Running with music.

It’s spring and it is time to get out and start pounding the pavements again.  The idea is to alternate with Spin classes and that should hopefully keep me injury free.  I always run with music – sometimes I get so in the zone I actually get chills and I can feel the rush of energy and endorphins that a great track gives me. Normally I run with an iPod shuffle – it’s tiny, neat and light so doesn’t hinder the – ah hem – athlete in me.  However, when I was back in the UK I really wanted to take some photos of the amazing views I am privy too when running over t’moors.  That meant either holding my camera while running – no thanks – or taking my iPhone.  The latter option was obviously preferable.

Now I’ve always been put off by wearing a cumbersome arm band while running but I have to say this one I used was very light, sweat proof and easy to adjust.  It’s the iPhone neoprene armband from  It’s also a pretty decent price at just $12.99 especially when you compare with similar products on the market.  If you are like me, and feel the need to document as you run, I can recommend this – perfect for keeping all your Instagram followers up to date.  The other advantage of running with an iPhone of course is that you can actually keep track accurately of miles and pace using an app like MapMyRun.  You can even bore people to tears on Facebook with how many miles you’ve run:)



What else have I been up to?  Well yesterday I went to Target to stock up on some Spring clothes for Poppy – you have to be quick as they disappear fast.  She thinks her Mommy is ‘totally the best’ for buying her her first denim jacket.  I also sneaked in a pair of jeans for me.  Target have some fabulous bright clothes in right now – lots of tie dye and dip dye items too – right up my alley.  These jeans were just $25 and they come in green and purple too.



Finally here are my ootd for the past couple of days.  I’ll be reporting back later with a new haircut –  think I’m going back to the faux hawk/undercut – I feel the rebel in me rising again.


Sweater – J.Crew (from sale) // Jeans – velvet toothpick jeans J.Crew (from sale) // Converse – charcoal grey


Jacket – Zara (old) // Tee – Gap (old) // Jeans – Hudson Collin // Boots – Office Nighthawk (sale bargains)


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5 thoughts on “Running with music.

  1. Sue

    I was just about to say – I like your hair like it is now. It’s kind of soft and the fringe is just perfect. But if you feel the urge, you feel the urge. And I can’t believe you were running when you were on holiday over here. I used to walk (be dragged) over the moors by the Grumps and his walking friends but then we moved away from them – a bit drastic I know to get away from the enforced running but needs must – hey ho. I only pound shopping pavements.

    I like the Hudson jeans in the last pic – they look a similar denim and wash to my current favourite H&M pair but mine are a looser fit. I like them so much, I might go back and get another pair in the size down for a neater fit too. And I like this Zara jacket too. I have a penchant for ethnic hippy boho jackets. Can you tell?

    And I want to visit a Target store too. Sounds like my kind of place for a good rummage!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh I feel like it gets SO big at the sides and back as I have some wave in it – I’ll keep the bangs/fringe longer – I definitely like it soft at the front but feel the need for something a bit more radical at the back and side…it’s starting to feel frumpy and we can’t have that! I LOVE my Hudson jeans – they are so dark and soft…and this jacket is why I don’t need the blue quilted one – BUT I did just order the new boots on the Zara site that are like the Marant Kate boots:) x

  2. avenue57

    I wish I had your enthusiasm for running – I love the idea of it but I hate it!
    Can’t wait to see the new hair do, you’re such a rebel. Unleash the inner RAH woman in you :-)!

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