White shoes.

Okay nearly every celebrity has been photographed wearing them and yet they are the most difficult item to find in stores and online here.  Are they still just too 80s?  Is it still too early in the season?  White shoes – I have been looking for them everywhere.

Solange Knowles started my obsession:



Then one of my favorite bloggers, Sheree from It’s Not That Deep, wears them frequently with absolute cool and aplomb, like here and here.  She claims they can be worn with anything and go with everything and she is on a mission to prove it.

So the search began.  There are few criteria they must adhere to – they must be white white – not cream or off white, and they must be pointed, single sole pumps/courts.  Easy hey? – Surely every cheapo shoe store must carry them for those whose fashion sense we question, if not for those fashionistas who are giving them a new lease of cool?  Not so.  Unless I want a pair of YSL – sorry Saint Laurent (why mess with a brand??) or Manolo BBs I cannot find any that fit the bill.

I thought I had.  I ordered the Odette from Asos.  River Island is having a resurgence (even Kat has seen the light) and I saw these when I was back in Bury.  I thought they would work a treat.  But oh no – my toes (inherited from my Dad) are too curly and sticky out to fit in this vamp shoe – so off they go back to Asos:(



Mango have another great alternative but in the time taken for Asos to deliver (yawn…) the 39 sold out…but still $99.99 seemed steep for a pair of ‘on trend’ white shoes that may be resolutely off trend next summer.



So on a rainy wet Saturday I dragged the family to Lenox Mall white shoe shopping.  Oh how they leaped with glee at the prospect – NOT.  I did return with a pair though which I was planning to wear tonight till our babysitter called sick.  Now I’m drowning my sorrows in a glass of white, anticipating a Chinese takeaway instead of getting my glad rags on.  Oh well there is always next week!

So these are what came home with me – the BCBG white patent pumps.  Patent – yes – I was doubtful too – but the fit of these persuaded me I should get them.  They cover my toe cleavage perfectly with no risk of the freaky little toes escaping over the front.  Plus the heel height and the vamp are not so crippling that I can only do ‘car to bar’.  I got mine from Macy’s but can’t find them online – so here they are at Zappos.com.



Now I also have my eye on these – but who needs TWO pairs of white shoes? I LOVE the lucite heel – but the guy in the shop was trying to persuade me I needed a US 8 1/2 – I know I don’t – I need an 8 which they didn’t have.  ALDO stop commission based sales – do you really think ‘the 8 1/2 will be perfect with an insole’??? I want my correct size please, not to help Mr Salesman out with his weekend drinking money.  Anyway, I can assure you these are gorgeous in the flesh and I may still order them…



Now these don’t fit the initial criteria – in fact they are a brogue and they are flats – but when I saw them on the Massimo Dutti site I NEEDED them.  Now I have them here I know I don’t.  They are gorgeous, but not $200 gorgeous.  In fact they are a slightly distressed leather and in the light the shoes didn’t even look like a pair – one was slightly grayer than the other.  So back they went.



While we were out we had fun – it’s rare we all go shopping together but now the kids are older it is a little easier and the Mall acts as a confined running area for them – much to the chagrin of other shoppers.  MM even tried on some Nudie jeans in Bloomingdale’s – he didn’t buy – we have VERY different shopping habits fortunately.


Leather jacket – Zara // Scarf – Primark // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Trousers – Zara // Sneakers – Converse // Bag – Boden




Spot the mannequins: 


Doing it Gangnam style – this is their job – they do this dance ALL DAY:




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24 thoughts on “White shoes.

  1. School Gate Style

    Haha! The Americans really know how to do an amazing mall! Dancers and all – fantastic! Can’t wait to see you rock your new shoes and also loving those Aldo ones – what a fab heel. SO glad you sent back the MD shoes – they look just like my golf shoes! Lol. Enjoy your chinese – we just had one and it was lush. Axx

  2. Martha

    Somehow, I have an aversion to pumps. I think they just remind me too much of the 80s. But those lucite heels? Id wear those in a half a second (if I had somewhere to go gosh darn it)!

    I’m usually on the fence about brogues, but I like the ones you pictured.

    Shoes! Can’t have enough!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I love pumps but struggle to wear them daily – too much running around – but I love how they elongate the leg:) A year since the Marathon hey?? WoW!

  3. Sue

    You’ve got me hunting out white court shoes now – they are as you say surprisingly hard to come by given that they are all the rage now.

    The Aldo ones are rather nice though.
    The Massimo Dutti ones don’t look like they fit – they gape a little? But at least you’ve exorcised that demon.

    Nice to see the red leather jacket come out to play!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yes they did come up quite high so gaped a bit around the ankle – as Avril says they were too much like golf shoes – though you know me I like to try something different…at least I can use the funds for the courts instead:)

  4. The Flaky Fashionista

    I was reading through this and every fibre of my being was thinking ‘nooooooooo’ Cannot go back to the 80s!! But the Aldo ones .. now, they might be enough to make me reconsider. Great heel .. it’s all academic for me anyhow, as the *&*&^%&* psoriasis dictates that pumps/courts will not be on my feet anytime soon 😦 Enjoy your Chinese!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Isn’t the lucite awesome – just worried that white and lucite is too trendy – 2 trends in one might be too much for me to carry off:)

  5. Jody Brettkelly

    Love how you say court shoes, we Kiwis do that too (and those blokes do the Gangnam Style all day, I suppose there are worse jobs.) Im with FF, not sure about white shoes. White makes ones feet look huuuge and there is something Mini MOuse about them – which I guess is why I love that Solange outfit – she’s got a very flirty polka dot dress embracing the mini mouse thing.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – I have to remember I have a global reading lol – pumps are completely different in the UK from here as you know! Minnie Mouse – yikes – might have to rethink the whole thing – can’t abide Disney!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Don’t worry I’ve ordered the 8 – I just needed to see them in the flesh – as I say I have ‘toe issues’ lol:) And yes I think my kids are quite cute too:)xx

  6. sheree0819


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      You know they actually looked and felt great – lovely soft, matte leather – but then again they are $100 which I think is steep – but the BCBG ones were $80 and they aren’t even real leather! Maybe I should have gone for the BBs after all:) x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Natalie!! I wanted to wear them today but we are getting your Arctic temps too!!! Needed boots on again…hopefully I’ll be able to air them soon:) xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know!! I think that is why I love them! I remember wearing them in the late 80s with Farah trousers:) I had some bright pink ones too – I thought I was SO cool:) Fortunately I don’t have to deal with the Essex stereotype here either:)

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