My new favorite beauty brand.

As you know I’ve always been a fan of drugstore brands when it comes to beauty.  Why spend money on creams and potions when you can spend it on clothes?  For years I’ve used brands like Olay and Boots No.7 which I’ve been lucky enough to track down over here at Target.  However, since well and truly landing in my 40s I’ve found I have been tempted by more ‘hardcore’ products that claim to do all sorts of fabulous things to ‘aging’ skin.  I still haven’t been lured to spend a fortune, though MM did buy me a pot of La Mer as part of my 40th celebrations – oh how we laughed.  I used it for a bit and ended up giving it to him to finish as it was just so thick and stodgy – I like a fluid type consistency that is immediately absorbed.  Anyhow, after conversations with Avril, I also learned that some of my drugstore favorites may not be as effective as I’d hoped, based on the number of chemical ingredients etc. they have.  While questioning their efficacy, this is where my interest in organic beauty products began – yes it’s that granola effect creeping in again…:)

So a couple of weeks ago while doing the weekly shop in Whole Foods I decided to take a peek down their beauty aisle.  It was quite overwhelming with a huge range of price points – lots of products claiming to be all natural.  How on earth do I make a choice as to what to try?  Well the following criteria were important to me:

1. Price – I like to use my products – and not use sparingly worrying about how much each scoop or blob is costing me – the price has to be reasonable.

2. Claims – will they do what I need them to do – mainly reduce wrinkles, even out tone and texture and firm my scarily sagging neck.  And do they have reviews that can back up some of their claims?

3. Green – how environmentally friendly are the products, and is the company on the search for greater good?  If I’m going organic I might as well go the whole hog.

As I perused the shelf one brand jumped out at me based on price and the prettiness of their packaging – Acure.  Without knowing anything about them, except for what I read on the packages, I walked away with a pot of Line Eraser ($19.99), radical wrinkle complex ($29.99) and the seriously firming facial serum ($22.99).  As long as they all did what they say on the tin I’d be in a good place!

acure-facial-serum-seriously-firming-z acure-radical-wrinkle-complex-p-01 Line eraser


Once home I read their comprehensive website and I was thrilled to learn their ‘mission‘ –  “to provide healthy skin care products using the purest Organic and Fair Trade Certified ingredients in order to help raise money in the fight against breast cancer. For each facial care product sold, we donate 5 percent of out after tax profit to Bright Pink.”

Having used all 3 products for a few weeks now I am very happy with the results.  I use the radical wrinkle complex daily as my daily moisturizer and my skin is so much softer.  I’ve been using the firming serum as a night treatment, and though firmness is hard to measure, the skin on my neck certainly looks more even.  Having decided to stick with these products I wanted to investigate more of the Acure range.

Acure sent me the following to try – all of which have now become part of my regular beauty regimen:

1. Marula Oil ($15.99) – I alternate this with the firming serum at night.  It diminishes scars and blemishes and can also be used on your hair.  It is absorbed really quickly and you don’t need a lot at all – I rub it all over my neck, face and décolletage.


2. Coconut pumpkin bodywash ($9.99) – the smell of this is incredible – I started using this on vacation and by the beach it was perfect.  It creates a really rich creamy lather – great for skin that has been in the sun – and mmmm that scent is just divine!


3. Sunscreen SPF 30 – I use this everyday on my face with the radical wrinkle complex.  It is really light and non greasy.  I’ve used it under make-up too with no problems.


4. Brightening facial scrub ($14.99) – this is a bit scary looking the first time you use it – it’s green as it contains sea kelp and chlorella growth factor – but I assure you it is divine to use.  It is exfoliating and yet doesn’t feel too abrasive – it is great for washing the day away.  Of all the products that Acure were kind enough to send to me to try this is my absolute favorite.

Facial scrub


So I am now a loyal Acure user and advocate – and I can sneak in a new item every time I buy a gallon of milk:)  If you are in the US you can also buy online on their site and I even found a few coupon codes after googling.  Unfortunately they are not available on shelves outside the US at the moment but I’m sure they will be soon – you can make requests via their Facebook page here.  For now you can buy internationally via and

This is not a sponsored post, though some items were provided courtesy of Acure.


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20 thoughts on “My new favorite beauty brand.

  1. avenue57

    oh my goodness I want to smell that Coconut pumpkin bodywash NOW! I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but the packaging looks VERY inviting.
    I would love to try that facial scrub .. when they do ship to the UK you’ll have to let me know


  2. glamrosie

    Oh they sound fab! I’ve been toying with the idea of introducing a serum into my regime for a while now, it seems all the experts think it is a must! That body wash sounds amazing, coconut is one of my favourite scents. And how good is that having it in your local supermarket! x

  3. Sera

    They sound really lovely to use, I find a lot of ”natural” products don’t deliver on the scent aspect so when one comes along that does it’s a sure fire winner!

  4. Marlene @ chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I’ve tried and tried Creme de la Mer but my skin just oozed oil. I’ve met ladies who swore by the product. The ones that really work for me at the moment are different items from REN – all natural as well as Trilogy rosehip oil. You’re lucky that you have access to a bigger range of products in the US.

  5. Martha Merrill Wills

    I hadn’t even heard of the brand, so I’m very glad you shared. I, too, have “well and truly landed in my 40s” and need a better routine to keep my skin looking nice. And I’m with you re: the La Mer. I tried it and it was too much… much too expensive, too.
    Love that I”l be able to find this at Target. Adding the oil and the facial serum (maybe the line eraser as well) to my next shopping list!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Not sure Acure are in Target yet – but definitely Whole Foods – plus I’ve ordered online with their coupon codes (just google for them) and they ship REALLY quickly:)

  6. The Flaky Fashionista

    I’m a huge fan of organic & natural products and sounds like you’re really onto a winner there. Great to find something that suits your skin AND wallet! Finding natural products that smell good is a real bonus 🙂

  7. Thankfifi

    sounds wonderful – I wonder if you can get it in the UK? I have used Nivea body moisturiser (with almond oil for dry skin) on my face for over 10 years, since I started moisturising, and whenever I try to switch my skin gets upset. I can’t help wondering if something more age appropriate would be better though!

    p.s. thanks so much for your sweet comment today.x

  8. silverbrogues

    I am very much a ‘throw in the trolley what I find in the supermarket’ kinda girl – definitely with you on spending on clothes!
    Love the sound of the Marula Oil though. Great Mission – love a product that cares about more than just the money:)

  9. Sue

    I like the fact that they are at good price points. I don’t like the fact that they are not available in the UK. I have to confess I use a cheap and cheerful serum from Aldi of all places – I actually went and bought myself a second bottle (practically unheard of for me as I get bored of products really quickly) as I actually really missed using it. I love the smell – very fresh and green – which is very important to me. I stopped using Lancome’s Hydra Zen after they changed the fragrance as I loved the original so much. Might be good to see how you feel a few more weeks down the line using the product and if it’s still really good – I might put an order in with you to bring back over.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Alexandra! I just asked! They seem to be using bloggers quite a bit at the moment to get the word out – their products are fabulous!

  10. Couscousandcorkwedges

    I’m also a fan of natural products & I’ve been trying to cut parabens out for a while now! I used to love Neals Yard products but they are too heavy to carry over here! I’ve been using a brand called SVR & so far so good! Its a tad pricey but we are so limited for choice here & since the ban on flying with liquids I cant bring back as much stuff as Id like to! Good for you finding such a great reasonable natural brand! Andrea x

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