Election Day!

So it is finally here – election day in the US.  It is raining hard in Atlanta and I have a terrible cold so wishing I’d voted early…oh well.  I will drag my sorry arse to the polls, exercising my franchise in my first US Presidential election – it feels quite momentous.  I’ve followed most of the campaign and feel quite comfortable sitting on the side of the fence where I landed a few weeks ago.  It should be a close race regardless, and I’m looking forward to watching the results roll in tonight – I just hope it is all decided tonight.

My cold has probably been exacerbated by the crazy weekend we had.  What with swim meets and nights out I think my energy levels are low.  As I’ve been ill I will admit to having a couple of days off from ‘getting dressed’ – as we speak I am still in my pjs:)  Saturday night we went out and I wore my Zara oriental trousers, AllSaints tank, Zara silk velvet jacket and my Newbury boots – the scarf is an old H&M.  Just about getting used to styling my hair – what is left of it!

I’ve had quite a productive couple of days, even though I’ve been ill.  I purchased a tripod yesterday for my photos – so hopefully we should all appreciate an improved photo quality soon!  Though I will miss the quick and easy iPhone photos it has to be said.

There are a couple of sales I wanted to mention too – Boden has select items with 20% off until Thursday 8th November – use DDUS.  I ordered the grey smocked tunic dress that I actually ordered in the preview and returned.  I’ve given up ordering in the previews as they arrive far too early, before I’ve actually decided what my wants and needs are for the next season – though I am in love with the Notting Hill jumper in the current Spring preview (PRV3 for 20% off till November 9th).

Also Nine West have a great sale on.  I have been in LOVE with the Isabel Marant Milwauke boot this season and actually had heart flutters when I saw my size was available again on Net-a-Porter.com.  But seriously $1500 for a pair of boots??  I nearly convinced myself to do it if I promised myself no purchases for the whole of 2013 – but we all know that would never last.  So I ordered the Nine West Buster – which at full price of $400 seemed a lot for a copy.  In the sale, however, $195 seemed reasonable enough – we’ll see what sort of quality they are when they arrive.

The original Milwauke:

The Buster:


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