It all seems a little anti-climatic this morning after the excitement of election day.  MM and I flicked between about a dozen channels last night watching the results come in – some for amusement and others for information…I think it was pretty much determined by the time we went to bed.  I feel very proud to have taken part in the process – my first Presidential Election!

I’m still feeling rubbish today – terrible head cold – so I’ve just been to Whole Foods in an attempt to rid myself of the lurgy using various juices.  Not to mention I’ve piled on about 100lbs from ‘feeding my cold’.  I bought beets, ginger, and carrot and it tastes pretty good actually, with a scoop of chia seeds for good measure.  I’m sure it’s more psychological than anything but I’m fed up of feeling under the weather.  I want to feel better by Friday so I can head out on a good long run and clear my head.

It’s brass here today, and what with feeling sorry for myself it was the perfect opportunity to get my puffer out for the first time.  Not the most flattering of coats, but perfect for when you don’t want to leave your duvet.  This one is Patagonia – I love their coats – light and warm and last years.  I actually got dressed instead of wearing sweats again – much to the relief of everyone in Whole Foods, and wore my Hudson jeans, Vince Camuto taupe Autumn wedges, and an H&M sweater dress that was buy one get one free – and I’m pretty sure the offer is still on here.  I paid $25 for two – a bargain!  The pink scarf doesn’t really match but to be honest at 8.30am this morning I didn’t care.  You’ll also notice another Pax unit was assembled last night – it took a little longer than it should as MM and I were both wetting ourselves at each others ineptitude – who’d have thought IKEA flat packing could provide such hilarity?

Another outfit I forgot to post the other day was from Saturday when we went to my daughter’s swim meet.  Quite loud pants it has to be said but they are awfully comfy.  They are the Zara snake print trousers, worn with a blush H&M tank an AllSaints sweater (no longer online), with my Ash Bowie sneakers in camel and H&M sparkly blush scarf. As you can see the kids always want to get in on the act – I’m forever telling them to keep out of the closet right now due to tacks, hammers and swaying closet fixtures – so guess where they always want to be?


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5 thoughts on “Juicing.

  1. Suzanne

    I like your sweater dress, love the colours! also cant wait for your closet to be finished,so i can see how it looks!!!! I just got hardwood floors put in mine and i love them in there (I only have the builders rails etc but compared to what I would have in England) i still count myself as very fortunate!!!! The weather is pretty depressing today isnt it? I managed a run though at our local park and dodged the showers! Feel better soon, and hope the juicing works! Failing that put your feet up and relax if you can!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Believe me I can’t wait for the closet to be finished either – I’m running up and downstairs naked half the time looking for clothes lol:) xx

  2. mummynotmumsy

    I absolutely love your red nails!! They really stand out in the pics! You’ve inspired me to go and get my nail varnish out!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I love bright nails in the winter! My mum has always had perfectly manicured nails that she does herself so she inspires me! I keep them strong with a prenatal every day! No intention of more kids but they are great for your hair and nails! Xx


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