A new hue.

Mainly photos today as I am shattered after polishing off a bottle of cava last night while watching the final 3 episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’.  How sad am I?  Though actually it was quite a relaxing way to spend an evening.

Today has been exhausting – after almost 4 hours in the salon I now have red – yes very red hair.  I was going to go for something tamer but then questioned why.  With no corporate job to worry about and an understanding boss (My Husband) why shouldn’t I try something a little wilder?  So no half measures here we went for red.  Here’s the finished product – VERY red in the sun.  I love it – though Husband just waffled something about ‘Camden Market’ and ‘a dog on a piece of string’ so not sure he is entirely taken with it yet – but I don’t style my hair for him so there.

Before I headed out I decided to wear all khaki and my Ash Gwen sneakers.  In hindsight there may be signs of some mid-life crisis arising – studs and red hair – hmmm – that or I need to move to Berlin.  The hairdresser said I looked ‘very European’ whatever that means.

Then off for tacos with the children for some required R&R and a margarita before the long weekend – Monday is Columbus Day so the children are off school Monday and Tuesday for Fall break.

On my return home I was thrilled to find my Net-a-Porter.com parcel had arrived – the Acne Pistols are divine and darker than online which is a good thing.  They also fit fabulously.

Now here’s the thing – I didn’t quite tell the whole truth about my order as I also ordered the Rag and Bone Newbury.  Unfortuntely these are equally divine and if anything comfier – with a padded foot bed and ultra soft leather – so they are keepers too.

My Sam Edelman Lisle boots had to be returned unfortunately due to faulty stitching but with these beauties I don’t think I’ll be wearing anything else this Fall…Both boots will work for me for day and night and I have to say it’s nice investing in shoes which will get used year after year.  Coats, boots and bags are definitely worth a few extra dollars – a lesson I am learning slowly.

I’m a happy lady with red hair and new boots.


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4 thoughts on “A new hue.

  1. Sue

    Nooooooooo! You did not get the Rag & Bone Newburys! So want those but daren’t even look because of the price tag. You are one lucky lady. And good on you for going red. Wish I had the guts to rock out.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I have been ruthlessly rationalizing my closet so eBay helped me – I am slowly adopting the mantra of less is more. I know they are crazy expensive and I certainly don’t want to sound brash or that I am bragging – I realise how fortunate I am to afford them. As I said I think boots, bags and jackets are worth the little extra investment. xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Tierra! Are you based in the US? I’m pretty sure House of Fraser ship here – these are a dead ringer for the Newbury boots http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Dune+Nins+back+zip+ankle+boots/D421061,default,pd.html as is the VInce Camuto Hadley which is widely available in the US – just try googling it – I found it here http://www.shoptheshoebox.com/hadley-bootie/47122

      The Sam Edelman’s are not really similar – with the Newbury it’s all about the height of the heel:)


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