The Fourth Doctor.

The thing about blogging is that when you have so many stylish friends in the blogging community, almost every day, in someone’s new post, I see an item that I want too!  The other week it was Avril at  I have rediscovered my passion for scarves since knowing Avril – and not only does she have a great selection but she wears them well.  My Nana taught me how to knit when I was little – I wouldn’t know where to start now – but I distinctly remember knitting a ‘Dr Who’ scarf – I was the Tom Baker generation and a big fan of the 4th Doctor…Anyway before I digress into complete geekdom the point is Avril was wearing this fabulous 8GBP scarf from Matalan here the other week.  A quick email to my Mum and Bob’s your Uncle – a week or 2 later I have one too!  Thanks Mum:)

The colors are perfect – this year’s burgundy with navy, blush, yellow and grey – and it is SO long!  I wore it the other day to the park with my AllSaints sweater, from a couple of years ago, layered over my Boden velvet henley in rose that I just love – it’s really soft and fits great.  The jeans are my Hudson Collin skinnies and the boots are the Frye Jenna studded.  The specs are my lovely Oliver People Wacks in matte blue havana.  A great outfit for a cold day – only problem was that as we stood cheering Poppy on, successfully riding her bike with no training wheels (UK – stabilisers), the sun was beating down and the temperatures rose to 70 degrees – no one else, oddly enough, was in their Dr Who scarf:)

Have been studying other ways to pose in front of the camera – as you can see my current favorite is ‘Looking at your feet’.

I’ve just released the turkey from an amazing smelling bag of brine and herbs.  It’ll be going in the oven in an hour or so and then I can open a bottle of bubbly:)  HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’ALL!

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9 thoughts on “The Fourth Doctor.

  1. avenue57

    Man … I want that scarf now too! I saw it on Avril and loved it .. then forgot about it. And now you’ve reminded me all about it! £8 – it would be rude not to right?

    If you need stuff from the UK then I can be your back up plan – just shout if you need extra gifts sent to you :-)!!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It’s fab isn’t it!! How can you say no at that price – it is such a great length too!! I’ll definitely give you a holler – though my Mum is very obliging when I send her on little trips to Primark and Matalan:) I’ve recently discovered that lots of places ship here too – for a price – but still great to know! xx

  2. Diane

    Happy Thanksgiving, every year I genuinely always mean to embrace Thanksgiving (even though I’m not American), just for the opportunity of feasting and family time, Have a fab day.


  3. School Gate Style

    Yay – it looks fab on you! Looking forward to seeing you wearing a few different ways to me. THanks for the mention too! Oh, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I want to know all about that Brine/Turkey recipe…good for Christmas? Sounds intriguing. Avril x

  4. Sue

    I want the jumper. Love the colour on it. And the decisions you must have to make in the morning – which pair of boots shall I wear today. I’m waiting for your Dickers to arrive. I ordered a pair from New Look last year which were a replica of the Dickers but had to return them – they were black and I looked really weird in them. If they had been in tan … they would have been great. I just don’t get on very well with black boots … I have another pair to return to Zara today … I tried.

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