Building the closet.

Friday was spent in IKEA.  MM and I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy part of, if not most of our closet.  We’d decided that based on price and aesthetics the IKEA PAX system is the way to go, and yes we had discussed the potential chaos and crankiness that will inevitably result from the 2 of us spending the next 20 years sitting in a windowless walk in closet assembling flat packs.  But we still bought it.  After dragging the enormous boxes off the shelves ourselves we opted for the delivery option, and unsur-freakin-prisingly they only delivered half the boxes last night.  Now we have to wait for the second half to be delivered today.

MM thinks we can have it built in a week – I’ll be ecstatic if I can hang stuff before Christmas.  I might have to start drinking again (I’ve not imbibed since Louisville – a record for me).

Yesterday I ran for the first time in a while and felt great – foot feels healed and I sweat buckets – it was great to be out there again…The weather was perfect too – really cool but sunny.  Unfortunately by 3pm it’s back to 80 degrees F so deciding what to wear is a real conundrum.  Layering seems to be the way to go.

Yesterday I wore my Zara cargo pants, Zara owl t-shirt and AllSaints Cerulean cardigan.  I did have to swap it out for a heavier knit last night while watching the debate.  I refuse to put the heating on yet!  Shoes are Tory Burch Eddies.

Today it’s a completely random look and though comfy I don’t really feel ‘me’.  The idea was to wear a short sleeved dress so I’m prepared for the warm afternoon – but I feel a bit too girly in this H&M skater dress.  I added a Boden cashmere cardigan (the most superior cashmere knits I’ve ever found), Boden leggings, a copy of the Anthropologie necklace that was huge a couple of years ago, and my Banana Republic round toe pumps – yes heels!  I haven’t worn heels in the day since I quit the corporate world!


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2 thoughts on “Building the closet.

  1. School Gate Style

    Love the second look as it’s so different to your usual. You can’t beat a heeled court for a bit of glamour but of course, they’re not v practical for running after kids. Shame…it’s about the only thing I miss about work 🙂 Avril x


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