fit perfectly and are super comfortable, assuming the button stays in place!  I love to keep the rest of the outfit simple with them, as they are so loud.



Jeans – H&M (old but have still seen in some stores here) // Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury // T-shirt – Express (old) // Jacket – Zara (old)

Before I dash again I wanted to leave you with this fab top from Zara.  I’ve been cruising by it for a while now, contemplating it – and then I saw Jane from MyMidlifeFashion wearing it over at Avenue 57 – she looks ‘da bomb’!  It’s now in my cart – I’m just contemplating what other colors to get!


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18 thoughts on “Running out of time…

  1. schoolgatestyle

    Oh that top is gorgeous!!! And loving the tie dye jeans today. How handy our men come in now and again. Brian’s great at punching holes in my belts 🙂 haha Ax

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know they are good for some fashion issues – though this bloody button keeps popping off – I might have to have a good whack at it and see if I can get the rivet to stay put!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      This jacket is one of my favorites – I bought it last summer and didn’t wear it for a while as it was so warm here – but it has turned into a fabulous buy – I love that it is collarless and short:)

  2. avenue57

    Love those trousers! They’re really not what I would normally be attracted to but you’ve made them look gorgeous!

    That top is going to be mine too! It’s such a different colour in real life and why oh why oh why do Zara keep on missing a trick when styling their clothes? I would NEVER have looked twice at this before seeing it on a person!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      They are quite loud aren’t they!? Can’t wait to see you model the top – I think I might wear mine tonight:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh – they just arrived and they are fabulous – lovely soft and drapey – so glad I ordered them!

  3. Carrie74

    I have those jeans, but only bought them a month ago, so back in stock, I guess! I love them too, surprisingly comfy, great fit and only £14!!

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