We are beautiful.

My spin instructor had me tearing up this morning.  Not because of the pain she inflicts on us each week (lovely lady but turns psycho on a spin bike), but it was all down to her little motivational speech half way through the class.  My endorphins were flowing but she also touched a nerve.

She told us about the following Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign.  A forensic artist sketched a handful of women based on their descriptions of themselves, and then again based on the description of others.  The results are startling.  In each pair the sketches are completely different to each other. Those created when the women described themselves are far less flattering than those created with the help of others.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?  I know many people think bloggers like myself must be full of confidence and that we must be incredibly vain to post photos of ourselves all over the internet every day.  But you know what – sometimes the opposite is true.  We all have our own hang ups and stuff hidden under the hood/bonnet that we don’t always share with others.  Maybe if we listened to, and accepted, other people’s complements more often we may see ourselves in a truer light.  As Jennifer told us this morning we are all ‘beautiful, strong women’.  Remember that the next time you criticize yourself in front of the mirror.  We are beautiful no matter what we say.

Watching this video even brings me to tears – but I cry when I hear bagpipes and brass bands too:)


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4 thoughts on “We are beautiful.

  1. Iona

    Thank you for your lovely post!!!I am giving you a Hi five now as I speak!I would like some advice from you if I may be so bold as to ask..I am a firstly a married mother of 2,and secondly I am a costume designer/maker by trade who loves clothes(hence my love of your blog-you are so obviously a devoted wife/mother and total lover of style,fashion and clothes..!)I am a Welsh speaker-it is my first language-the language I speak at home,my kids are educated through welsh and it is how the rural community I live in communicate!But…I am a city girl who works with clothes and who loves fashion and would love to start a blog in welsh similar to yours here in Wales!Please could you give me some advice as to how to start….!
    Thanks for your time and fab blog
    Iona x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Awww Iona so glad you enjoyed it AND thrilled to hear you are thinking of starting a blog!! I assure you – you will be amazed how easy it is. Firstly decide which platform you want to use – I use WordPress which I think has more bells and whistles but also requires a bit more technical know how if you want to host ads. Most of the other bloggers I know in the UK use Google’s platform – Blogger. You need to think of what you want to call it – I was very uninspired when I chose my name as most of the urls I wanted were gone. Remember this will be your brand so it needs to mean something to you, and make people want to read you when they hear the name. Once you have the url and you are set up on Blogger for example all you have to do is write! Make sure you use all social media channels too to get the word out – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all effective. I can’t wait to see how you do – just remember if you are writing in Welsh your readership will be smaller so it might be harder to get PR interest etc. You could do what some European bloggers do and write a paragraph in English followed by the translation in Welsh? Please don’t hesitate to email me at Joanna@poppys-style.com if you have questions!!:) xx


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