Fall dressing

I have my meteorologist hat on but can I just say how freakin’ amazing the weather is here in Atlanta. To coincide with the beginning of Fall, temperatures have dropped, the skies are clear, and there is even a beautiful breeze today. It makes me want to head out for a hike or go apple picking! It is just incredible weather. With that in mind it also sent me giddy with delight that I can now start wearing Fall clothes! I always feel I have to wait for the temperature to drop to the 70s and it is usually very unpredictable as to when that might happen here. My kids have been known to swelter in furry Halloween costumes.

I’m transitioning gradually and still have my toes on show, and the legs will be bare till November no doubt!

RI 2 RI1 RI3

Shoes – Nine West Oslo // Dress – River Island (old) // Jacket – Marks & Spencer (old) // Bag – H&M

Later yesterday I ended up trying on the MiH Phoebe jeans that bought in the sale in the summer. Back then I couldn’t get in them and they have been my incentive to lose a few pounds. Thanks to the hot yoga, running and Jenny Craig I can now get in my 28″ jeans – YES!

MiH 2 MIH 1 Sneakers – Adidas Gazelles // Jeans – MiH Phoebe (in the sale here!) // T-shirt – Mango // Cap – J.Crew

Today I am blatantly copying Kat. I have been lusting after her Zara skirt since she snagged it in the sale. I love the color, the length and the shape and thought I had missed the boat completely. Until that is I saw this appear at Mango. I have bought several leather items from Mango recently, and I have to say for the price their quality is amazing. The leather on this skirt is so soft to the touch, yet not too thin. It is also fully lined and has a comfortable elastic waistband. This is a Eur L/US M and I could have fitted in a smaller size but these days with leather skirts I prefer to go up a size so they are not too short or too tight, and I can wear them lower on my hip rather than my waist (when I can find my waist!). I cannot recommend this skirt enough – I was worried it would be too short but I am 5’6″ and it falls perfectly. I am thrilled with it.

leather skirt leather skirt 3 leather skirt 2

Skirt – Mango // Shoes – Nine West Kurrious // Sweatshirt – Zara (old) // Bag – H&M

I must also mention that my favorite boots from Stuart Weitzman are customizable right now! You can currently order my favorite Highland boot, or the flat version – the Lowland in your choice of color! You can choose from 10 colors but orders must be submitted before 10.6.2014! Presonally I’ll take the Highland in navy and the Lowland in burgundy – totally lush!






9 thoughts on “Fall dressing

  1. Becky

    Well done on the weight loss – I’ve been doing some hardcore post-holiday spinning the last few weeks, I wish I hadn’t eaten so much bread!! It’s all worth it to get back into fabulous clothes though! I’m so jealous that you can still get your toes out, I’ve finally given up and put the Birks back in the wardrobe this week 😦

  2. Sue

    Congratulations on the Phoebes! They are super soft aren’t they? And lucky you with the temperatures that you can still indulge in the autumnal side of the wardrobe but get your lovely pins out!


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