The Newburys.

Oh yes – the new boots are fabulous – as one would hope – I have Paolo Nutini ringing in my head as I strut around in them.  They’re higher than you think but with the padded foot bed they are incredibly comfortable.  I am in love with them.  Really does now make me question why I have all those other boots in my closet…I guess my daughter will grow into them one day.

I’m loving the red today – funny how some mornings I question it and other mornings I feel like I am totally rocking it.  I really do think it all depends on the clothes – I have to choose wisely around the hair.  It’s not restrictive – but some things just feel ‘more right’ with it.  These clothes today feel perfect with it – the Newburys may of course have something to do with the joy.  I’ve since thrown a scarf on as it is a little nippier here today.  The leather quilted jacket is Zara, and this is one of my first AllSaints purchases from about 4 years ago – it’s a jumper dress and I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it – think it began with ‘v’?  The leggings are Boden – possibly the best leggings in the world, and then – ta da – the boots are Rag & Bone.  Due to the colorless outfit I went full on with the red lips today too:)



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