Muddy Faces.

I got my photos from Karen today – the amazing photographer from Muddy Faces.  She made the shoot fun for all of us and you can see the joy in the the children’s faces.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  If you are in the Atlanta area and need some photos don’t hesitate to contact Karen – she’ll do an amazing job!

I’m not so happy with my self portrait today.  I got these jeans from Target and don’t like them at all on – maybe I just feel it’s a bit too much with the red hair and boots…remember what I said about not letting it be trashy – well I think this outfit takes it all the way there…oh well – I think I’m in need of a dress day again soon to feel a bit girly again.  Jeans are worn with Gap men’s t-shirt, AllSaints Boston cardigan and Frye Shirley strappy boots.

Unfortunately the Loulou dress I ordered from Boden is going straight back – it looked ridiculous on me – again maybe the red hair – but it was completely unflattering – my boobs looked enormous in it and the pleats just emphasized my stomach.  Not a good look.  The new AllSaints Amei dress has worked a treat though and will look fab with leggings or tights.  I promise to model it soon.

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14 thoughts on “Muddy Faces.

  1. Sallie

    Love, love your new hair!! I had mine like that last winter and am considering going back… you may have just convinced me :). I had the same luck with the Loulou dress unfortunately. Had high hopes for that one, oh well. Completely unflattering for the same reasons. Adore the pics of the kids too!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Glad you like it! It took a couple of days to ‘grow’ on me and I am still washing out red in the shower – it takes a lot more care than regular brown color! I love it now though – it’s funny how a new hair color or style can change how you feel so dramatically! I keep giggling wondering how the PTA will react…I certainly don’t conform with all the other Moms:)

  2. School Gate Style

    I think you look lovely today – we all have days like that where we don’t like what we see in the mirror but just remember that everyone else is looking at it with different eyes. Great photos of the kids….amazing photographer! Avrilx

  3. Diane

    I so wish that photographer lived in England, fab fab photos. I’m liking the hair, the last time I had a drastic haircut I remember thinking my wardrobe didn’t match the hair if you see what I mean, so I just bought a new lot of clothes. Lol!! Loving the all saints dress, I love all saints for autumn winter clothes, not mad on them for summer clothes though, too dark!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I agree though I have a couple of lovely white tanks of theirs that I wear a lot for layering in the summer. The dress is fab – though quite short – you can alter the length/drape with the ties – but I think I’ll wear it more of a tunic length – the jersey is fabulous and lovely and drapey!:)

  4. Does my bum look 40 in this?

    Fabulous photos. Utterly fabulous. I think the jeans looks fine actually but yes, everyone has barf days! I’d try them dressier, with heels for evening I think. Absolutely adore that AS dress, still have those boots on my wish list…… Waiting for a discount code. Pretty please!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Aren’t they great photos? I assure you they are not as pleasant with one another all the time…they thought it was hilarious that they were able to whisper ‘stinky feet’ to each other throughout the shoot – easily amused:) The dress is fab and I love the wine color too – but think the petrol is more me – especially with the red hair…you can have too much…In my Newbury’s today – not sure I will ever take these off – questioning now why I have so many other boots.:)

  5. dinagideon

    You do not look trashy. I think you look edgy and cool. I bet even Nina Garcia would agree. 🙂

    I LOVE those photos, especially the one with the horse scaring your daughter. Awesome facial expression!

    1. dinagideon

      Oh, and sorry to read about the loulou. I fear it will do the same to me, but I had to at least give it a try, you know?

      BTW, my avatar on your site cracks me up. I do like Avril’s one, the monocle is great!

      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        Ha – WordPress allows me to choose the type of Avatar – I think I selected monsters or something:) The Loulou is definitely worth a try but it was SO unflattering on me – made me look VERY dumpy and busty! The waistline is quite high – if it had been lower it may have elongated my waist – so disappointed and I ordered 2 colors and still haven’t received the 2nd one:( The collared tunic look abysmal too – these empire lines aren’t working for me at all…

  6. Izzywizz

    Oh my the horse shots are supercute, I love the last one horse peeking out from the stables. 🙂 Im sorry to hear aboutthe poor fit of the loulou dress, sometimes its just not meant to be :/


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